51+ Greatest Darth Vader Quotes

A Star Wars fanatic will never miss single information about each of the characters, especially the most famous and powerful villain character has ever created named Darth Vader.

But for those who didn’t know, Darth Vader is a villain known to be a follower of the Dark side. He used to a kindhearted Jedi named Anakin Skywalker, yet eventually turned to the dark side to save his wife from death.

From then on, Darth Vader showed various impressive scenes and left everyone into a deep sense of paradox and enchantment. Along with this, he has bestowed several remarkable quotes that leave a striking impression and interest of everyone. In this article, we compiled the greatest quotes of the most iconic fictional antagonist, Darth Vader.

Greatest Darth Vader Quotes

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

This quote thought people that are mere fighter and leader, which somewhat true. Yet his being also fueled with faith and goal.

Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force.

There are maybe contradictions to his actions and words, as the quote pertains to him having doubt with the might of technology, and the real power is the Force. It reveals a little part of his soul present.

The Force is strong with this one.

This quote implies Dark Vader saw a person with a strong capability to become something.

He’s as clumsy as he is stupid.

No one is more direct than Darth Vader but himself. Yet he possesses intelligence, wittiness, efficiency, and observes others as foolish.

You don’t know the power of the dark side! I must obey my master.

The quote depicts the struggle of Darth Vader, which shows his fear from these words. As if he has no option but to obey or else may be accused as a traitor.

This will be a day long remembered. It has seen the end of Kenobi. It will soon see the end of the Rebellion.

This quote indicates the brilliance of Darth Vader’s mind in terms of planning for long-term strategy. His capacity to recognize the scenario in a larger picture.

I am altering the deal. Pray, I don’t alter it any further.

This quote portrays Vader’s threat toward Lando without losing his civility. He tries to be benevolent and demonstrate kindness even for undeserving individuals.

Be careful not to choke on your aspirations.

It is a powerful quote that gives people a lesson to not surround themselves with the obsession of creating a good status and crave for the recognition of others.

Impressive. Most impressive. Obi-Wan has taught you well. You have controlled your fear. Now, release your anger. Only your hatred can destroy me.

The quote pertains to people who need to release their anger inside them to defeat the real enemy. So as Darth Vader provoking Luke to release his anger to overthrow him.

When I left you, I was but the learner. Now I am the master.

Darth Vader asserts never to lose another fight with his previous master, which relatively associates with people who were once a beginner and never remained one. Rather, they improved with continuous determination to become better.

No… I am your Father…

Nothing more baffling than hearing the biggest reveal in the story. It seems like a lie trick and part of a mind game strategy, but Darth Vader is actually related to the hero.

I see through the lies of the Jedi. I do not fear the dark side as you do. I have brought peace, freedom, justice, and security to my new empire.

Darth Vader showed in this quote, was ultimately manipulated that he thought his actions are for the benefit of the greater interest.

Just for once let me look on you with my own eyes… You were right. You were right about me. Tell your sister you were right.

The words show to people that no matter how evil Darth Vader was, there is still good in him, which allows people to understand that he is a victim himself.

You have only begun to discover your power. Join me and I will complete your training. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy.

With this quote, some people seem him as a tragic hero, provided with his original motivation and service for the greater interest prior to falling on the Dark side.

You’re a part of the rebel alliance and a traitor. Take her away!

Darth Vader has seen the motives of others through their action despite the denial. He deemed this kind of people as traitors due to their opposition and intentions.

The emperor will show you the true nature of the force. He is your Master now.

These words uttered by Dark Vader are powerful and imply his true conflict feelings suppressed for a long time.

Give yourself to the Dark Side. It is the only way you can save your friends. Yes, your thoughts betray you.

This quote can be associated with the current life where failures are great teachers that taught people valuable lessons to be successful.

From my point of view, the Jedi are evil.

Evil is a harsh word to describe such, yet it depicts the nature of Jedi from different points of view.

He will join us or die!

The quote depicts that life has a limited option, and in-betweens do not exist.

You are unwise to lower your defenses.

This quote is a great reminder to people that by lowering our guards and allowing people to hurt us, means taking off our defense from getting damage.

If he could be turned, he would be a powerful ally.

With the intention of avoiding to kill his son Luke, Darth Vader attempts to enlist and let him join his side instead.

I hope so for your sake, Commander. The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am.

It only means that even a person known for his evil can be quite forgiving compared to others, which depicts that everyone has innate goodness despite the evil.

