Top 16 Spaceballs Quotes

Inspired by one of the highest-grossing science-fiction films, Star Wars, Mel Brooks directed the parody movie of it named Spaceballs. The comedy sci-fi garnered its viewers through their almost-identical portrayal of its inspiration movie. The synopsis of Spaceballs revolves around the story of a heroic rescue action of a pilot and his subordinate where they plan on saving the Princess from ruthless beings called Spaceballs.

Though the critics never liked it, the viewers did anyway, thanks to the underlying touches of humor and relatable jokes spit during line dialogues. Besides, the movie nailed the box office as it passed the number of budgets used. Regardless of being a parody, the originality of comedic discourses lived on for years that fans and audiences are expecting, and wishing for a part two.

Throughout the entire characters’ journey, several lines interchanging caught the attention of individuals who find it relatable, funny, or inspirational. For quite a reminisce, here are the best Spaceballs quotes that lasted over time.

Look, your highness, it’s not that we’re afraid, far from it. It’s just that we’ve got this thing about death; it’s not us.


Though the movie’s entirety is supposed to be funny, along with lines, the quote above confronts the reality of not being able to control your fate, which is death. Human beings find masters to serve so they can make a living for life all while earning money for themselves. To make it happen, you should first have control over your life and where the steering wheel will take you.

In this case, death is inevitable not because it’s part of our job or some sacrifice to please our Supreme Beings but because that’s how life’s going to end no matter where you put it. Death has always been there long before you existed, and you happen to live in the same timeline. After all, no other universe proved that you could escape death because you can’t.

No you fool, we’re following orders. We were told to comb the desert so we’re combing it.

Dark Helmet

Dogs are said to be the most loyal living thing on earth. Humans are probably in the last list or were never on the list in the first place. If that’s the case, then why do humans think enslaving their kind is a Godly thing to do? Because they have the power to do so. Power and control make us do something out of our imagination.

When you got a taste of luxury, you will stop at nothing to get more of it even it means humiliating yourself or worse killing yourself. The reality of enslavement describes the quote above. Some people are bound to follow orders for the rest of their lives since that’s what society taught them unless an empowered individual makes a change.

So, Lone Star, now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb.

Dark Helmet

Contradicting to a saying that says “the goodness within us is the key”, Dark Helmet’s discusses the portrayal of the majority of people to good as “dumb”. To them, being rude is cooler than giving people a lending hand. Bullying is more of a classy act than confiding with the nerds. Violence is most likely to be voted as a solution rather than a peace treaty.

The quote still holds significant aura until now where evil deeds overshadow the light and because of that, being diplomatic and united is thrown to every corner of the world where no people will mind picking that up.

Why are we always “preparing”? Just go.

Dark Helmet

Sometimes, unplanned activities are far more exciting than those planned ones before due to the expected goings-on and guests. With that, the movie tells us that there are times that you have to go without explanation. In that way, no attachment and worries will form because how could you if you have no idea of what faces of struggles are you going to meet?

Regardless, it doesn’t mean it applies to all events since you can’t expect the game to turn out good if you did not practice or for you to ace the quiz if you hadn’t read any of your notes. Overall, the line above happens in one in a million, and on occasion, they happen when you’re with the right company.

Of course, you do. Druish princesses are often attracted to money and power, and I have BOTH, and YOU KNOW IT!

Dark Helmet

Through the eyes of men, some women act like princesses and have pricey needs to live, such as money and other ludicrous luxuries. To them, they are expensive to serve and please. Once men are in a whipped situation, they will now be under their women’s power. Most of it is true, though, but it’s a different story from women’s perspectives.

The other truth holds that women aren’t expensive to please. Men are just commonly used to demotivated efforts that to them, and attention is nothing but gold.

We cannot go back, we already passed it.

Colonel Sandurz.

At this line, it is clear that the two characters are referring to a particular scene that has occurred in the movie. Without minding the deep meaning behind it, we can assume that they cannot directly go back to what has already happened. Coincidentally, the same thing also happens in life.

