Birthday Wishes For Your Clients

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Clients are always important for businesses. Sending birthday wishes to your clients is a wonderful way to express how much you care.

It is also a wonderful opportunity to show your gratitude, strengthen your relationship, and move beyond the customary professional relationship.

Businesses often take note of their client’s birthdays but fail to send them appropriate birthday messages. If you are running out of words, here is a list of birthday wishes that are perfect for sending to your clients.

Before you pick any, there are always some dos and don’ts to remember!


  • Happy Birthday wishes are meant to express feelings and are not advertisements. To show warmth and care, it is always better to hide company logos or slogans.
  • Never cross professional boundaries. The trick is to show care but to be within professional limits.
  • Change birthday card designs, wordings and make them as unique as possible.
  • A birthday card, message for a client should always be personalized.
  • Always spell the customer’s name correctly in the birthday message.
  • It’s always better to address them by their first name. That creates an impression of familiarity.
  • Less is more! Keep messages simple and less flowery. Overly ornate language may sound insincere.
  • Always send birthday cards and messages in time. A delayed message loses its importance and gives leaves a poor impression.
  • If possible, always mention your name along with the company’s name. That shows personal effort and adds a much appreciated human touch.
  • Keep your messages original, short, and sweet.


  • Birthday messages should never sound like a tacky advertisement.
  • Try to avoid using the same template for everyone.
  • Similar looking cards seem like a routine handout and lose their importance.
  • It’s better to avoid humor/puns in birthday messages for customers. Unknowingly, if you cross the limits, it may hurt your professional relationship.
  • Vulgar jokes are a total NO! It is not only unprofessional but unexpected and unacceptable.

Here are some examples you could use for wishing your customers on their birthday. There’s always an option to modify and personalize your messages as required.

Birthday wishes from the team

  1. Customers like you are a real treasure. We hope all your dreams come true. Team (Company’s name) wishes you a very Happy Birthday.
  2. You are a fabulous person and it’s always a pleasure to have you as our customer. May your birthday as magnificent as you! The entire (Company’s name) team wishes you a Happy Birthday!
  3. Everyone at (company’s name) wishes you a Happy Birthday. Have a fabulous birthday and a wonderful celebration.
  4. Warmest Birthday wishes for a phenomenal customer. We extend our heartiest congratulations and hope all your dreams come true. Have a marvelous Birthday!
  5. We hope your birthday is wonderful and brings you every opportunity you have ever wished for. Happy Birthday!
  6. It’s your Birthday and all of us from the team (company name) are sending out our heartfelt wishes to you.
  7. Team (company’s name) wishes you the most amazing Birthday ever. Celebrate your special day and have fun!
  8. The entire team (company’s name) wishes you the happiest of Birthdays. May your year be full of good vibes, enjoyment, and smiles.
  9. On your special day, we would like to extend our heartiest wishes to make your day more cheerful. Happy Birthday from the team (company’s name).
  10. Hope your Birthday is marvelous as you are. Happy Birthday to a smart and caring person from team (company’s name).

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Wishes expressing gratitude on birthday

  1. Having you as a client has always been a real pleasure. Wishing you a Happy Birthday and all the best things life has to offer.
  2. May you get success in everything you dream of doing! Our sincerest wishes on your birthday. 
  3. We truly appreciate you as our esteemed customer. We want to make your day special by saying ‘Happy Birthday.’
  4. It’s a delight to have you as our client and to serve you. We take your Birthday as an opportunity to make you feel special. Have a wonderful Birthday.
  5. If you are ready to have a Birthday you deserve, get ready for showers of admiration and tons of gratitude! Wishing you the best Birthday ever!

Simple wishes for clients on their birthday

  1. Wishing you a wonderful Birthday and a great year ahead. From (Company Name)
  2. Warmest Birthday wishes for a wonderful person. May your day be full of happiness, enjoyable moments, and laughter.
  3. Hope your birthday brings you luck, good health, and happiness. To make your day special, we bring your tons of good wishes.
  4. Wishing you all the best today, and forever. Have a great Birthday.
  5. Wishing an extraordinary person a fantastic Birthday and a great year ahead. Happy Birthday and many more to come!
  6. On behalf of the entire company, I extend our warmest Birthday wishes on your special day.
  7. Wishing you a wonderful Birthday that brings you all the happiness you deserve and creates memories to cherish.
  8. Many happy returns of the day (client’s name). May you be showered with life’s best gifts. Happy Birthday!
  9. May this year be the best among all years so far in every walk of life. Wish you good luck, health, and prosperity on your special day. Happy Birthday!
  10. May this Birthday bring you many more successful moments, happiness, and good luck. Happy Birthday!
  11. Working with you has been a great pleasure always. I wish you a fabulous birthday celebration today and good luck always.
  12. Valued customer, it’s a real pleasure to work with you. We wish you best of luck and all the happiness in the world on your Birthday.

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Best birthday messages for clients

  1. In life, birthdays are always special and we never forget to wish special people like you. Happy Birthday!
  2. It has been a pleasure to be associated with you all these years and I would like to extend my special wishes on your Birthday.
  3. Happy Birthday to you from a team that appreciates you the most. (Company’s name).
  4. Congratulations on reaching another milestone. Wishing you a Happy Birthday and hoping you achieve what you dream for.
  5. We have always admired you for being an amazing person and today we send you the heartiest congratulations on your Birthday!
  6. Wishing you a wonderful Birthday, good health, and a year filled with good luck!
  7. We are blessed to have a wonderful client like you. Thank you for being supportive and understanding always. May your Birthday is just as amazing as you are!
  8. You deserve to have the best in life. We wanted to add a sprinkle of joy by saying ‘Happy Birthday!’
  9. Wish you have a Birthday that brings you all the happiness you have ever dreamt of and leaves you smiling always!
  10. Wishing you a beautiful day filled with happy moments and pleasant memories. Happy Birthday!
  11. Wishing you the happiest of Birthdays ever and the greatest of the year ahead.
  12. Wishing a wonderful person a beautiful day. May this Birthday bring you all the joys you ever wished for!
  13. Knowing how wonderful you are, we wish you a year that’s just like you – charming, cheerful, and inspiring! Happy Birthday!
  14. Happy Birthday (name of client). May the year ahead be one filled with happiness, success, and accomplishments.
  15. On your Birthday, wishing you a year filled with promises and success. May all your dreams be fulfilled and goals achieved!
  16. Having you as a client and working with you has always been a wonderful and enjoyable experience. Heartiest wishes on your Birthday to let you know we care.
  17. Working with you has been an opportunity. Sending you the warmest wishes on your Birthday to make your day brighter.
  18. On your big day, we wish you happiness, fortune, and success. Have a great Birthday filled with lovely moments.
  19. (Client’s name) May you find happiness in wherever you do and enjoy the journey of life. But today, relax and enjoy… because it’s your Birthday! Warmest wishes from all of us.
  20. On your special day, we want you to know we consider it a privilege to have you as our client. We hope you have a lovely day full of fun and celebrations!
  21. Wishing the best client in the world Happy Birthday! May you be rewarded with abundance, happiness, and good health forever!
  22. Wishing you the best Birthday ever. You mean a lot to us and have been a pillar of our business. We hope you get success and good luck in everything you do.
  23. We are honored to have you as our client and would like to extend our heartiest wishes on your special day. Have a great Birthday!
  24. Extraordinary personalities like you deserve extraordinary birthday celebrations. Wishing you a memorable Birthday, joy, and good luck on this special occasion.
  25. (Company’s name) takes the opportunity on your Birthday to extend our sincere appreciation and good wishes. Hope you have a terrific Birthday!

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