27 Famous Inspirational Quotes By Nas

Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones is famous in a nickname Nas, also known as Nasty Nas. He is a notable American record producer, actor, entrepreneur, and hip-hop recording artist. Nas received 8 platinum and multi-platinum albums consecutively, selling around 25 million records all over the world.

Starting from his first album entitled “Illmatic” to nearly all his launched albums to date have been adored and seen to be a paradigm. He has been recognized by Billboard for being one of the 10 Best Rappers. He also topped the 50 Greatest MCs’ of for two straight years. Nas was labeled as a magician making enchantment with lyrics and music.

Furthermore, Nas is a sensible entrepreneur who took an adventure in several corporations extending from restaurants to job placements and technology to online selling. He had built stature as an eloquent chronicler of street life within the city.

Nas was born on September 14, 1973, in Brooklyn, New York, USA. He dropped out his schooling in his eighth grade and explored for an inventive outlet, and finally resolving on hip-hop.

His Music Life

He had his quantum leap when his song entitled “Half Time” was featured on the soundtrack of Zebrahead. Soon, Columbia Records had a contract with him. His first album, “Illmatic”, created extensive claim because of its poetic narrative of a tough inner-city life.

His song “It Was Written” in 1996 was more pop-oriented and it became a great contributor to the album that it even made the album reached broader audience compared to its forerunner but flared up a reoccurring constriction in the career of Nas between the preference of the pop audience and the requirements of hip-hop idealists.

Nas kept his commercial demand with “I Am…” in 1999 even though during that time he also become entangled in a public clash with rapper Jay-Z over who between them was the outstanding hip-hop voice in East Coast. The dissension motivated Stillmatic in 2001, which a lot of fans thought-out a return to form, and was then cited to on the more intimate “God’s Son” in 2002, which was a counter to the death of the mother of Nas. Nevertheless, the two rappers fixed their conflicts in 2005. Sooner after the reconciliation, Nas did a contract with Def Jam where during that time Jay-Z was the president.

Nas’s affection for incitement noted “Hip Hop is Dead” in 2006 and a follow-up in 2008 that was untitled, while “Life is Good” in 2012 pounded a contemplative tone.

Some Famous Quotes of Nas

Nas, being a brilliant artist who was able to create popular songs and made them their masterpieces, managed to establish prominent quotes that are life inspiring. Nas fans have dwelled in his quotes during low times because, in a way, Nas quotes have helped them to become motivated in doing better. Here are some of the famous quotes of Nas:

1. “I do what I can do when I can do it. Feel how I feel when I feel what I’m feelin. Live how I live it’s only cause I been through it.”

Nas always made sure to maximize his time. If he sees the opportunity to do things that he likes, he never hesitated in grabbing it. You see, there’s an advantage when you take the risk. You may fail or end up hurt, but you can also end triumphant.

2. “Don’t ever give up on yourself. Keep pushing because the change of guards is what life’s all about. You’ve always got to stick with whatever you’re into because you’re day is going to come. You’re day is destined. If you walk away from that, whether it be from fear or whether you’re just giving up. The greatest sin is fear and giving up.”

We should our dreams and never give up on it. Life is full of uncertainties – big changes can happen. Nevertheless, even if things would seem too difficult to handle, you should never give up. The greatest failure of a person is once he stops trying because he was afraid to try.

3. “Mistakes make masterful teachers.”

Mistakes are unavoidable. No man is perfect. But when you commit mistakes, draw a lesson from them. They should leave your lessons so you can be a better version of yourself.

4. “Working with great people makes you great; you learn a lot and it also gives you the experience and confidence to move on with your own career.”

When you get to be surrounded by successful people, be inspired. This should motivate you to try harder and do better. You have your dreams in life and you would want to see yourself achieving these dreams one day just as these great people.

5. “Anybody can be a rapper, but not anybody can be a classical artist.”

The love for rapping can be pursued by anyone. Tagged with determination, anyone can be a good rapper. However, not every good rapper can understand the deeper essence of this art.

6. “I have no tattoos that I regret – I have had some that I have had changed according to how my life was.”

If you relate it to life, it would mean that there is no sense to regret your mistakes. However, these should be a wake-up call for you to change your lifestyle.

7. “I don’t get jealousy, I don’t get how people hate each other – I never did.”

Jealousy is a poisonous feeling. It can gradually kill your love and respect for others. There should be no room for jealousy. Rather, the focus of being a better person. Concentrate on achieving your dreams without stepping on other people.

8. “I think the fact that I made enough noise in the world that I might be remembered is an amazing achievement. You can’t ask for more than that.”

Having great achievements and being remembered by people for that is something anyone would feel grateful for. But then, it is also important that leave a much valuable memory such as good character and a healthy spirit.

9. “I want to have fun. It’s a beautiful life. You learn, you win, you lose, but you get up.”

Yes, we only live life once. Hence, we should live it to the fullest. We go through a lot of things but we should make sure that we also learn from them. You cannot win all your battles and that is completely acceptable. If you lose, do not give up. Rather, get up and keep trying.

10. “I just enjoy life now. I just enjoy every morning I get to wake up.”

Each day of being awake is such a wonderful blessing. Enjoy life as we don’t know what happens tomorrow.

11. “I can’t control what people think. They know who I am.”

