The Best Wishes to Share on A Baptism

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Baptism refers to the Christian rite of purification of a persona and their admission to the Christian Church by sprinkling holy water on their forehead. The process of baptism is considered to be a pure and religious one. Usually, young children are baptized when their parents intend to raise their kids within a faith community. At times, an adult chooses to be baptized too, when they want to begin their journey with faith in Christ. Seeing your loved one get baptized and begin the new phase of their religious journey is a very special moment.

The best way to congratulate your loved ones on getting baptized is by sending a greeting card with a message on it. In case of a child getting baptism, you can send baptism wishes to their parents expressing your happiness on the baptism of their child. However, writing a message to congratulate someone on baptism can be a tricky task. So we have come to your rescue with some tips on how to write perfect baptism wishes. In this article, we also have a list of best baptism wishes and messages.

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Some of the things to keep in mind while writing or choosing the perfect baptism wishes for your loved ones are given below:

·        Make sure your baptism wishes are warm and filled with love.

·        Congratulate the person for their baptism with a religious message.

·        Keep the baptism wishes short and crisp.

·        You can praise the person for their decision to on the path of faith.


Some of the things to avoid while writing perfect baptism wishes are given below:

·        Do not include any negative comments in the baptism wishes.

·        Do not write very long messages.

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List of notes and wishes

A list of the best baptism wishes and notes to share with someone on their baptism is given below. You can write these baptism wishes on a greeting card and send them to your loved ones getting baptism.

  1. Congratulations on your baptism! May God bless you with endless love, joy, and blessings.
  2. Congratulations on beginning this new journey with your baptism. I hope you build a strong relationship with God in this journey.
  3. I want to congratulate you as you take an exciting step in your life. I wish you luck on your spiritual journey.
  4. I hope this day marks the beginning of a solid relationship that you form with God. Congratulations on your baptism!
  5. It is an exciting day in your life as your child gets baptized. I hope your baby’s life is filled with God’s blessing, and Congratulations to you too.
  6. As you introduce your baby to the holy process of baptism, we hope he experiences God’s emanating love. We are glad to be a part of this auspicious day and witness the beginning of the spiritual journey of your child.
  7. I feel honored to be a part of this momentous day in your life. I wish your lifelong relationship with God lead to Him watching over you forever. May God always bless you.
  8. Congratulations! On your special day, I wish God always look over you and keep you safe. I hope you cherish this life forever.
  9. Congratulations on your baptism! Your baptism marks a huge step in your spiritual journey and I hope this proves to be great for you.
  10. I am grateful to be a witness to the baptism ceremony of your child. I want to congratulate you and your child for beginning this journey of faith.
  11. May your child be blessed with the love of God and may he enjoy a lifetime of happiness and joy. Congratulations!
  12. Best wishes to your child on this auspicious day. Wishing you all a life full of faith, happiness, and love.
  13. May your child be blessed with God’s grace and may your day be filled with love. Congratulations!
  14. Welcome to the Christian world! May God bless your life with happiness and spirituality. May He bless you with a future filled with great things.
  15. May God guides you throughout this life. I am blessed to be a part of the special day in your journey towards Christianity.
  16. Sending warm wishes to your family on the baby’s baptism. I am grateful that I got a chance to be a part of this meaningful day.
  17. Thanks for letting me a part of your baptism ceremony. I wish your journey towards Christianity is filled with faith and happiness.
  18. We are proud of your decision to baptism. It takes courage to follow your faith and we are glad that you had the courage. Congratulations!
  19. Sending warm wishes to you on your baptism. We hope your upcoming life is filled with God’s blessings. Congratulations!
  20. Congratulations on experiencing this blessed day. Wishing you God’s grace and a life full of faith in Christ.
  21. Warmest wishes on your Christening! Looking forward to spiritual life with you.
  22. Today is such a special day. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your special day. Congratulations on your Baptism!
  23. I pray for the happiness of your family as you get your child baptized. Best wishes.
  24. Congratulations on your baptism! I am so excited about your new journey towards a life full of spirituality.
  25. May this day bring joy and happiness to you and your family. Congratulations on your baby’s baptism.
  26. Sending you best wishes for this exciting step in your life. May your life be blessed with peace and happiness as you take your first step towards Christianity.
  27. May you find everything you are seeking as you turn to Christianity. Congratulations on your baptism. I hope your upcoming life brings happiness to you and your loved ones.
  28. Congratulations on getting baptized! I hope God’s light guides you towards the spiritual path in life and I hope He fills your life with eternal happiness and love.
  29. May the day of baptism and your life ahead be filled with the love and blessing of Christ. I hope you enjoy the exciting journey that life has in hold for you. Congratulations on making this decision!
  30. Congratulations on choosing to follow the path of Jesus. I wish you are blessed with more happiness in life as you start your new journey. Best wishes from your parents.
  31. I hope you become a wise person and follow the path of wisdom of Jesus Christ. Congratulations on choosing Christianity. May Christ bless you with His grace and fill your life with peace.
  32. Congratulations on your baptism! May this day be the solid foundation of your lifelong relationship with God. Best wishes from my family to yours.
  33. Congratulations on this milestone in your spiritual journey. I hope you are guided by God’s light and keep moving ahead in this spiritual journey with faith and love.
  34. It is a big day for your child as he gets baptized today. Sending my love, blessings, happiness, and health to your baby on this momentous day. Congratulations to you and your family!
  35. It is a joyous occasion for you and I am glad to be a part of it. May your life be filled with peace and love as you move ahead. Congratulations!
  36. May this day be the happiest till now and this happiness continues to grow forever. Congratulations on your child’s baptism!
  37. I hope God always watches over you, no matter where you are in life. Congratulations on choosing Christianity and on getting baptized.
  38. Sending you love and blessings on this joyous day. May you live your life with faith and continue to grow as a Christian. Congratulations on your baptism!
  39. Congratulations! Today is a special day and I am glad to be a part of your special day. May God bless you with long-lasting faith and fill your life with happiness and peace.
  40. I hope you are guided towards the light of your faith. Wishing you loads of happiness and love as you choose to live your life as a Christian. Congratulations on this big day.
  41. On this holy occasion, I want to wish your family and your child love and happiness forever. I hope this day brings so many memories that you all cherish for a lifetime. Congratulations on your child’s baptism.
  42. Congratulations on beginning your journey guided by the light of God. I hope you learn what God has planned for you and continue being guided by His grace.
  43. This day brings you under the watchful eyes of Jesus Christ. May He guide you through this life and all your days following today be filled with blessings and love. Congratulations on choosing Christianity!

Congratulations on choosing to live on the path laid by Jesus. I wish this day brings many happy memories to your life and all the following days be filled with happiness.

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