30 Hippie Quotes and Sayings about Life, Peace, and Love

When you think about hippies, nostalgic memories come into your minds. The colorful themes, chill, love, crazy clothes, and music. The hippie culture started in the 1960s, which is a young movement that began in the United States.

The hippie culture is known for being unique and colorful. It brings out an intelligent and free-spirited lifestyle that involves music, dances, travel, humanity, and brotherhood. The ” hippie vibe” promotes positivity, love, and happiness. It shares a sunny disposition which embodies a hippie personality.

Hippies are known for their deep conversation that promotes life, happiness, and love. Hippie quotes are unique, and they share positive insights and great ideas to the world. Because of this reason, we would like to share the best inspiring hippie quotes about Life, Peace, and Love.

My business is to enjoy and have fun. And why not, if in the end, everything will end, right?

Janis Joplin

Hippies believe that life should be lived to the fullest. You only live once, so focus on the negative things. Live should be lived and enjoyed. Make happy memories in as much as you can for as long as it allows you to breathe.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

Jimi Hendrix

When we let love power or rule our lives, there will be no room for pain, selfishness, greed, and negativity. The power of love is different from the love of power. The love of power is characterized by greed and the hope to overpower everyone else. That is being selfish instead of selfless. There peace and harmony with the power of love.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Meade

Anyone can make a difference regardless of race, status, gender, or social background. The only thing that matters is the passion that you have to create this change. Numbers don’t matter. It does not matter how many you are to make the change; what matters is the will to make the change.

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

Joseph Campbell

This is important if you want to follow your dreams of what you desire in your heart. Go and reach for the sky. Be passionate about what you have and be kind to yourself and others. In perfect time, things will fall into place.

In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

We are all game-changers, regardless of our race, gender, or social status. Anyone can be an agent of change, so never look down on yourself. You are created uniquely with gifts and talents that you need to discover. As soon as you discover these talents, use this to promote good and not evil. The world will be a better place if we create good things for a change.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, Live the life you’ve always imagined.

Henry David Thoreau

Create a goal in life and set your journey. Follow the directions of your dreams, and whatever you do should be a step towards your dreams. Make every day as a day closer to your goal or aim. Work hard, do good; everything is possible.

Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching.

Satchel Paige

This witty remark means that enjoy what you do. Do not hold back. Give your best, and live like there is no tomorrow. Life is meant to be lived beautifully and happily. Though there are humps and bumps, do not let it ruin you. Keep going and live happily.

Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.

James Arthur Baldwin

Love will always be with truth. Love does not exist with lies. Love does not exist with fear. Love will overcome everything. It will take away any fear, any pain, and become the light in your darkest hour.

I’ve been smiling lately, dreaming about the world as one. And I believe it could be someday it’s going to come.

Cat Stevens

Being happy means being able to live where the world is ruled by peace and harmony. Everyone dreams of living in a world where hatred and negativity cannot rule. We all want that, and it is possible. Nothing is impossible if we all live as one and let positivity foster.

The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.’

Jack Kerouac

This quote refers to the people who are passionate about reaching dreams or just living their life. People who are passionate about living life in positivity exist. As much as possible, they do not allow negativity to foster. These are the people who bring sunshine to others, as well. They are the light-bearers in the darkness.

Your mind is like a parachute; it doesn’t work unless it’s open.

Jordan Maxwell

An open mind will nourish you with life’s lessons. It will bring about ideas and reasons that you can hold on as you continue living. It is sad though that there are people who keep a closed mind and they miss many possibilities in life. As long as you continue breathing, keep an open mind. Life is too beautiful to live, so do not keep yourself in a box.

I do my thing, and you do your thing. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it’s beautiful.

Frederick E. Perl

Live life the way you want to live it. Sadly, we live in a society where we are pressured with how others see us and base how we live as per other people’s approval or opinion. This is common and tends to become normal. Do not become a victim of society’s judgment. Live your own life the way you want to and follow your dreams.

Do you want me to tell you something really subversive? Love is everything it’s cracked up to be. That’s why people are so cynical about it. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.

Erica Jong

This is a great quote because it emphasizes the importance of love. Another quote says that love makes the world go round. It gives us reason to live, and it is worth fighting for. Hundreds of years have witnessed how love has flourished in every person’s heart and remains a very important factor in our very existence. Love can complete you.

If you smile at me I will understand because that is something everyone, everywhere does in the same language.

Jefferson Airplane

When we smile, not just with our lips but with our eyes, we show the world that we are happy, and our heart is living in positivity. We smile because life has been good to us. We smile because our heart is happy. Smile because who knows, someone might need. Smile because it is contagious. Smile, share your happiness with others.

