78 Romantic Good Night Quotes for Her

Nights can be long and empty, though it is invariably pleasant to feel cherished and perceive that the last person she has talked to for the day is you, her lover. You will deliver a bright smile on your lover’s face by giving a charming goodnight text to her. Send these messages to her, and give her the sweetest dream she can ever have.

Good night my sweet lady. I hope today was lovely as you are and I hope you wake in the morning feeling beautiful as ever. I love you to the stars.

Ending her night by saying how lovely she is will put a smile on her face, and certainly, she will wake up in the morning feeling beautiful and love.

Goodnight my Darling, my Love, my Angel! Today has been special for you and I hope that you wake up in the morning knowing that you are as loved as ever. Please, sleep well and we will talk in the morning.

Her day may be different from her usual days, but her night will be more special if you let her know that when she wakes up in the morning, you are still there to love her.

Before you go to sleep, I want you to know, it took me years to find my soulmate, I will never let you go. Goodnight my lady!

It is easy to find someone, but it is hard to find a soulmate because they will only come once in a lifetime, so if you see her, never let her go.

Hey lovely. I hope today was kind to you, and I know that I had a good day thinking of you. May you have a good night, and I will be here for you in the morning when you wake up.

It is essential in every relationship that you always tell your girlfriend that no matter what happened, you will still going to be there for her.

We have had a good day together my girl and I hope that you have a good night. You must sleep well because it will be a good day tomorrow filled with your smile, your love and your hope for the future. Goodnight my lady!

Before the night ends, express how your day was with her and how you are excited to see her again tomorrow and how you are looking forward to your future together.

I anticipate for the first night that we will sleep together. I hope you remain refreshed for our common future. Please remember that I will love you, eternally.

Having your first night together will surely be memorable for both of you. Trust that she can feel relax and rejuvenate for your life together.

I hope you know how honored I am to call you my girlfriend/wife, I wanted you to know this before you close your eyes.

Telling your girlfriend/wife that you are grateful to be her boyfriend/husband before she went to bed is such a sweet way to let her know how much you appreciated her presence. She can also felt from your words how much you love her.

My Princess, You are the last thing I think about before I fall asleep and the first thing I think when I wake up. I love you – Sweet dreams.

You will be the sweetest person for her if you will tell her that she is the first and last person you will think about in a day.

My dearest love, I hope today treated you well. There was so much going on, and I was proud of you through every step. You are strong and beautiful, and I wish you a good night of sleep. I love you, and I’ll be here in the morning.

Your girlfriend might have had a bad day, or she might have had dealt with a lot of things on that day, and you must cheer her up. Tell her how beautiful and strong she was, so she will have the courage to face another day and never fail to tell her that you love her.

You have no idea how much you have made me smile today. I won’t stop thinking about you all night! Goodnight my love!

Tell her how happy you are, appreciate her for making you smile or just by simply being there for you. It will make her happy, and for sure, she will have a good night’s sleep.

The day we had must be repeated many times because I believe so much in who you are and in what you do. Please continue to be you, and I hope you have a night that will help you prepare for an even better day tomorrow. I love you.

You might have done the same thing over and over again, but it is necessary to tell her that you are still enjoying it and that you will never get tired of it. And you love her just as who she is.

My love, my heart, my everything. This is the time of day when I wish I could be there with you, and I hope you have a night that will give you a chance to reflect on the amazing things you have done.

When you love someone, you always want to be beside them, but there are certainly times where you cannot. Although you can not be there, that will give her the moment to value the things she is done for the day.

We are planning to have a life together that I cannot wait for, and I hope that you know I am ready for all of it. This is one of the last nights we will have to be apart, and I am ready to start something with you that will last forever. I love you.

When you finally have a life together with your girlfriend, it is significant that you are ready and thrilled about the life that you are going to spend with her.

The plans we made for tomorrow will be some of the greatest things we have ever done, and tonight I want you to rest to ensure we have the best day tomorrow. I trust you. I believe in you, and I love you.

Whatever plans you have for tomorrow, it is important to make sure that it will always be the greatest moments you will have with her. Saying that you trust and believe in her will show how much you love her.

My loveliest darling, today was such a good day. I am so proud of you, and I know that you will have a better day tomorrow. You are doing great things that I am so proud of.

Always tell her how proud you are for her. It will give her more confidence knowing that there is someone who supports her in whatever she does.

Good night sleep tight until tomorrow when I will see you again, I miss your touch I miss your kiss, I miss every part of your body my sweetie pie. Good night.

We miss our love every single night, particularly when the sky is so dark and wonderful, and the land so pretty cold.

I know it’s not true, but my heart still believes that the moon shines for just me and you. Good night.

No one exists in your worlds, but the two of you. And it makes you believe that the world and everything you can see revolves only for both of you.

