Alexander the Great Quotes – [ Ultimate List ]

Alexander The Great became Macedonian king from 336 B.C. to the year 323 B.C. Alexander is also recognized and did belong in the Argead dynasty as Alexander III Of Macedonia. He was crowned in the throne when he was twenty. As someone of a young child, he was mentored in the areas of philosophy, literature, science as well as medicine by Aristotle, another great philosopher who developed with him a wealth of learning and engrossment.

In this article we will tackle all the greatest Quotes Alexander the great bestowed upon all of us and made a huge part in our lives, a true treasure that can motivate each of every one of us.

One of the factors that keep him off was that Alexander did not encourage customs and heritage from his nation into them when he colonized a country. Somebody with his degree of sophistication has a lot more to learn from.

Listed below is our compilation of inspiring, insightful, and influential quotes and phrases from Alexander the Great, compiled from a multitude of outlets over the decades.

List of Inspirational Alexander the Great quotes and phrases

There is nothing impossible to him who will try.

Someone said that those were phrases of Julius Caesar who went along a monument of Alexander the Great when on his trips in his 30s and sobbed at the achievements of this Man.

It was a passionate conviction from Alexander that those rulers would steadily set a good example. Towards this end, Alexander also led his men in the frontline into action and their officer did the same when thing when his soldiers were hungry and thirsty

I am not afraid of an army of lions led by sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.

This brilliant emperor lived more than two thousand years ago and while many people debate that such a quote may have been wrongly attributed, nowadays the quotation still provides a powerful impact on effective leadership.

A tomb now suffices him for whom the whole world was not sufficient.

Alexander is the “Great” and that is what his mind stands for. Julius Caesar, Shakespeare, and Napoleon have also been influenced over the decades; and authors and thinkers have been fascinated by this gentleman’s romantic successes, august military strength, and seductive appearance. While Alexander does earn his father Phillip several of his excellence, Alexander’s severe attributes exceed his father’s calculated approach. A leader has to be reckless, greedy, and temporary in exchange to be “Great.”

Bury my body and don’t build any monument. Keep my hands out so the people know the one who won the world had nothing in hand when he died.

There is a great lesson that Alexander taught each and every one of us even in his death bed. He planned to return home to Babylon after conquering many kingdoms along the way and suddenly fell ill. While he was lying in his bed waiting for death, Alexander realized that no matter how much treasure he earned throughout his life, it does not worth anything at all on your last moments alive.

I would rather live a short life of glory than a long one of obscurity.

Alexander’s message on this quote simply means that he prefers to have a life that is short-lived but celebrated rather than to continue living without any meaning or purpose that serves you being alive. Knowing Alexander, this quote represented his life as a “Great”, a life that is short but meaningful.

I do not steal victory.

This is what Alexander replied to Parmenion after he suggested to attack their Persian enemy at night time during their Battle of Gaugamela. Goes to show that even he is a merciless enemy, Alexander always wants to win fair and hates the idea of getting his enemies off guarded or defenseless. This also shows how much Alexander’s power is and his knowledge to win.

I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.

This is a phrase that embodies an appreciation of someone who teaches you to be a noble and great person. You would want to give credit to those who stay behind you and mold you to be who you are today and know how great you are as a person with full of potential.

I had rather excel others in the knowledge of what is excellent, than in the extent of my power and dominion.

Having a pearl of true wisdom may take you further in life. By not bringing down others for your success is the most genuine feeling of all.

I would rather live a short life of glory than a long one of obscurity.

From a conqueror, who would not be hit by these phrases of wisdom that tackles being grateful for what you already have that made you a successful man even if you die soon instead of living life that full of lies. One should have the courage to be trustworthy and honest whatever circumstances life gives.

For my part, I would rather excel knowledge of the highest secrets of philosophy than in arms.

It intersects various elements of emotional intelligence as well as leadership. Leadership focuses mostly on the mantlepiece of inspiring or convincing somebody to obey the leader and to do tasks that they’d never usually need to do.

There is nothing impossible to him who will try.

Anyone who has built the confidence to themselves can indeed conquer the world, with the help of their skills and passion they can be anywhere they wanted to go. It is better to try and fail than to quit and stay scared. Get out of your comfort zone.

Final Thoughts

Alexander the Great’s career and life are plentiful and rich in leadership lessons, in both terms as to what must be pursued and those drawbacks that you can be avoided. There is no doubt that perhaps the nation was highly affected by his military intelligence and general leadership nor appears to be an inspiration to rulers.

The style of leadership of Alexander was outstanding and taped explicitly into an absolute standard in the modern environment of leadership-if you understand individuals, you will understand how business works.

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