If there were in the world today, any large number of people who desired their own happiness more than they desired the unhappiness of others, we could have a paradise in a few years

Bertrand Russel

If we want to live in a world where we desire to be happy, being kind to ourselves, and to others, then we can live in a world where unhappiness and negativity cannot foster. It may sound impossible, but we know that we can manage it. If we seek to be happy without hurting other people, then you can live a life where genuine happiness can foster.

Life is too short. Do not waste it being sad. Be who you are, be happy, be free, be whatever you want to be.

We always people say that we ought to live life to the fullest. This is true. We really do not know what life holds for us. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so instead of wallowing to sadness and be miserable. Smile, get up and make happy memories. Happiness will add years to your life. Life should be lived happily.

When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.

Kindness is contagious. If you take time and treat yourself with kindness, you will attract positivity. You become positive about yourself, and you extend the same peace and kindness to other people. They will get the same kindness to live in love and peace.

If someone thinks that peace and love are just clichés that must have have been left behind in the ’60s, that’s a problem. Peace and love are eternal

John Lennon

Peace and love are intangible things. It cannot be bought. It cannot be seen, but they are both priceless. They were not made, but they are inherent to our existence. We may leave this world, but peace and love will stay forever. Peace and love should come from us. We should live our lives in peace and foster love instead of hatred.

I took the less road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference

Robert Frost

Sometimes in life, we need to take the risk to succeed. Success has no short cuts. The road is not easy and if we have to take that road to success, then do not hesitate. Be brave and have courage. The road is not easy to focus on the price and aim for the goal. It will be worth the journey.

The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role…You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask.

Jim Morrison

Be true and stay true. Do not give up the freedom of living a life that shows who you are and become who you want to be. Do not put up a mask and never conform to what others want you to be.

None but us can free our minds

Bob Marley

You can be a prisoner of what you think you are. Do not limit your mind to what you can become. Free yourself from any doubt that will limit yourself to the goodness and greatness that awaits you.

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

Bob Dylan

This witty hippie quote means that you should know the direction of your dreams. Other people can show you and suggest what can help you in life, and that’s okay. But in the end, it is still you who will have to take the driver seat and go to the destination that you choose. Your decisions will guide you towards your goal. Live and be kind.

I mean, I come from a hippie mentality where I just think someone, you need to look into their eyes. Eyes are so important. Until they start melon balling out, I won’t be able to get to know someone another way

Drew Barrymore

The eyes are the mirror of our soul. This is a sincere quote that tells is that you will get to know a person not because you just see them physically but because when you have a deep conversation with them, their eyes will show you who they are. If they can look at you straight to the eyes of them, you’ll know if they are sincere.

To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.

Aldous Huxley

One way to enjoy life is to travel. Go into places and discover a culture. The beauty in each place is subjective. A person’s opinion about a certain destination may not be as good as you expect it to be, but it can be a paradise to others. So if you can, go, travel, and let the world know how you see the beauty of each place.

All I’m gonna do is just go on and do what I feel.

Jimi Hendrix

Go. Be bold and take on a journey. Go to the direction of your dreams. No one is stopping you and does not let anyone stop you. If you aim to reach for the starts, then be bold and strong enough to follow your dreams. It’s not going to be an easy task, but if your heart is set to succeed, you will.

Love is all you need.

The Beatles

Love is priceless, and it is free. If life brings you down and it becomes difficult, love will help you get through it. The love of family and those surrounding you can be your driving force. People will never leave you, especially if you have shown them kindness and love as well.

With freedom, books, and flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?

Oscar Wilde

Happiness can come from very simple things. It can be something you bought or something that cannot be bought. Happiness is how you see things and how your heart accepts. Happiness is what your eyes see and what your heart feels. Happiness is what makes you smile and lighten up your day.

I was raised with hippie parents, so I get down with the positive. I don’t pay attention to the negative

Guy Fiere

Positivity is a state of mind. You can choose to stay positive even in a negative situation. See the good in things and choose to wallow on positivity.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will live as one.

John Lennon

Everyone hopes for a world where we all live in harmony. To do so, let us make peace with ourselves so that we can radiate love, kindness, and peace to others.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Mahatma Gandhi

Revenge cannot bring back what has been done. The best kind of revenge is showing kindness and letting people know that you have moved on from adversaries and be happy.

The list we have is just a few of the many inspiring quotes from the hippie culture. There is no doubt that hippies have influenced our lives with their state of mind and culture. The happiness, value for self-expression, peace, and love is contagious, and it brings about a positive impact on every person and the society that we live in.

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