I have decided to be the sun that shines during your days, and the moon, to brighten your dreams every night. Have a beautiful dream, sweetheart.

We want our loved ones to have brighter days and nights, even when we are not on their side.

She’s got happiness inside of her and I am a beneficiary, my day has been great so far and I know that this night will be awesome. Goodnight, my Love.

She’s a happy girl, and there’s so much happiness in her that she shares with you. And that’s why your time together is always amazing. Nothing compares to the smile of your girl.

Just the thought of the smile you wear is enough to fall in love with you over and over. Goodnight, honey.

A smile can conquer a heart. One smile cannot transform the world, but her smile changes yours. And there’s nothing you can do but to fall in love with her over and over again.

I love the idea of falling asleep in the cradle of your heart, your thought made it clear and what better way to end the day. Good night and sweet dream.

The thought of someone is thinking about you makes you happy, what more when that someone keeps you in her heart until she falls asleep. Surely both of you will have a good night and very sweet sleep.

Truly, I don’t know what tomorrow hold but I know where my heart will be, either before the sun chases this dark night away or after, my heart belongs to you, sweet dreams, sweetheart.

Our heart always belongs to the one who is dearest to us. We do not care what the future holds, but as long as we are together, it is all that matters.

As darkness conceal the world tonight, so does your love consume the whole of me every time, have a lovely night, my Love.

Being consumed by love is a gleaming run of heartfelt joy. Just there at that instant, your heart is complete, and your world grows around them.

You have always defined love, happiness & dreams and every gorgeous thing on earth for me. Now it is time for you to sleep and take rest Good Night and sleep tight.

Your world defines her. She was the reason why you know the word love and happiness, and every positive word that you can think was because of her.

If you had a lovely morning, A cool afternoon, Amazing evening, ‘Then have a wonderful night, Wish you a lovely night, Good Night!

We always want the best for our partners. We want them to have a pleasant evening even without us.

Have faith as tomorrow will be a new day, A new way When you can have your say, Give in to the night and sleep well, All your tensions and stress will dwell. Good night and sleep tight!

Sleep can reduce stress levels combine with a good night message from the one you love the most. And tomorrow will be a new day to start anew.

I don’t want to be your blanket in which you snuggle, I don’t want to be your sheets on which you wriggle. I just want to be the guy with whom, you can do all those things together and cuddle.

Guys love to cuddle when they love you. They will do this since they aspire to be more familiar to you and caress you engrossed in their arms.

Life isn’t just about rainbows and butterflies. In life, there will always be sad moments and experiences that are valid, useful and alerts us to how we need to treat ourselves, and also… Good Night

There is no life if there is no change. Life is inconsistent. Indeed, every day has its own most solid and the most unfortunate event that will teach us how to be a better person.

Some days are just bad days, that’s all. You have to experience sadness to know happiness, and I remind myself that not every day is going to be a good day, that’s just the way it is!

The extent of individual happiness can solely be defined by the measure of individual sadness. Sadness tells us of the value of satisfaction in our life.

Your bed is ready to give you a hug, You should be ready to have a rest, And say goodbye to all the stress. Have a Good Night!

In addition to nourishment and activity, satisfying sleep is amongst the backbone of well-being. So, lie down on your bed, throw away all your stress and have a good rest.

I will spend an eternity loving you, caring for you, respecting you, showing you every day that I hold you as high as the stars.

There are numerous approaches to divulge someone you admire them like there are individuals in the environment to admire. You can practice routines, time, gifts, small gestures, touch, or words.

My hectic day is over, I want you to know that I was thinking about you and how I will imagine you in my arms. Sweet dreams, I love you.

When you love someone, you might appear like you can not take them away from your mind. Especially when you had a very busy day and how you wish that your love was around your arms, giving you comfort.

Thousands of stars separate us, but soon we will be together, we will meet tonight in our dreams. Good night, darling.

No matter what circumstances set us apart, there will come a time that we will be together again. And all you can do for now is to meet her in your dreams where you can build your fairyland together.

Close your eyes, imagine a wonderful garden where roses are blooming and the air is filled with their scent. It is our refuge and each night I wait for you there. Sweet dreams.

All women love flowers. And rose, for them, symbolizes love and romance. And that place will be your haven where you can have beautiful memories together.

While you are sleeping, my heart keeps repeating your name each night. Good night.

When you are in love, just the sound of her name is enough to keep your heartbeat. And there’s nothing in your heart and mind but her name until you fall asleep.

Let your beautiful eyes rest at night, and in the morning. I will see the reflection of this beautiful world in them again. Sweet dreams.

We all know that eyes are the reflection of the soul, and when you are in love with all those beautiful things, you can see it in their eyes.

You are my Cinderella who does not disappear at midnight. You are the love of my life. Good night, my precious.