However, in this case, we will be talking about acceptance and moving on. Moving on from a pang of enormous guilt is the slowest and painful experience ever. Sometimes, it may consist of not doing and being better at a certain point in our lives. The moment it all crashes down on us is the only time we get to acknowledge it as a failure. Moving on from a failure will require acceptance, that you weren’t able to be the best version of yourself.

Like the movie, we cannot mend back circumstances in the way we wish it to be, but what we can do is move forward, learn, and do better.

What’s his name? And his cousin? How many assholes do we have on this ship, anyway? I knew it. I’m surrounded by assholes!

Dark Helmet

In this scene, Dark Helmet asked a couple of gentlemen about someone’s identity, and to his surprise, it turns out that the likes of that individual are a dead giveaway to his name. Hence, an “asshole”. Upon having an internal realization, Dark Helmet inserted a joke about the people he is with at the moment.

Unlike from the profound, inspiring quotes that have transpired through character’s lines, this one quote is full of humor and puns that audiences love, especially those who used to say foul words.

Before you die, there is something you should know about us, Lone Star. I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate. That makes us absolutely nothing – which is what you are about to become.

Dark Helmet

This hilarious line talks about the mind-blowing question of Dark Helmet to Lone Star. However, to come and think of it, it has a personal definition. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter if you’re blood-related or not, what matters is the way you go along with each other’s adventures.

Meanwhile, there are also circumstances that two blood-related individuals couldn’t have the heart to treat each other as a family due to pride and unacceptance of things that broke them apart. With that, this line can be relatable, at some point, to folks who experienced struggling in finding a deeper connection and relationships.

No, no, no, light speed is too slow! Yes, we’re gonna have to go right to … ludicrous speed! What’s the matter Colonel Sandurz? Chicken?

Dark Helmet

The comical line between Colonel Sandurz and Dark Helmet served as one of the heaviest pun jokes ever made. At first, they talked about refining the speed of their ship through the light speed technique.

But then, Dark Helmet asserted that light speed is too slow and that they should go to ludicrous speed. The joke dropped in the last line referring to KFC’s Colonel Sanders. Note that KFC is prevalent in terms of the best chicken in town.

Supposedly, the Spaceballs movie is a mimic of Star Wars movie, but the mention of the said individual in the industry made it funnier.

I’m a Mog – half-man, half-dog. I’m my own best friend.


When Princess Vespa asked Barf what he is, he stated that he’s a Mog, which is a half-man and half-dog. It was supposed to be a joke, but to animal lovers, especially the dog parents, it’s a relatable line to remember.

Dog parents never wished their dog to be a part of their family. It became some natural happenings because these outstanding canines are beyond lovable and loyal. In conclusion, dogs can fill the holes of your dark heart and make it bright again. Besides, Barf is right. A dog is a man’s best friend.

Lord Helmet! You’re needed on the bridge, sir! I didn’t see anything sir. I didn’t see you playing with your dolls again.

Colonel Sandurz

This line probably broke the walls of misogynistic and sexist mindsets. Straight men told themselves that superior men play with guns and other violence-related toys that the moment they spot you being soft or glancing at some girly kinds of stuff, you are already too gay for them. Due to that, homophobia rises and happens all around the world.

What we should know is that your interest and preference will not dictate your quality as a human. You can be born with male genitalia and still love girl’s toys and vice-versa. Furthermore, society taught us that true men never cry or show soft emotions. That belief system is nothing but a socially constructed criticism that destroys a human being’s emotional and mental views.

Besides, what’s wrong with being gay? It just shows that you may not be a true man as they think you are, but you are one rare and genuine human being, and no name-calling can make you less.

Who knows? God willing, we’ll all meet again in Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money.


What fueled fans to think that there’s a sequel is due to the line from Lone Starr and Yoghurt. The tease made viewers think part two is in the making. To surface definitions, that’s what it means, but there are also hidden meaning behind the dialogue.

The mention of the Supreme Being we call “God” is enough indication that everything is according to his plan. We have no precise idea if things are going to happen in life but what we know is someone out there already has it planned from the start to the beginning.

