How to Write a Thank You Letter to Teacher (With Quotes)

Teachers play an essential role in how we grow up as kids. They are treated as second parents while we are at school. Parents know how teachers have made sacrifices on their behalf just to instill good manners and help us become better people. If you find yourself appreciative of what teachers have done for your life or if you find yourself thinking about how your teacher has affected your life years after graduating from school, this is the right time for you to write a proper thank you letter to them.

While putting down a simple note saying thank you might be the best way to show your appreciation for your favorite teacher, there are still a lot of interesting ways for you to come up with the best thank you letter. A card or a note is one of the most underrated ways to show your thanks. Once you have it, you can start with the steps below:

1. Keep in mind that you will be professionally addressing your teacher; hence you will need to know their proper name and how they would like to be called. Some would like to be addressed as Mrs while others would rather prefer with Ms. or Mr. and sometimes Ma’am or Sir.

2. List down the things that your teacher has done that you are appreciative of. It could be the way he or she has helped you understand a difficult subject or simply greeted you on a very bad day. Don’t worry about writing the entire sentences. Write down all the things that come to your mind, and you can edit them later on.

If you are a parent who would like to send a thank you letter to the teacher of your child, you can also note how gracious you are with the way the teacher has taught your child and has since been improving even out of school. Cite some instances that your child has mentioned that he or she learned it from school or the specific teacher.

3. Think of a memorable experience that you have while you are in your teacher’s class. It can be during a presentation or a lesson with your classmates that have retained with you throughout the year. For those who want to send a lovely thank you letter for past teachers, this will help them jog their memories and will surely appreciate the times that they have been with you in class.

As a parent, you can also send a thank you letter to the teacher by sharing your memory with the teacher that has brought great experiences to you and your child.

4. Another great item you can add if you can still remember them are the words of wisdom that your teacher has said that is instilled in you and that you have followed throughout the time in your class. Teachers will surely appreciate that you have been listening to them intently on the things that they are teaching you both in and out of school.

For adults who have long since graduated from school and would love to send a thank you letter to their teacher, this method would somehow make a large impact on their lives as they have dedicated their time and effort into making sure that you learn at school. Being appreciative of the teacher even years after school would still bring tears to your teacher.

5. List down all the things that are great about your teacher. There are certain qualities in a teacher that would stand out the most. By highlighting these characteristics, teachers are motivated to do more with their job.

6. Close your letter by using closing remarks such as Sincerely or Best Regards.

7. Edit your letter. You can also decide if you want to write down your letter in a formal paper, or you can type your letter and then have it printed out. Make sure that you have edited your words properly and that they are clear and concise.

8. Add a few embellishments. Some would like to go as far as sending flowers along with the thank you letter to their teacher. Make sure you also leave a good impression by either adding a few accessories to make sure your take on thanking your teacher is also special.

But why write a thank you letter to them? Teachers work long hours, and most of the time, they extend their working hours at school and bring their workload at home just so we can have the proper learning tools for tomorrow’s class. Teachers have always been known to be selfless and care for how we get to learn in school. With this sacrifice alone, it is worth writing a simple thank you letter to them.

Saying thank you might seem too simple for them, but letting them know that they are appreciated makes a big difference in their lives. While giving them a call is the easiest way to tell them about your thoughts, writing them down in a thank you letter shows your effort to put down to words how appreciative you are to them.

Here are some famous quotes for teachers

1. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. You made your classes so much fun!

Teachers are always thinking of different ways to keep the class exciting and a fun learning experience for the students. Not everyone can appreciate the effort that each teacher does just to make us all smile in class. This quote serves a good reminder of appreciation of the struggles they bring to make the class fun while we learn.

2. Dear Teacher, I may forget what you said, but I’ll never forget how you made me feel.

While teachers do help us understand the standard concepts about science and mathematics, what makes a teacher truly special is how they are able to make us feel that we are all unique in our own little way. By noticing how special we are, it is also time to give it back to the people who made us feel better.

3. Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero to me.

As parents, we often forget that we hand over our children to the teacher’s care for most of the day at school. Teachers hone children and help them become good people. It is also time for parents to show some love for teachers who have done an excellent job with the kids.

4. Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

John C. Maxwell

Teachers are also human beings who have emotions, and with that emotion, they do have that level of sincerity in taking care of us while we were young or for our children while they are at school. It is human interaction and cares for our children that makes teachers the best people in the world.

5. Not every teacher deserves to be called on because that title is reserved for great ones like you. Thank you.

Teaching is one of the most selfless professions in the world, and not everyone can be great at teaching. However, teachers who have dedicated their lives in molding young minds deserve the love and praise that they themselves show upon us.

Final Thoughts

There are also other alternative ways to say thank you to your teacher along with your thank you letter. You can surprise them with their favorite food or candy. Give them a gift card. Or even as simple as greeting them on their birthday at school and tell them you appreciate the things they have done is merely enough to warm their hearts.

Even if you have already graduated from school, you can still thank your teacher for doing one of the most difficult jobs in the world. You can even gather your former schoolmates and friends to show how much you appreciate your teacher.

Teachers have come and gone to our lives and have shared a part of their lives with us. They have always been the guardians that provide us with valuable life lessons. While many people have passed by our lives, none are more important and have made a direct impact on our lives as our teachers.

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