She is your princess, and you are his knight in shining armor and even the night has passed, you’ll know that she will always gonna be there for you.

Tonight you won’t be cold since the veil of my love will protect you and warm you. Good night, baby.

There is no better way to warm on a cold night than the warmth of someone you love. No matter how cold the night is but knowing someone is keeping you from their heart will keep warm, and you can sleep better.

I am a happy man since I have a person who I think before going to sleep, and whom I wish a good night. You are the meaning of my life. Good night, darling.

You are a lucky man when you find someone who loves you like the way you do. She means the world to you, and there it’s a great feeling when you know that there is something you can think of before going to sleep.

If you were a flower, you would be the floret, blooming through the night until dawn, because the whole night you are in my thoughts. Sweet dreams.

She is practically your life, your world. She is like a flower that flourishes your life, and even when the night comes, she’s still in your heart and mind.

At night, a person keenly feels his loneliness or happiness. Thanks to you I always feel that I live life to the fullest. Good night, my love.

Love makes the world grow fonder. She is the reason your heart keeps beating. She is the reason your heart keeps beating and how wonderful life is since she came to your world.

I could just say good night but no I have more to say than that, I won’t stop loving you not even for a second my angel. Have a great night ahead cheers.

A good night is a word to wish her a good night’s sleep, but to tell her how much you love her is another word. So tell her every day and every night how you truly feel for her.

If I could choose between you and food I will eat you over and over again, because when I have you I will be more than satisfied

When you are in love, food can be just a mere thing because nothing is more important than her. Just seeing her every day and happy is enough for you because she is the reason of your happiness and life.

I can’t be wonder where this beauty is coming from, hmm God has done it. You are so beautiful the queen of my heart good night.

A woman is a God-given gift to us men, so let’s treasure them because they are beautiful and the one that has given to us to love and be loved.

The moon is angry with me and jealous of you because I said that no one can light my night up like you do. I love you queen of my heart, good night.

Her love gives shine to your darkest nights. Her love gives you hope to continue, and nothing can compare to that even the moon in the night.

I want this night to be a special night to you my love, I want to give you all the kisses you deserve and the hug and cuddling . I adore you queen of my heart. good night.

We all want to give the best they deserve, all the love, hug and kisses because that is how much you love her.

As long as I dream about you, and all the wishes come true. I wish to have more of the night dreams. Good night my love.

Every dream with her is a sweet dream, so you keep on wishing that your wish could come true, and that is nothing else but to see her in your dreams.

Thinking about you is where my nightmare stop and my sweet dreams begin, my love for you has no limit, please take good care of yourself for me. good night.

When you think of the person you love, a nightmare will have no place in your dreams because all you have in your mind and heart is the love you feel for her.

Night is a lovely gift by God to use to review our daily performances. Let’s cherish our good deeds and learn from our bad experiences.

God created a night to refresh our mind and restart our ideas, carry on with the good ones, and learn from the bad ones.

Last night I had a dream and it was the most beautiful of all, my love I dreamed I was in your arms. Good night, love of my life.

No dream is sweeter with her and being in her arms. You can go to sleep with a smile on your face.

I say good night and have a nice sleep, I hope angels take care of your dreams and let me get in there to be with you in a paradise created by your imagination.

Even in our dreams, we still want to be near to her. Even if we ask the angels to be with her in a world of your own where the two of you could live happily together.

One of my dreams is to be with you forever. Make it real and I will make you the happiest woman in the world. Sweet dreams, my love.

Once we found the right one for us, our only wish is to be with them forever and promise her that you will make her the happiest woman.

I am sitting on a cloud of memories and watching the moonlight dance on the dream roads, Saying Goodnight to you.

Every night before we go to sleep, we smile like an idiot thinking about the thing we did together in the entire day.

Touch your heart, as you close your eyes, it will remember me this night. It is absolutely all right, because even I am missing you this night. Good night. Have a lovely night.

When we miss someone, we all have to do is touch our hearts, hear its beating. And there lie the memories of her and your love for her.

I miss our conversations until the morning, the night is empty without you.

Being with her in the whole day makes you feel incomplete in the night when you are alone. Talking to her will somehow ease and please you.

When there is darkness all around the place I do start missing your grace that lovely smile of yours and the way you talk to me it’s the night for you to see that I am missing you my sweetie good night to you!

When you close your eyes at night, you starting to realized how much you miss her. How much you miss her smile that brightens your day.

Legend says, when you can’t sleep at night, it’s because you’re awake at someone else’s dream.

This could be true that someone is thinking about you; that is why you can not go to sleep. It might be that she is thinking about you, or she is just can not stop thinking about you.

Every night I love coming back home. Because home is being in your arms. Good night my love.

Homes gives us comfort. And her arms and hug give you that kind of comfort, and that’s why you are always looking forward to going back home.

