Best Darkest Dungeon Quotes In 2020

Darkest Dungeon is a popular game that is full of great moments you would really enjoy. That is how it was able to sell over two million copies and high ratings from many different critics all over the world. To that end, there are also quotes you can truly remember or even live by from this great game. Here are some of them:

I remember days when the sun shone, and laughter could be heard from the tavern.

In the darkest of days, all that you would be able to remember were the good ones that you enjoyed before the worst of moments. You would remember the light of the sun as well as the people laughing about anything and everything. This is the days you should cherish before the worst of it all suddenly comes to make you feel at your worst.

Another soul battered and broken, cast aside like a spent torch.

Plenty of people all over the world have experienced the worst of all experiences in the world. That is why they are left alone battered and broken after experiencing things that other people normally do not. And these are the people who are usually cast aside by society because of how they are seen as objects that could no longer contribute anything to the world due to how they have been through the worst.

Those without stomach for this place must move on.

If you are someone without the intestinal fortitude and the strength to handle the darkest of times, you have no reason to be there. Move on and find a place that you can stomach, or else you will end up falling in where you are. But if you must stay, find the inner courage and strength to handle the dark times and to continue to fight on.

And now… Darkness holds dominion…Black as death…

The darkness has always been strong as it is able to take ahold of everything it touches. It tends to hold dominion over anything and everything until only death follows in its wake. For your sake and for the sake of those around you, fight the darkness and be the light that could dispel anything and everything the darkness carries.

Most will end up here, covered in the poisoned earth…awaiting merciful oblivion.

In the toughest of times, a lot of people cannot help but feel hopeless when the darkest of situations come. The earth tends to be as poisonous as any poison, and all they can do is to wait for the inevitable death that comes. But that does not have to happen to you so long as you stay strong and willful enough to fight the hardest and toughest of times and situations.

And now, the true test. Hold fast, or expire…

When the tough times are about to come, all you can do is to prepare for it. Keep yourself strong and ready to face whatever the dark days may come. Hold fast and hold your ground long enough until you can push the darkness back and pass the test. If not, then your only choice is to succumb to the tough times and expire along with those who were not strong enough to hold the line.

Terrors may indeed stalk these shadows, but yonder, a glint of gold…

Wherever you go, there are always terrifying things lurking and hiding in the shadows just waiting to pounce on you whenever they get the opportunity to do so. However, if you stay strong and hold out for a long time until you can escape the shadows and find yourself in a bright place, then you will be rewarded with the best days of your life, a treasure you cannot possibly trade for anything else in the world.

Ah madness…our old friend.

Those who have been in the darkness long enough would understand that madness is no longer a state of mind or an affliction that affects the way you think. Instead, it becomes a friend that comes and goes as it pleases. It becomes too familiar to the point that they are no longer afraid of it and what comes with it. Madness, in hard times, is essentially the norm as people will do anything and everything just for self-preservation.

To those with a keen eye, gold gleams like a dagger’s point.

If you look hard enough with the keenest of eyes or if you are gifted with the eyes that can help make you see the smallest of details, you will be able to see anything with value no matter how small the clues might be. This also applies to life as a positive mindset and an eye trained to see the best in people can easily see the good in the world no matter how small the details are.

This man understands that adversity and existence… are one and the same.

Truth be told, by merely existing and living, we are already living in a state of adversity as there are different problems that will immediately hit us the moment we become conscious. Living itself is a state of adversity that we must push through if we do not want to expire. That is essentially what life is all about.

To fight the abyss… one must to know it.

Knowing the dark and living in it is the best way for you to fight it. As they say, know thy enemy. And the only way for you to know how to fight off evil and darkness is for you to understand how it works. At times, you might even have to be evil itself at one point in time to learn how to drive it away.

In the end, every plan relies upon a strong arm and tempered steel.

No matter how carefully laid and smartly devised your plans are, it still depends on the people implementing it. And, at the end of the day, the only ones who could actually implement a good plant to perfection is someone strong enough to do it and with a will that is as strong as tempered steel.

Alone in the woods or tunnels, survival is the same. Prepare, persist, and overcome.

No matter where you are in the world, the rules of survival never change. You have to prepare yourself for any problem that might arise. You must be persistent enough to fight on through the challenges ahead of you. And, at the end of it all, you must overcome your fears and take on the path towards survival.

Success depends on survival.

The plain truth in life is that we are only as successful as our own survival rate. In a world that is as tough as this one, the only way for us to truly succeed in life is to survive whatever challenges are ahead of us.

Every creature has a weakness – the wise hero trains for what he will face.

The smartest hero and the most prepared warrior all know one underlying truth—that every enemy out there has a weakness that is simply waiting to be exploited. But the job here is to know those weaknesses yourself and to train for whatever lies ahead of you to know how to take advantage of those weaknesses.

The frontline of this war is not in the dungeon, but rather inside the mind.

Soldiers fight the battles, but the generals win the war. The hardest battles ever fought were never on the battlefield, but in the war room as bright minds devise plans that can help win the war before the battles are even fought. No matter how strong the soldiers are, only well-laid plans can get the job done.

Great heroes can be found even here – in the mud and rain.

If there is an opportunity to be great and to do great, take it. It does not matter where it has to be. You can be as great as you want to be no matter where you are so long as the opportunity arises. And when it does, take it immediately and be a hero in your own right even though you have to do it in the middle of the toughest of times.

The human-mind… fragile, like a robin’ s-egg.

Our minds are curious and interesting in the sense that they can be as strong as we want them to be but are still too fragile that anything that can stir memories of pain and suffering can easily crack them like an egg.

Frustration and fury! More destructive than a hundred cannons.

When fighting for a cause, arm yourself with what is frustrating and angering you. That weapon alone is enough to destroy any walls before you.

Without tools of iron you must rely on flesh, an indefatigable purpose.

In the end, if you have nothing with you to help you fight your battles, you can only rely on yourself and your sense of purpose. If your will is strong enough, that might be more than what you need even if you do not have the tools and the weapons that can help make the battle easier.

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