Top 7 Ruby Bridges Quotes

Each of us has different ways of speaking out our minds to the things we see, whether it’s right or wrong. One of the issues we’ve been through is racism, not only in America but in the whole world. It is one of the significant issues that the world doesn’t know how to stop it. Those who believe that a particular race is inferior or superior to another, well, it’s wrong. We unite as equal, whether white or black, Asian or African, we are created equal in this world.

There are famous personalities, politicians, and activists who have spoken out their minds about racism. It includes Martin Luther King Jr., John Legend, Chance the Rapper, LeBron James, and of course, Ruby Bridges.

Below, we uncover the life of Ruby Bridges, her hardships, her accomplishments, and her inspirational sayings. She is one of the essential personalities against the cruelty towards African-American people and racism.

Who is Ruby Bridges?

Who is she? Well, she only made history as the first Black American student to desegregate a formerly all-white school in New Orleans. In November 1960, she was escorted by her mother and U.S marshals to her class to avoid violent mobs. Ruby’s brave acts were a milestone in the civil rights movements and fighting the rights of Black Americans.

In her early life, she was born on the 8th of September 1954. She grew up in Mississippi, together with her parents and grandparents on a farm. In 1958, her parents moved to New Orleans in hopes of better opportunities in their lives. Her father got a job in a gasoline station, and her mother has night jobs to support their growing family. Soon after, she had three siblings, two brothers, and a sister.

Why is Ruby Bridges Important?

As said earlier, she was a milestone in the civil rights movement even of a younger age. Also though U.S marshals escorted her due to criticism about her color, she continued going on. On her first day of school, she spent a day at the principal’s office, where no persons are willing to speaking with her and her mother.

As the second day arrived, most white parents transfer their children to other schools. However, Ruby stayed in her class and became the only student for the rest of the year. Despite facing a crowd of angry white people every day, she attended each day. The only teacher that accepted her was a white Boston native, Barbara Henry. She ate alone during lunch and sometimes play with her teacher during recess time.

Even though some families supported her and also send money to aid her family, others still criticize them. At the cost, the Bridges family suffered. Her father lost his job, and even groceries refused to sell goods to her mother. Her grandparents were evicted from the farm where she grew up. Over time, some Black American students enroll, and years passed, her four nieces also attend the school. In 1964, famous artist Norman Rockwell celebrated her courage through a painting, with the title > The Problem We All Live With.

She graduated from that school and became a travel agent. She married Malcolm Hall and had four sons. She was a lifelong activist for racial equality. She established the foundation for promoting tolerance and creating a change through education.

What Impact did Ruby Bridges have on Society?

As she takes the first step in an all-white school at a young age, Ruby made a lasting impact on American Society. She engraves a path towards the future generation of Black American students and inspired others. The reason that schools are now integrated up to this date is because of her brave steps.

As a member of a civil rights movement, Ruby made a considerable impact on American Society. As of today, restaurants serve to all kinds of races, schools are now fully integrated, and both whites and blacks can share bathrooms. These are only a few differences between the 50s Society and today’s society.

Segregation is now illegal in America today, and it will never happen again. Still, there is a large amount of racism that has left our Society, yet not all of them are eliminated. Hopefully that one day, racism will be a subject spoken in history textbooks.
For celebrating her inspirational, incredible legacy and life, here are the seven powerful and inspiring Ruby Bridges quotes.

The greatest lesson I learned that year in Mrs. Henry’s class was the lesson Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., tried to teach us all: Never judge people by the color of their skin. God makes each of us unique in ways that go much deeper.

Well, it is true, we should never judge any person by the color of their skin. We are all created as equal beings, and there is no supremacy in each race. She also mentioned Martin Luther King Jr., which is also one of the activists and civil rights advocates in fighting racism in America.

Racism is a form of hate. We pass it on to our young people. When we do that, we are robbing children of their innocence.

Yes, it’s entirely true. Racism is a form of hate, which happens since early times. Most white people in the early eras where racism is active teach their young ones to avoid black people. Not only that, they teach their children to hate, but they are also robbing their innocence. Still, racism is active in Society, whether we want it or don’t like it, it always happens. We should stop teaching our young ones to hate, thus teaching them to love others, even with different colors and races.

If kids have the opportunity to come together to get to know one another, they can judge for themselves who they want their friends to be. All children should have that choice. We, as adults, shouldn’t make those choices for children. That’s how racism starts.

Yes, kids have innocent minds; they only judge what they see or what they hear. They also know who they want to be friends with, and all of them are their choices. As grown-ups, we should not be involved with their decisions, and we should not choose what they should do. Well, that’s how racism works and happens. As they were young, we need to teach them as well as giving them freedom on what they would want.

Don’t follow the path. Go where there is no path and begin the trail. When you start a new trail equipped with courage, strength, and conviction, the only thing that can stop you is you!

A powerful saying with a deep meaning. The quote features herself on how Ruby overcome the obstacles in her life. She never let it distract on her life, continue to live on, and promise to have a full life without any problems. It is her courage that helps her to overcome it, and the only thing that can stop her is only herself.

Each and every one of us is born with a clean heart. Our babies know nothing about hate or racism. Our babies know nothing about hate or racism. But soon they begin to learn – and only from us. We keep racism alive. We pass it on to our children. We owe it to our children to help them keep their clean start.

Yes, each of us is born with an innocent heart. Young minds don’t even know what racism is or even hate. And of course, kids don’t even understand the word racism. However, if they learn what it means, we are still keeping the racism alive. If you’re a parent, teach them, let them learn what it is, and teach them to avoid it. It is the only way to stop this type of discrimination or antagonism.

Racism is a grown-up disease, and we must stop using our children to spread it.

Well, it is, is spread like a contagious disease, and no one can stop it. As a parent, we should teach them what racism truly is. We need to educate them on how it can affect our Society. We also need to teach them that racism is wrong and can only have negative impacts on others.

Somehow, it always worked. Kneeling at the side of my bed and talking to the Lord made everything okay.

The best you may want to do if you’re down is to talk to the Lord. You should have faith in, and you need to seek guidance. Praying is also essential, and it is part of life, as well as your religion. Have time to thank the Lord, and always pray. By this, everything should be okay.

All in all, we need to pay respect and thank Ruby Bridges for her sacrifice, courage, and commitment to education. We also need to appreciate what she’s willing to achieve, and it is the end of racism, not only in America but also in the world. Long live, Miss Ruby Brides!

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