The Best Birthday Wishes for Your Soulmate

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A soulmate is someone you have a deep connection with. Soulmates do not necessarily have to be someone you are romantically related to. They can be your best friend, sister, family, or anyone else too. The connection between soulmates is a connection of minds filled with mutual respect and unconditional love. According to the American writer Richard Bach, “A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are.”

Their birthday is as special as they are and their special day calls for a great celebration too. It is the perfect day to express your love and respect for them. A great way to express your love is by sending them cute birthday wishes filled with love. We have sorted this part for you by compiling a list of the best birthday wishes. You can write these birthday wishes on a greeting card, put them on a note accompanying a cute gift, or send them as messages to your soulmate.


A few points to always keep in mind while wishing your soulmate on their birthday are given below:

  • Express your love through your birthday wishes.
  • Show how much you care for your soulmate through the birthday wishes.
  • Make sure your wish is enough to let the other person know how much they mean to you.
  • Modify the messages according to the preferences of your soulmate.


Some things to avoid while wishing your soulmate are listed below:

  • Do not make the wish about yourself. Remember that it is someone else’s birthday and keep the wish about them.
  • Do not make the message too cheesy if your soulmate doesn’t like such messages.

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List of notes and wishes

A list of the best birthday wishes for soulmates is given below. You can choose any birthday wishes from this list to send to your soulmate or twist these a little to suit your requirements.

  1. One thing I want to give you on your birthday is a huge box filled with all my love because you deserve it, my friend. Happy Birthday!
  2. You are sweeter than the birthday cake, cuter than a baby panda, and more lovable than anyone else is. Happy Birthday, my love!
  3. Happy Birthday, Soulmate! I hope this day and the rest of your life be as amazing as you are.
  4. Happy Birthday to the most special person in my life. I am so grateful to God for this day as you were born today. I love you and will continue to do that forever.
  5. You are the nicest person I have ever met. I hope you achieve all heights of success and God gives you everything you ask for. Happy Birthday, best friend!
  6. I am so glad you came into this world and even more glad that you became a part of my little world. Happy Birthday to the most important person in my life!
  7. You are an angel that was sent by God on the earth today to do wonders to people. And I am sure you have been fulfilling your purpose since the day you came here. Happy Birthday to my angel!
  8. Happy Birthday to my best friend and my soulmate. On this day, I wish for your happiness and pray to God to fill up your life with immense love and joy. Have a great day!
  9. Happy Birthday, Darling! Spending this day holding you in my arms is my definition of a perfect day. Can I also get to spend all your upcoming birthdays in the same way?
  10. Happy Birthday to the love of my life! May you live for a day more than I do so that I do not have to spend a moment without you.
  11. Today marks the anniversary of the day when the most amazing human came to this world. I am so grateful for your existence my dear. Happy Birthday!
  12. Happy Birthday, love! I do not mind falling as I know you will always be there to catch me. I love you, today and forever.
  13. Happy Birthday, Gorgeous! I hope you become more beautiful as you grow old and continue to spread love in this world.
  14. You are the greatest treasure I have ever got and I cherish you the most. Thank you for being you. Happy Birthday, I love you!
  15. Happy Birthday, my lovely soulmate! Out of thousands of people I have met in my lifetime, only you have touched my heart. I love you with all my heart.
  16. Your smile is the most beautiful one I have ever seen. You brighten my world like no one else. Happy Birthday, Darling! Have a great day, with me by your side.
  17. You have become a year older today. But you look younger than ever. I have never seen someone age so gracefully. Happy Birthday, Gorgeous! Keep spreading your sass around.
  18. You are much more than a friend to me. You are my soulmate. Looking at you makes me feel we were destined to be together. I’m glad I met you and kept you close. Happy Birthday, Love!
  19. One of the best decisions I have ever taken in life is to hold on to you and you have never made me regret my decision. Happy Birthday, my love!
  20. Happy Birthday to the person who is the source of my happiness. I hope this day becomes the happiest one of your life.
  21. Since the first day I met, I have cherished your presence in my life. I want you to know that your birthday is as special to me as you are. Happy Birthday, best friend!
  22. You are the best sister I could have asked for. From keeping my secrets to coming to my rescue whenever I needed you, you have done it all. I love you and wish you a very Happy Birthday!
  23. On your special day, I want to wish you tons of happiness and a life full of love. Happy Birthday!
  24. You set my heart on fire. I love you every day and my love only keeps growing with each passing day. Happy Birthday!
  25. Happy Birthday, dear friend! May God bless you with all the happiness in this world. You are the person I cannot live without. I love you more than anyone else ever can.
  26. I hope you have a birthday as great as you are. You are the loveliest person I have ever met and I promise to love you forever.
  27. I am blessed to have you as my soulmate. As long as I have you in my life, I do not need anyone else. I hope you have a lovely day. Happy Birthday!
  28. You were not the first person I saw when I came into this world but I want you to be the last person I see before I leave this world. I love you, Happy Birthday!
  29. As you grow a year older, I want to tell you that you are the most beautiful person I have ever met. I have immense respect and love for you in my heart.
  30. On your birthday, I want to tell you that growing old with you is the only dream I have. I wish we get to live this dream together. Happy Birthday, Soulmate!
  31. Love is the greatest thing I have got to give and I want to give all of it to you. Happy Birthday!
  32. Happy Birthday, my star! I hope you shine brighter with each passing day and continue to reach heights of success.
  33. One thing I can promise you on your special day is that you will find me around on all your birthday, no matter what. I am always going to be here for my soulmate. Happy Birthday!
  34. Your smile is even brighter than the sun, moon, and all the stars. I hope it stays like this forever. Happy Birthday!
  35. As you turn a year older, I wish your also increases and you love me more than you did because I definitely do. Happy Birthday, love!
  36. To me, the sparkle in your eyes is greater than that of the stars in the sky. I love you to infinity and beyond. Happy Birthday, my soulmate!
  37. I am forever grateful to God for sending you here. Since the day I have met you, you have become a part of me and my life. Happy Birthday!
  38. You make my life a little more special and a lot easier. Just your presence in my life gives me the sense of satisfaction that nothing else can. Happy Birthday to my soulmate!
  39. I celebrate you every day but today is the day to celebrate you even more coz it’s your birthday! Happy Birthday to my world!

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