12 Good Excuses to Miss Work on Short Notice

No one may ever say that they have not done this before. We all experience it before; we are not here to judge you if you are seeking an excuse to miss a whole day or two of work, whether due to a real sickness, you may have a friend or even family member that comes into your town, drank too much the last night and having a headache or maybe you just need a day to miss on your daily work for a short notice. In any given situation that may usually happen, the real thing is our employer that commonly likes to acknowledge our missing day of work without a good reason.

So all the time, you can decide on what excuse you may use that is based on your own work relationship as well as your work pliability. Especially if you are only on a probationary period of your job or you had gotten trouble from work a short time ago. This list of excuses to help you miss your work in the short notice cannot assure you. When your manager figures out that you have just lied, you can even face a more serious outcome or simply lose your manager’s trust all the while. Yet, if you use it delicately and follow with confidence, you will be able to get used to it.

These different excuses will commonly work well as they usually happen. So when you are making an excuse, if you are not going to go into your work, it will only work right if it is convincing, and it is something that really happens. Like for example, if you know that you do not have kids, it is not good to say that you have to take your kids into a doctor’s check-up. Such an excuse will definitely be unbelievable and can even lead to more questions from your manager.

Here are the 12 compiled list of good excuses to miss your daily work in short notice. These lists of excuses can be used easily but not too often so that your manager may not become warrier and can even catch your motif.

  1. Home Emergency

Hi boss! I’m sorry, I can’t make it to work because I have an emergency at home. The basement is flooded and nobody is here to help me. I already called the plumber, and he’s on his way.

Things commonly break down all the time. So owning a house comes from different levels of liabilities, such as taking care of the whole house or even fixing some common problems. Most employers can understand if you may confess to them that you have a flooded basement at your home. But there are also times that there are major issues that happen that need professional assistance like an electrical problem, plumbing as well as some issues regarding an appliance.

Whatever may be the case, employers may be fairly kind about such excuses, as they were also dealing with similar circumstances. These will usually work because it creates a sense of importance, and most employers may understand an employee that undergoes this type of emergency.

  1. Lack of Childcare

Hi boss. The bitterness just gave me a call today. She said she can’t make it because she’s sick. Nobody will take good care of my son, and I’m calling to let you know I couldn’t come to work today.

If you already have a child, this kind of excuse is one of the best excuses that you may be used to missing work in short notice. Childcare these days is somehow hard to find, especially if you have young kids. Authorizing your manager to know that the one who takes care of your children is unexpectedly unavailable during that day is an ideal last-minute excuse that you may use.

This excuse is usually hard to verify, and it always works because all parents must agree on how problematic child care is, especially if your employer already has a kid.

  1. Having a Sick and Needs to go to the Doctor

I’m really sick, boss. I think I’ve contracted the flu. It’s really worse because I’ve got 38 degrees Celsius body temperature.

This excuse will be the most overused at all; it may become quick but not an easily breakable excuse, but for a good basis, how can your employer say that you are not sick if you do not tell them. You may just explain to them how you feel, such as you have an upset stomach, headache, or simply nausea, and your manager can advise you to be back at the office as soon as you feel much better.

It commonly works as if everyone might get sick from time to time, even your boss can experience it, so I must say that it is very relatable. You may even use this excuse for at least two or more times a year without giving much suspicion from your manager.

  1. An Accident

I just ran into a car collision, and I sustained minor injuries. I’m heading to the hospital to get medical attention.

The accident may happen unexpectedly, and unfortunately, it is a part of everyone’s life. So when you say that an accident takes place, you do not even require to go into more detail or saying what truly happens. Just simply let your employers know that a small accident happens, and you will be using the day for yourself will be enough. This also works as everyone experiences it, even your boss. They may even likely feel pity for you, which will make your excuse works in favor.

  1. Sick Child

I really want to head to work today, boss. However, my child’s body temp hit 38 degrees. I couldn’t leave her like that because she’s such a baby and wants me to take good care of her. I hope you understand, boss. I’ll make it up to you.

Like the lack of childcare excuses, this one is also a great good excuse to miss your work on short notice. Having a sick child needs extra care, as well as attention. If you are already a parent, just let your employer know that your child is sick and you cannot send them to school.

Most managers will understand you, and they even hope that you are all doing better. Aside from that, most people know that having children is a great transmissible, and they don’t want to even catch such illness. It usually works as if everyone knows that kids get sick most of the time. It is a very accurate excuse that a parent employee can use.

  1. Toothache

I woke up suffering from intense pain, so I won’t be able to work today. I brushed my teeth and hoped my toothache would disappear but it got worse. Now, I’ve got a throbbing pain that radiates on my jaw, neck, and head. I’ve got to set up a dental appointment ASAP.

Toothache is considered extremely serious and impossibly painful that almost everyone can sympathize with it. You may pretend that you have a really bad toothache will let you go into an emergency dentist. However, let’s just face it that no one really likes going into such a dentist.

