The Best Birthday Wishes for Your Prince

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Birthdays of somebody close to you are special occasions which deserve special efforts. Just gifts are not enough for the birthdays of someone special. The best thing to accompany the gift for your prince on their birthday can be a special wish filled with love. Birthday wishes are a perfect way to express your love and care towards the other person, and in this case, the birthday boy. You can give a note with a message to your prince along with a birthday cake or any other gift.

Prince can either be your son, your boyfriend, or anyone close to you whom you love to call prince. He can be a person you admire and love dearly. So we have prepared a list of some birthday wishes for the prince written with love. You can send these birthday wishes to your prince as text messages, write them on a note or a greeting card and give it to them.


Some of the points to follow while sending a perfect birthday wish to your prince are listed below:

  • Try to tell the other person how much you value them through the birthday messages.
  • Everyone loves to be loved and cared for, so make sure that you show how much you care for the person through the birthday wishes.
  • A perfect birthday wish shows your love for the other person and prays for their happiness, so always express love through the birthday wishes.
  • Keep the birthday wishes short and crisp.
  • Accompany the birthday wishes with some cute gifts too.


Some of the things to avoid while picking up birthday wishes for your prince are given below:

  • Avoid sending long paragraphs as birthday wishes to your prince.
  • Do not make it about yourself and give more importance to yourself than the other person in their birthday message.

List of notes and wishes

A list of best birthday wishes and notes for your prince are given below. These wishes are filled with love and are perfect for showing someone how important they are in your life.

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  1. Happy Birthday to my little prince! You are the definition of perfection for me. I hope you continue to grow more perfect and keep inspiring everyone around you. I love you!
  2. Dear son, you are the greatest gift this life has given us. We are thankful for your presence in our lives and we hope your birthday is as special as you are. Happy Birthday, Prince!
  3. Happy Birthday, Son! I wish God blesses you with tons of happiness. As you turn a year older, I hope your life gets better and you become more successful at everything you do. I love you so much, my little prince!
  4. Little princes like you deserve the whole world. But the best thing I’ve got for you today is some birthday kisses and hugs. Happy Birthday, my star! Your mom loves you the most.
  5. Dear Prince Charming, you are a blessing in my life and you have a very special place in my heart. On your special day, I want to wish you loads of happiness and all things good in this world. Happy Birthday, Darling!
  6. Your presence in my life is all I could have asked God for. Looking at you makes me feel grateful every single day. Happy Birthday, Prince! I love you the most!
  7. Happy Birthday, Dear! I love everything about you and my life would have been incomplete without your presence in it. I hope you have a great day, with me of course!
  8. It is not just your special, but mine too. After all, it is my prince’s birthday. Happy birthday, charming! All I have for you is love in my heart. Have a day as lovely as you are.
  9. You have taught me the meaning of love and affection. On this day, I want to give it all back to you by loving you more than ever. Happy Birthday, Dear!
  10. I would not have wanted anyone else at your place. You make my life so much more special and I am forever thankful to God for sending you on this earth and in my life. Happy Birthday to the love of my life.
  11. You have made this day so special by being born today. Let’s celebrate with cakes and cookies. Happy Birthday!
  12. Dear son, you have made us more loving and taught us how to be responsible as parents. We are so thankful to God for sending us the most beautiful present in your form on this day. Happy Birthday!
  13. Happy Birthday, Son! You gave meaning to our lives and made us into loving humans. Thank you for coming into our lives on this day. We love you the most!
  14. Happy Birthday, My Prince! I hope you have a wonderful birthday coz you are an even more wonderful person. I wish God blesses you with tons of happiness, love, and joy.
  15. On this day, 12 years ago, our lives changed forever because you entered our lives. We had no clue that a little human can add so much joy to our lives. We want to make your day as special as you are. Happy Birthday, my little baby!
  16. Happy birthday to my little prince who is not so little anymore. You are growing up so fast and I am unable to keep track of you. Please be a little slow, I want to spend more time with my baby prince.
  17. Happy Birthday to the best son of this world! I am blessed to be your mom. I hope you shine brighter than the stars in the sky and become very successful in your life. I love you the most, my little baby!
  18. Seeing the little kid grow up into a mischievous boy has been a great journey for me. Today, on your birthday, I want to remind you how you have given meaning to my life and made it so much better. Happy Birthday! I love you, my baby boy.
  19. On your day, I want to tell you that in you, I see a reflection of me. But you are better than me and I wouldn’t want it any other way. You are born to conquer the world, my boy. Happy birthday to you!
  20. You are our little price who deserves all the happiness in this world. I wish God always showers you with his blessing and you grow up to be a wonderful human. Happy Birthday!
  21. You are the prince in our little kingdom. You bring so much happiness to our lives and make us thank God for your presence every day. We hope you are blessed with all things good in life. Happy Birthday, our baby!
  22. Let’s start celebrating your day with a big hug and lots of birthday kisses and we will pop it up with some cakes and sweets too. Happy Birthday!
  23. I still remind the day I saw you for the first time and held you in my arms. Looking at you every day still instills the same emotions in me. I love you, my son! Wishing you a very happy birthday!
  24. I might not be a perfect father, but you are a perfect son. I want to wish you a very happy birthday and I hope you get all that you want on this day.
  25. While counting my blessings, I count you twice because you add double the happiness to my life. Happy Birthday baby boy!
  26. I wish you a life that is so full of happiness that you have no time to worry about anything. Have a great day and life ahead, my son. Happy Birthday!
  27. You have added so many colors to my life. Happy birthday to my box of crayons!
  28. Happy birthday! I wish you grow up to become a smart, intelligent, and wonderful man. I will always love you as I did on the first day I saw you.
  29. You are an extraordinary baby and I want to tell you that you make me proud every single day of my life. Happy Birthday! May you continue being amazing.
  30. On your special day, we want to remind you how proud we are to be your parents. You have made our lives 1000 times better than it was. We wish you continue to fill everyone’s life with love and happiness. Happy Birthday! Have a great day!
  31. Happy birthday to my prince charming! You made falling in love so easy and effortless for me. I wish we stay together forever and continue adding value to each other’s life. I love you, my prince!
  32. Dear son, I wish God gives you my share of happiness and gives all your worries to me. I want nothing but the best for you. Happy Birthday, Prince!

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