The Best Birthday Wishes for Your Crush

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A crush is someone you adore, like, and admire secretly. They are too special for anyone. So their birthday calls for a special celebration too. It can also be an occasion to impress your crush. Their special day deserves to be made more special by small efforts from your side. A special birthday wish or message can be a great way to express your love.

A small gesture can be enough to make someone feel loved and valued. So do not forget to add a cute gift along with these special birthday wishes to make their day even more special. In this article, we have prepared a list of some sweet and heart-warming birthday wishes written in the universal language of love. Send these birthday wishes to your crush as messages to wish them a Happy Birthday. You can also write these birthday wishes on a greeting card and give them to your crush.


Some important things to keep in mind while wishing your crush a Happy Birthday are given below:

  • Keep the birthday wishes short and crisp.
  • Express your care in the wish as it will make your crush feel valued.
  • Give them hints about your love and what they mean to you.
  • Make sure your birthday wishes make your crush feel special on their special day.
  • Customize these wishes as per your whims and fancies. And make it more suitable for your crush.


Listed below are some things to avoid doing while wishing your crush on their birthday:

  • Do not express your love straight away as it can make them feel overwhelmed.
  • Avoid being overly expressive while wishing them on their birthday.
  • Avoid writing long paragraphs as birthday wishes as they might not read the wish if it’s too long.

List of notes and wishes

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Given below are some cute birthday wishes filled with love that you can send to your crushes.

1.     I wish you a universe of joy and love as you turn a year older, smarter and wiser. Happy Birthday, Dear!

2.     Dear friend, Happy Birthday to you. On this special day, I wish you immense happiness because you make my soul happy.

3.     May you continue to be awesome and spread your awesomeness around. On this special day, I also want to tell you that I have eternal love for you. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

4.     Today is a special day not just for you but for me too. After all, it is the birthday of my forever friend and sweet love. Happy Birthday, Darling.

5.     Happy Birthday, friend! You are a unique creation of God with a pinch of sweetness and a lot of awesomeness. I wish you prosperity, happiness, and love, my dearest friend.

6.     Happy Birthday! I have so much love in my heart that I want to share with you. I hope I get to do that soon. Until then, I wish you so much happiness and prosperity on this day as you turn a year older.

7.     Happy Birthday, Cutie! Today is a special day and it comes just once a year, so enjoy it to the fullest.

8.     You are the brightest star in the sky to me. You are the prettiest flower in the garden to me. Happy birthday to the most special person in my life. I wish you an eternity of happiness and love, my dear.

9.     Happy Birthday, Dearest Friend! I want to tell you that I wouldn’t have anyone other than you as my crush. You are the most special person in this whole wide world.

10. If you ever feel alone, I want you to know that I am here thinking about you. I care for you more than anyone else. Happy birthday to you!

11. I love the way you smile, walk or talk. I simply love everything you do. May I get to share this love with you someday. Happy Birthday to the most special person in my life.

12. Happy birthday to the sweetest woman I have ever met. Just like the sparkle in your eyes, I wish your life also sparkles and you continue to shine forever. Lots of love from your dear friend.

13. Having you as my crush excites me more as you continue to amaze me with your awesomeness every single day. Happy birthday to the best boy in my life.

14. Dear friend, you are my most beautiful dream. I wish you and I become a reality soon. Happy birthday dear!

15. I adore you every day and look up to everything you do. On this day, I want you to know that you are very special to me and I will keep adoring you always. Happy Birthday!

16. My heart is filled with love for you. May yours be filled with love for me too. Happy Birthday!

17. No matter where we are or how busy we are in life, I will always be the first person to wish you on your special day. Happy birthday darling!

18. As the clock strikes 12, I am reminded of one of the most special days in my life and yours too, that is, your birthday. On this day, I want to wish you loads of happiness and love. May you continue being amazing and keep living your life to the fullest.

19. Happy birthday to the cutest person on this earth. The reason that I have a crush on you is your cute smile and a cuter face. You will always be the most special person to me, dear.

20. I admire you for your greatness, strength, and perseverance. As I see you grow up to become a better person with each passing day, I feel great about having a crush on you. After all, who can be a better person than you to have a crush on? Happy Birthday to my most favorite person.

21. Happy birthday! On this day, I am sending lots of hugs, kisses, and wishes to you, my dear friend.

22. On some days you appear like the first ray of sun after a cloudy day. You are like the calm after a cry of joy. Happy birthday my dear friend. May your life be as awesome as you are. And may the day come soon when I can be a more important part of your life.

23. You are the perfect creation of God with the right amount of love, kindness, and more. I wish you notice my love for you someday too. Until then, I will keep adoring you from a distance. Happy Birthday, dear. Have a blast on this special day!

24. On some days, I feel that ours is an impossible love but then I am reminded that hope is all that keeps this world going. So I hope to see a day when I get to call you mine and I hope that day is today. Happy Birthday!

25. You are the work of art, timeless and ageless. On your birthday, I wish you continue to be ageless and remain a perfect piece of art. Happy Birthday!

26. You are the most selfless person I have ever met. As you blow the candles today, make a wish for yourself too. I hope you get all that you want and maybe I am one of that too. Happy Birthday!

27. You are drop-dead gorgeous, my cutie! I wish you a very happy birthday and I wish you continue to be even more gorgeous as time passes.

28. Dear friend, I treat your birthday as an opportunity to give you a big birthday hug. Happy Birthday dear friend.

29. Happy Birthday, Cutie! You give me butterflies and make my heart pounce every time you come in front of me. I wish someday you feel the same for me.

30. You brighten my life like nobody else. My crush for you is no longer a secret, so I want to tell you that you are the most special person in my life today and forever. Happy Birthday to you, my dear!

31. Happy Birthday! I value you and your friendship the most in this life. I wish you become more incredible as each day passes and as you grow a year older. the world needs more incredible people like you.

32. Happy Birthday to my recent obsession, my dear friend, and the love of my life. I hope you have a day as lovely as you are.

33. Happy Birthday, Handsome! It is not a fact unknown that you are my crush. All I have for you is love, my darling. I wish you keep growing and becoming smarter as you grow a year older.

34. Dear Cutie, you are beautiful inside out. I wish you become more beautiful as days pass and as you grow older. You are a synonym of perfection, my darling!

35. Happy Birthday, Sweetie! You are the nicest guy I have ever met and my most favorite person on this earth. Your presence in my life is a blessing I thank God for. I wish you get all the happiness on your birthday and every other day of the year.

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