You may really have tooth pain, but using such an excuse will not give you too many questions as it was a relatable problem. It works because if not, your boss may seem like a terrible person if they did not allow you to leave even if they know that you are having much pain.

  1. Having a Car Problem

Hi boss, I think my 5-year car just gave up on me. I hear a strange loud noise under the trunk and it’s getting worse, ‘coz it won’t run earlier. I’ve got to bring it to the mechanic today, so I won’t be able to come to work.

There are some things in our daily life that are hard to avoid. Having car trouble is one of those problems. This excuse is one of the easiest that you may use to miss your work on short notice. However, this may be hard to use, especially if you live in a metropolitan place that consists of a good public transportation system. You may just mention that you are having car trouble that is required to drop into a mechanic as soon as possible so that you may get your car into the road again.

This technique works best for unprompted decisions to leave your job in short notice. But don’t use it usually as if there are some good reasons that you may use aside from having car troubles.

  1. Purchasing Delivery

Hi boss, I’m calling to let you know that I’m expecting a mattress delivery today, so I couldn’t come to work. I contacted the delivery company and they said they’re already on the way, but would be delivering to other customers too. I promise to make it up to you.

There is a situation that a million packages are getting stolen on a daily basis. This may be unbelievable, but this situation may happen to you. For example, if you are having a delivery such as a furniture and appliances. So when purchasing a delivery, you need to be home and wait for the driver to show up.

Most furniture or either appliance deliveries need someone to be present for such deliveries when they arrive. In addition, they need to install such furniture until they get your signature once their work is completed. Just let your boss know that you are expecting a new appliance or furniture on that day. Also, let them know that you are not sure what time they may arrive, so you need an excuse to take your day off.

  1. Locked Out of Your Home

Hi boss, I’m calling to let you know that I’m locked out of home, and I’m waiting for Sandy, my roommate, to arrive. I know I have to be there, but this situation is hindering me from coming to work. I promise to finish all tasks once I get there.

This can be convincing, especially that you don’t use it more often. Being locked at your home means that you have to wait for your roommate, spouse, or a locksmith to come and help you get back in. You can also have time to explain, like calling about twenty minutes late, that you are locked out of your home and need to wait for a locksmith. This excuse works as it happens to all of us. Your manager will simply laugh at your situation than allow you to take your day off.

  1. Menstrual Cramps

I’m so in pain right now because of my period. So I couldn’t make it to work, boss. I can barely move and stand because of this cramp!

This excuse works like a charm for every woman. It is considered as one of the great good excuses to miss work in short notice if you are a woman. Just let your manager know that you are having really uncomfortable menstrual cramps in a typical tone, and your manager may not ask you for any further details. It commonly works as it is a part of a woman’s life, and most employers may really rather not deal with such cramps.

  1. Family Problems

Hi boss, I couldn’t make it today. I just had to resolve some personal matters today. I hope you understand.

Though this is not advisable to use very often, it still works sparingly. You may keep this as uncertain or even detailed as you want; it depends on how dependent your relationship with your manager is if you are comfortable telling them about this problem, so let them know.

You may just tell your manager but not to tell the specific member of your family. This excuse works as most employers will not want to be involved in your personal life. It also shows that you are someone that other people can rely on.

  1. Pet Emergency

Hi boss, I need to take my dog to the vet because he’s not been eating properly for days. I’m so worried about her. So I couldn’t come to work today. Please understand. Thank you.

This happens if you have a pet that sometimes feels sick as well. You may use this for at least 2 to 3 times per year or as long as it is needed. A good pet owner can take their pet into a veterinarian, so this excuse also works great, especially if you have already shown some pictures of your pet into your manager and workmates before.

Just let your manager know that you need to take your pet into the veterinarian for the vaccines or any other health issues regarding your pet. This may also work, as the pet is similar to kids that require medical needs, and they also depend on us if we take them into their vet.

How do Such Excuses work?

When using such 12 mentioned excuses to miss your work in short notice, it all follows with validity and confidence. You are required to choose one story that you will use and just stick to it. Put together your script ahead of time and try to tell them as if the excuse really happened. When you are calling your manager to ask for such an excuse, just stay in a calm voice and just tell them the excuse. Try to avoid making excuses for your existing excuse or give more information that is not needed. Just simply tell your excuse and apologize for the last minute notice.

If this is the first time that you make an excuse to miss your work on short notice, then you have nothing to worry about. But if you are just in the probationary period, avoid missing your work as it affects your job security opportunity.

3 Tips You Should Keep in Mind Before Saying an Excuse

Avoid giving a long different explanation
Decide if you need to mention to miss your work ahead of the time or in a few days’ notices.
Call your manager instead rather than email.


Be careful of using such excuses more often if you do not want to miss a job enough and give your boss a reason to let you go. You can stick into it two or three times per year so that in case of an actual sickness and other unexpected emergencies.

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