It is you who create your character. People will have their impressions based on how they see and learn from you. There is no way you can ask them to think the other way – that is out of your control already. Do not live to please people. Live for God.

12. “Let’s not forget, art can sell. You ain’t gotta front all the time on your records.”

If you love art, then pursue it. But then remember, not all times can be favorable for you. Keep going and let your passion for art flourish.

13. “I think if I heard someone else talking about their life, describing all the problems I’ve had, they’d look like they were through. Done. But there’s something about me – I’m smiling. Those things are really not bad enough to put me in a slump. I’m smiling with the opportunity to wake up every morning.”

People will have plenty of things to say about you. Some of them may throw garbage on you. Yes, you may feel the pain and get insulted. But do not get yourself overwhelmed with these negative thoughts. Each morning promises an opportunity to do better. Thank God for granting you another day to deliver good deeds.

14. “Turnin’ nothing into somethin’ is God work, and you get nothin’ without struggle and hard work.”

God is our best partner. He can rescue us from our troubles. But then, this quote reminds us that although God loves us, we should also do our job in working for our dreams.

15. “You have to keep your vision clear, cause only a coward lives in fear.”

Be brave to determine what you want and go for it.

16. “No idea is original, there’s nothing new under the sun, it’s never what you do, but it’s how it’s done.”

Originality is not about doing unique things. Nas is saying that originality is determined by the way you deliver your ideas.

17. “Everything will eventually come to an end, So try to savor the moment, cause time flies, don’t it? The beauty of life, you gotta make it last for the better, cause nothin’ lasts forever.”

This is a temporary life. Thus, the best thing that we can do is to always seize the moment. Live life while you can. Enjoy every moment with your loved ones. Live life the best way you can so that when the time comes that you will have to surrender it, you know that you will be living with legacy.

18. “A lot of times it seems like, you ain’t gon’ make it where you wanna be in life. But, yo if you got a plan, believe me you gon’ get there. You gon’ get everything you ever wanted.”

There are times that life can be so hard. Even though we are trying so hard and we have already exerted our fullest effort, some things are just not meant to happen. But if these times come, remember to keep moving. If you know what you want, you should have plans. Implement it. Do it and don’t give up.

19. “I never stood for any president in my life, never voted, before Barack Obama. It changed my life to vote. It starts there with me. I never cared for politics before Barack Obama. I never thought it mattered to people like me.”

We should practice our rights to vote. Protecting the nation is also a responsibility of the citizens.

20. “I wish music business was a much easier thing, but you know what? Nothing easy is worth anything. So it is what it is. There comes a time when things can work out and everybody can be happy. And that’s what it’s all about in the end – everybody being happy and working it out.”

Things are not always made easy for you. You will have to deal with so much stress and trouble. But at the end of the day, once all your efforts result in a positive one, you will be the happiest. See? Being happy and successful requires hard work and perseverance.

21. “It’s never been seen that a street artist go as far as I’ve gone – keep consistent without wanting to do a bunch of ventures outside of music to keep my face out there.”

People may not have the confidence of you being successful. But that is fine. Your success does not depend on them. Keep the fire burning and be consistent with your efforts.

22. “People afraid of criticism but I always put myself in a sacrificial position, they been know I ain’t just rappin’ for fame.”

A lot of people have the difficulty accepting criticisms. But this shouldn’t be the case. You know yourself and you know there is a good reason why you are doing those things now.

23. “There needs to be structures in place to do something about misrepresentation about hip hop. When awards are given out and the media talk about hip hop, they’re confused because they haven’t done their homework on it so you have a case where there’s an award for the most pop song in the world and it’s called ‘hip hop’.”

It’s a simple reminder of how we should educate ourselves about the art of hip hop. Nas received several recognitions yet he wanted to make sure that the people understand his way of music.

24. “I want you to know who I am: what the streets taste like, feel like, smell like. What cops talk like, walk like, think like. What crackheads do – I wanted you to smell it, feel it. It was important to me that I told the story that way because I thought that it wouldn’t be told if I didn’t tell.”

Nas lived life according to how he likes it. He wanted people to know him as the real him.

25. “Just sitting in silence is one of the best things a man can do.”

You can do a lot of things when you put yourself into silence. Sometimes, when you feel exhausted, it would be best to sit in silence. Do some reflection. Where are you now? Are you doing the right things? Silence can help you with the best analyses in life.

26. “Some people say I’m conscious, some say I’m a gangsta rapper- it’s just me doing me. I’m stomping in my own lane. I’m doing what I do.”

There is nothing wrong with living life the way we like it, as long as you don’t offend others. People may not understand you. But just dance on your tone. Do what you think needs to be done.

27. “Your arms too short to box with God.”

No one can go above God. There can be times that you would question God about his plan for you, but remember, God knows what the best is for you. Who are you to argue?


If you are a fan of Nasty Nas, you would see his quotes to be truly inspiring. Aside from the great music that he made, it would also be pleased to learn about his famous and numerous quotes. If you would notice his quotes, many of them were driven from his personal experience and views.

Nas quotes demonstrated his strong character as a poetic artist. They speak so much about his stand in society and how he wants to become an important part of it. He was vocal about his thoughts and was never afraid to share it with the public. He wants his thoughts to be heard and that was important to him.

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