Now, you may not be a religious person, but you cannot evade the possibility of the truthfulness “fate” holds. The truth is, there’s no reassurance that things are going to take place, but if it did or not, the aftermath is still yours to decide. Every decision is yours to make; someone up there just works everything for it to happen.

Who knows? I don’t know where I’m from. I was found on the doorstep of a monastery. Where, you say? Somewhere in the Ford Galaxy.

Lone Starr

Most of the audience would find it empty from meaningful definitions because it was only the uncertainty of origin that makes it funny, and a few puns joke as well.

However, if you’re going to relate it with life, it’s going to be one relatable line. The lack of confidence people gets when someone asks them their place of origin is not a funny recall of memory, especially when the past gave off a horrendous trip. For instance, would you laugh when an orphan wouldn’t know how to answer simple questions like “Who are your parents”?

The cruelty of the world is not because of the universe itself. But because of people who live in it. Human beings are the most advanced and unique living things, and if you aren’t ready to have one, then you should take the path of responsibility and discipline.

Please, please, don’t make a fuss. I’m just plain Yogurt.


The simple statement of plain seems to be a low-quality description of a human. Yogurt adding a “just” to the line is an indication that plain janes cannot be an acceptance in the world of fame and extravagance. But what we need to understand is that diversity is a real thing, and even animals use it, so why can’t we?

The thought of someone taking the spotlight scares some individuals, which is why as much as possible, they refuse to blend in with unique people. Instead, they go along with the same unoriginal folks. Another socially constructed thought is the race to the top, which should not exist in the first place.

We are born and made equally with the same senses and features. Though it is nice to have a remarkable feature that should not mean that you will take it as an advantage to overstep someone’s quality by doing horrendous acts such as jealousy and avenging. Life will treat us differently, and it expects us to react distinctively, as well. It is not a reason to degrade someone’s being.

Well? Did it work? Where’s the King? Great. Now we can take every last breath of fresh air from planet Druidia. What’s the combination? 12345? That’s amazing! I’ve got the same combination on my luggage! Prepare Spaceball 1 for immediate departure! And change the combination on my luggage!

President Skroob

Here in this line, we can see that President Skroob unintentionally made the same password combination on his luggage and on what they’re working on at that moment. Upon realizing it, he quickly told Dark Helmet to change his luggage’s combination.

In life, we serve different purposes and thumbprints, too. It merely means that we may be in the same world and has the same creator, each of us will end up in a different fate. Our distinct narrative makes us unique yet, worthy dying for where heroes have proved in our history.

Perhaps the originality of being human, a trademark, is what separates us from mammals and other animals. After all, we are the highest form of mammals, and the world expects us to act like it.

Here we go. The short, short version. Do you? Do you? Good! You’re married! Kiss her!


The line discusses the short version of marriage rites where he only asked two-word questions that required three letters and one word, which is “Yes”.

Parallel to challenges in life, the universe will always throw crumbs and shortcuts for us to use so we will no longer have to suffer in a hassling way. There are times that we can still do the stress-free part and wrap it up within hours, but our persistent yearning to find challenges pushes us to find complexities in life. Hence, it will end us up in a new-found knowledge condition where we can become better as we are before.


To answer that question means finding the scriptwriter and director yourself and ask them about it. Although that’s the gist of every movie, though, they may give us something to laugh, cry, be scared about, among other emotions, but the definition behind the storyline will solely depend on us on how we perceive it.

The most natural part is watching, but the trickiest is finding if it gave us a lesson to ponder about or its initial purpose is so we can cry with our popcorns. The truth is, we are already a critic one we set our eyes on it because whether we like it or not, our brain will stimulate ideas and backgrounds that could be due to our experiences or the mere reality of life.

Remember, you can joke about things all you want but never forget the essence of having a voice to vocalize situations that cannot express itself such as the inappropriate concepts about men and women— or other problematic ideas the society is creating.

Most of the people who saw the movie will think it’s a parody, but to observers with keen eyes, it is an eye-opener and somewhat an inspiration. We have to go beyond the line, as always.

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