I’ll go miles to kiss your forehead and kiss your beautiful lips and also to whisper a very goodnight in your ears. Goodnight my love

Distance is not a hindrance for you, so you will do everything just to see her. Hold her in your arms and kiss and tell her how you love her.

Tonight I want the moon and the star to take care of you while you are dreaming so you can sleep peacefully and happily. I love you.

When you are not with her, you ask the sky to watch and guide her for you. All you want is her to be safe.

Your sweet time of today is ending now, forget bad incidents, remembers beautiful moments, to refresh your mind wish you a sweet sleep. Good night!

As the day comes to an end, we must bid farewell to all the negatives that we encountered, and only left the good ones.

I’ve heard it before that true love comes most time when you’re not ready, now I believe it, cause you came into my life when I least expect it, do have a sweet dream, my Love.

True love emerges when we least expect it, sometimes, the moment when we felt like giving up. It doesn’t have the right place or the right time. It will come when you needed it.

Music is for the soul, that’s why every love-music I listen to is all about you. Have a beautiful dream, my heartbeat.

Music sometimes touches our hearts like when she came into your life and touches yours. So no matter what the genre of the music, it will always be a sweet melody to you.

I’ve tried calling you many times, so I can go my nightly ritual of saying goodnight but since you’re not picking up, I decided to send you this hug and a sweet dream text, angel.

We will do anything just to say our good night messages to her, it could be talking, or it could be by sending a message. Because when you are in love, there is always a way.

I doubt if I’ll be sleeping tonight, it’s as if my body is here and my soul is wandering, searching for you. Hope you’ll have a good night, angel

Sometimes we find it hard to go to sleep because our mind still lingers with the thoughts of having her right beside us.

It is a silent cold night here, I wonder what you’re thinking at the moment, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Have a sweet dream, angel.

We are always thinking of her right before bedtime. And we are hoping they are also thinking the same.

I wish you knew how much I like you. How much I love talking to you and how much I wish you were mine

Loving someone without them knowing is sometimes a hard thing to do. Hoping she knew how much you like her and how much you love her company, but all you could do is to wish that she was yours.

I was very happy today with you, I’m so thankful to you and I would like to say thanks for tomorrow in advance. Goodnight sweetheart.

Being with someone you love is enough to make you happy and be thankful that she is always beside you. It is great to appreciate her every day and even in the upcoming days.

When I don’t send you a good night kiss, I feel incomplete from within, so feel good my love, as night is just going to begin, love you a lot, wish you a lovely night.

A good night message is not mandatory, but we think when you are in love it just comes naturally to send her romantic messages before going to sleep.

Tonight I’m going to sleep earlier because I want to see you in my dream very early. Good night

The day with her could not be enough for you, so it is better to sleep early, so you can see her in your dreams. Surely, you will have a good night’s sleep.

No matter how far you are. You are always in my thoughts! Good night.

Distance is merely a number. But our love conquers all and heart and mind is powerful because we can keep our love ones on them.

Everything in this life has its end. The day gives way to the night, summer is replaced by fall, but my love for you will last forever. Good night, my beloved.

Some things may have an ending, but no matter what happened, no matter how the world changes, your love for her will be forever.

Each star in the sky is my compliment to you, that is why the immense number of stars sings an ode to your beauty. Good night, my sweet.

We can not measure love, as we can not count the stars at night. So tell your love how deeply you love them by showing them the stars in the night.

Let me wish you a good night. I hope that I will soon be able to tell you good night in person

You might be with someone that you love when the night comes, and all you can do is to send her your good night wishes. But time will come that you will be able to tell her it in person.

Tonight is beautiful, I feel secured know fully well that my love is getting stronger each day. Good night my sweetie pie.

Every day and every night will be beautiful when you are in love. And it will grow stronger each day while you are hoping it will last forever.

I never thought I will be addicted to someone did way am so use to you, please my love don’t let me down. I love you dearly my damsel, good night.

Love can be so addictive, and it is common. In an instant, you feel elated and cheerful for no obvious reason whatsoever.

The moon can’t shine without the night, the candle can’t burn without the light, so tell me how I can sleep without wishing you good night my honey bunny.

A short, sweet message is needed to complete the day – it’s like something is missing if you will not wish her good night.

My love, I don’t think this sleep will be possible without me wishing you good night and have a wonderful night rest my beauty queen.

We can not sleep if we forgot to send her a message. It is like a part of our system, and it feels like our night will not be complete without wishing her a good night’s sleep.

As the sun sets, and after a day that is extremely wearying and life so worthwhile, how about we catch a breath from all the tasks and have a nice, deep rest. While the night deepens, lovers send one another kisses and hug. You must forever tell your loved one that you’re thinking of them before you go to sleep.

Romantic quotes above will support you to highlight your passions for your girl and to tell you to remember her every night.

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