25 Best Elf Quotes And Elf Movie Quotes Of All-Time

Were you considering yourself of having a true spirit of Christmas as soon as the holiday season arrived? The Elf Movie does the same thing. This movie has iterated the true meaning of the holiday season as very special. Just the way Buddy in the Elf movie has exhibited its enormous confidence in his world and the world he is supposed to live in. He has stood still and kept in believing that people will by time give their hopes up especially in difficult times.

Buddy can perceive what is best on the bottom of his heart no matter what other people think about him. He never takes anything much more emotional as he always sees what’s good in every situation. One good example of that is the way he sees Jovie. He never saw Jovie as a tough lady in New York. But instead, Buddy sees Jovie as a reclusive individual that is very watchful of her heart as she has been being lonely all her life.

Another good example is how Buddy was able to get into Walter’s heart (his biological father) even with his rough attitude with a sunken-up heart made by the stress from his daily work.

As soon as Buddy knew that he was not an elf, he immediately ran towards his true life and tried to find his true father. But unfortunately, his father never believed in him. He was disowned and denied several times. But what is the good thing about Buddy is he never stopped in believing. He never stopped believing about his father, about the girl he fell in love with, his brother from another mother, and the people in New York.

The movie presents that the heart of Christmas is not only by believing in Santa. It is all about how special moments are truly special especially when it comes to loving your family instead of getting exhausted and focused on your daily usual work and stresses in life.

While facing some challenges in your life, one thing that can make a lot of difference is being very grateful to all the people you have known, those people that are very special to you, those people who can give you waves of laughter and happiness, etc.

In this article, we will be talking about 25 Best Elf quotes and Elf movie quotes that you will love and get into the bottom of your heart.

Son of a Nutcracker.


The good thing about the movie Elf is how their swear words have been constructed. They create a new word that seems to be funny for people without using harsh expressions. Buddy has mentioned these words when he was chasing his younger brother from school and they were unfortunately thrown with a lot of snowballs while on their way home by many bully kids.

Nutcracker was Buddy and his elves’ friend’s depiction of their enemy written on their naughty list. But the way their expression has been constructed has even made people laugh instead of being offended.

Bye Buddy, hope you find your dad!

Mr. Narwhal

This is what Mr. Narwhal said, one of the friends of Buddy that has depicted a Monodon Monoceros.

As Buddy realized that he is not part of the elf’s family as he is not an elf and his foster father’s elf has confessed that he is a real human, he decided to leave the elves land and his arctic creature friends and started on his journey finding his true father.

Before sailing to his destination, Mr. Narwhal rose from the edge of the sea and told Buddy his farewell goodbye. The quote portrays a good friend hoping for a safe journey on finding his own identity.

I’m a cotton-headed ninny muggins.


This is another swear word that Buddy has told himself while he was way beyond his quota creating some toys as preparation for the upcoming Christmas.

This expression has shocked his elf friends but in the real world, it is another slang word that is not offensive but is funny. Buddy has told himself to signify that he is no good at everything. He doesn’t do well in his neighborhood.

You’re so pretty, you could be on a Christmas card.


Buddy has mentioned this word to his dad’s secretary when she gave him a cup of coffee. It is one way of Buddy’s positive word but has seemed to be taken negatively.

As Buddy was way new to the human world, his becoming natural appears to be very sarcastic to the human’s perception.

The Christmas card is very special stuff for him and his elf friends. That is why Buddy has mentioned these words to imply that the secretary is very special at that moment.

Santa, I know him!.


These words have come out from Buddy’s mouth as soon as the store manager mentioned that Santa is coming tomorrow. Saying these words imply that he knows Santa and he is very excited to see him.

This may have looked funny for the store manager as he thinks that Buddy is messing around. But Buddy’s endearing heart explained that knowing someone that everyone thinks doesn’t exist gives him a little confidence and faith in his belief.

We elves stick to the four main food groups.


Though Buddy is a real human, he still believes in having a good family that raised him in the elf world. As he was raised and taken care of by elves, the food that he was being served and he eats is what he considers his real food.

This just implies not forgetting what the past has taught you. Not leaving your old habits and that what makes you who you are is just amazing. Buddy mentioned these words when he was enjoying his meal in his new home while his biological father was away.

Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?.


Buddy has mentioned these words when he was in his father’s office and answered the phone as it rang. This is the way how Buddy greeted people which seems to be very strange.

Being new in the realm of the human world makes Buddy very naive and natural. He speaks up from his heart without knowing that he might be irritating someone.

I just like to smile. Smiling’s my favorite.


As Buddy was raised in the elves world, one of their main goals is to inspire people in the holiday season. He was taught of being happy all the time and being grateful for everything. His belief in the true spirit of Christmas is happiness.

This is what is lacking for most of us. We tend to forget and appreciate the little things that can make us all happy. We tend to look at the stress in life instead of being happy at small things that have happened.

Buddy has mentioned these words while his store manager has been very stressed out. This just reminds us that appreciating even little things can give us hope and a true sense of Christmas.

You sit on a throne of lies.


These words have been mentioned by Buddy as he gets too angry at the fake Santa sitting on the throne at the store, pretending to be the real Santa. He got mad as a natural reaction because he knows who the real Santa is.

This just implies to Buddy’s emotional character when one of his dearly loved friends has been used and others pretended to be them. He doesn’t like those who are mean and liars. He doesn’t like the sense of pretension. Being a natural and happy person, Buddy likes people being real.

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.


Buddy mentioned these words first when he initially talked to Jovie. As he was trying to cheer up Jovie, he said that singing from the bottom of your heart can give you true happiness. No matter what your voice is, despite if you know how to sing or not, what can make singing real is by being true.