That name no longer has any meaning for me.

This words spoken by Darth Vader has the deeper intention that he has long forgotten his previous personality, which used to have innate goodness, and now he is driven by the Dark side.

All I am surrounded by is fear, and dead men.

In real-life scenarios, people are surrounded not only by good people but also with hopeless and fearful people.

Anakin Skywalker was weak. I destroyed him.

These words only imply that Darth Vader has long forgotten his old self by totally destroying it into existence.

Asteroids do not concern me, Admiral.

This quote reveals to people that they should not bother themselves with unnecessary things or people who do not amount to something in their lives.

Don’t fail me again, Admiral.

Despite being evil, Darth Vader still sees through the Admiral’s potential and how valuable he is. It would be a waste to kill him.

Power! Unlimited power!

People require power, but too much of it destroys their true selves.

He will not be permanently damaged.

No person in this world will forever feel broken or in pain. Everyone will recover in time and patience.

Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father.

This is a priceless moment, and words before the big revelation of a huge twist in the story wherein Luke discovered his real father was.

Perhaps I can find new ways to motivate them.

This quote is easily applied to people who have lost motivation and felt burned out. At some point, it only requires other ways to make them feel enthusiastic again.

The Force is with you, young Skywalker, but you are not a Jedi yet.

In this quote, Vader has seen potential on Luke, which can be associated with people with innate potentials waiting to be developed with perseverance.

There is no escape. Don’t make me destroy you.

This quote is an apparent reminder that some people act according to their choices, and they make choices depending on what is at stake.

Luke, you do not yet realize your importance.

These are strong words that sometimes people neglect. Each person has significance and purpose that are often overlooked.

We meet again at last.

It may imply differences in the story, but in life, there are people who come and go. There is nothing more exciting than the feeling of getting back together again.

We would be honored if you would join us.

This quote can be applied in real life where some people acknowledge the importance of others and honor them for their great contribution.

What is thy bidding, my Master?

This simple quote suggests that Darth Vader is willing to do everything for his Master. Some people are similar to Vader, who are inclined to sacrifice and do any means to please others.

You are beaten. It is useless to resist.

Darth Vader wanted to imply that there is no value in resisting and trying to fight people’s destiny especially when they are already crushed by suppressing it.

Apology accepted.

Even the evilest people have the heart to forgive and accept apologies when it’s truthful.

You have failed me for the last time.

In most cases, people express their disappointments towards others, especially when they expect too much from them.

You underestimate the power of the Dark Side. If you will not fight, then you will meet your destiny.

Fighting against our destiny is a waste of energy. Once people realized the essence of accepting their fate, that is when they ultimately confront what they are meant for.

You’re asking me to be rational. That is something I know I cannot do.

These strong words from Darth Vader can convey powerful lessons for people that not everyone is capable of being rational. Individually, people are unique.

Your destiny lies with me Skywalker. Obi-Wan knew this to be true.

At some point in people’s lives, they have destinies shared with other people.

If this is a consular ship, where is the ambassador?

Associating with real life, our lives should be our own journey. No person in this world will take over ours but ourselves only.

I sense something. A presence I have not felt since….

This quote is a powerful statement that a person has the capability to recall and remember feelings he has not felt for a long time. And these feelings have not faded. They just temporarily leave.

This will be a day-long remembered.

Darth Vader is a great strategist who allows him to plan for long term purposes.

All too easy.

For people, making a mistake and creating problems is a very easy thing to do. It is more favorable for them to put the burden on others from their own mistakes.

Give in to your hate and anger.

Letting people unleash their hate and anger, allows them to be more true of themselves.

He’s just a boy.

Young people have limitations in terms of strength and power. That is what Darth Vader wanted to impose that Luke is not a threat.

I do not want the Emperor’s prize damaged.

With the aim of recruiting Luke to join the Dark side, he assures to prevent creating injury or damage to him.

I have felt it.

At some point in people’s lives, they all have felt the same emotion familiar to them. Despite the hate and pain, people will continue to feel something.

You have learned much, young one.

In real life, continuous learnings of the young ones are indeed worth to be recognized and appreciated. They are full of years to learn and keeping them motivated will help along the way.


The above-mentioned quotes are only a few of his amazing lines in the story. He has left everyone a mark in their hearts despite his villain role. Despite the tragic end of his life in the story, his role became remarkable and outstanding. His quotes are profound and full of wisdom, which can rightfully pertain to a real-life scenario.

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