Singing on your own or singing in front of many people does not make any difference. This just implies that being confident in who you are regardless of who you are in front of is the best thing.

Sorry Buddy, but your dad is on the naughty list.


As his foster father and Santa confessed to who Buddy is, Santa mentioned these words to be genuinely real about his true father’s identity.

If you remember what Buddy responded, he said NOOOO. This just implies he cannot believe that his father belongs to those people who harms their goal.

To make everyone believe in the true spirit of Christmas. Santa felt sorry about the truth. These words just inspire people that whatever the truth is, it must be known and acknowledge as the truth can set you free.

Did you see these toilets they’re ginormous!


As Buddy experienced the feeling of living in the human world, he got very excited and overwhelmed about everything he faces. This is especially when he went to the male’s restroom and saw the toilets.

Buddy has mentioned it to an unknown person in the movie beside his cubicle. These words imply being overwhelmed and excited at everything that life throws at you. One that is real and very true. Buddy cannot believe in what world he is into. He is very surprised.

I can sing. I just chose not to.


These words have been mentioned by Jovie while being cheered up by Buddy. These words imply that Jovie can do it but she just decides on not doing it.

In the world we live in, we sometimes tend to not speak up from our hearts. We tend to be quiet even if there is something that is bothering us. Jovie implies that her decision makes her vulnerable and afraid of what other people will say about her. She was afraid of the fact that she might be judged so she chose to not say or do what her heart says.

He must be a South Pole elf!


Buddy has seen Miles Finch, a very popular writer in the movie that should be helping Buddy’s biological father for the book that must be finished urgently. However, in Buddy’s surprise of how Miles looks like his friend’s elf, he started saying he is an elf.

Miles got mad and got into a fight with Buddy. As soon as Miles walked out, Buddy mentioned these words implying that Miles doesn’t act like his friends. Buddy being very natural but naive said those words out of realizing that Miles is rude and very angry. Miles doesn’t talk and act as his friends do.

I love you! I love you! I love you!


Buddy has been raised far from the human world. He doesn’t know that saying I love you in the human world is a very difficult task especially when it comes to man to man. But as being natural, Buddy mentioned these words several times to his dad.

He says it out of his heart. This just implies that saying I love you is not a very hard thing to do. Saying you love someone that you truly love shows how genuine your heart is and it shows that you do not think of what other people believe.

As long as you say it out of your heart, you are making someone feel special without even realizing it.

So, good news. I saw a dog today.


Buddy mentioned these words out of excitement to tell his brother about what he saw. As Buddy lived from a world far from what he is living as he moved to the human world, telling his brother about everything he experiences even small things makes Buddy a natural guy with a happy heart and genuine motive.

He doesn’t even know that seeing dogs in the human world is just a simple thing. But as Buddy is a very genuine person he talked about it anyway. These words just imply that even how small things could be or how big your experiences in life are, telling it to someone that means so much to you seems to be very positive and amazing.

You stink. You smell like beef and cheese. You don’t smell like Santa.


With Buddy’s anger against the fake Santa, he even elaborated on him being fake by saying these words. As he knows Santa personally, these words imply that he knows Santa very well even how he smells. These words just explain about taking a stand for someone who you know and who means so much to you.

I passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly-twirly gumdrops, and then I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel.


Buddy has mentioned this word explaining how his travel went from elf’s place to the human world. The way he described the scene is very cute and fun. The words just imply how you can speak from your heart in a nice way even how hard you’ve gone through.

There’s room for everyone on the nice list.


As Buddy is a character in the movie that doesn’t have any place of revenge or anger in his heart, he mentioned these words explaining that whatever you are, whatever you have done, you still have a chance to change. You still are special. You do not need to tell yourself how sorry you are about what you have become. What is important is how you are willing to change and make a difference.

I’m sorry I ruined your lives and crammed eleven cookies into the VCR.


With Buddy’s sadness of being pushed away by his true father when he messed everything up while in the meeting with Miles Finch, he walked his way home and wrote a note on how sorry he was for everything he had done.

The way he structured his message is really cute. This just explains that Buddy also feels sad. He felt sad because the main reason he was in the human world is to be with his father but have gone eventually wrong due to his careless actions.

This place reminds me of Santa’s Workshop. Except it smells like mushrooms and everyone looks like they want to hurt me.


Buddy mentioned these words in his desire to explain that he has been in the same place but just a little different the way it smells and the way others look at him.

While being naughty in his father’s office, he was sent to the mailroom to get rid of him. However, being Buddy as a natural person, the way he talks seems to be fun instead of offending. He explained himself in positive words that people don’t get angry at.

The world’s best coffee.


Buddy mentioned these words complementing the entire crew in the coffee shop. He saw the sign and said it out loud to bring positive vibes.

He is an angry elf.


Buddy mentioned these words when he made Miles Finch angry without even knowing that he is pissed off. These words are somehow a little funny and cute on how Buddy pissed Miles off even more.

This is a crappy coffee


As Buddy has been served sugar all his life, tasting the coffee given by his father’s secretary seems a little off. These words just imply having something you haven’t been used to. It just doesn’t feel right of experiencing something that you haven’t felt before.

Does somebody need a hug?


Buddy mentioned these words out of inspiration and happiness. He wants to know if anyone needs to be inspired or cheered up.

In the world we live in, sometimes we do not know what someone is going through. Understanding that not everything is perfect but you still believe in making a difference truly makes a lot of difference.

Final Thoughts

The movie Elf is another Christmas-inspired movie that includes great humor and sense. It not only gives great inspiration to many who don’t believe in the spirit of the holiday season but it also gives confidence to everyone that being happy and making someone special truly means a lot.

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