The Best Birthday Wishes for Your Little Angel

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Daughters are the most beautiful gift of God. Their birthdays are just as special as they are. Your daughter’s birthday calls for some special gifts and greetings too. Finding suitable gifts for your lovely girls is a tough task and so is writing a perfect greeting for them. At times, putting your emotions into words can be very difficult. However, we have simplified this task for you. We have included several simple and lovely birthday wishes for daughters.

If you are looking for some inspiration to express your gratitude and love towards your little angel, then you at the right place. We have a list of some best birthday wishes that you can write on greeting cards or say to your daughters. All the proud parents of amazing daughters must use these birthday wishes to send to their little angels.

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Here are some tips to follow while finding perfect birthday wishes for your little angels:

  • Your daughter would love to be complimented. So try including a compliment in your birthday wishes.
  • Try expressing your love for your little angel in the birthday wishes.
  • Your birthday wishes should include realistic wishes that will make your daughter feel loved and valued.
  • Send these birthday wishes to your daughter at midnight to make them feel more special.


Some things to avoid doing while writing birthday wishes for your little girls are given below:

  • Do not overdo the birthday wishes for your daughter.
  • Do not write or say things that can hurt your daughter in any way.
  • Do not write lies in the greetings, only write what you feel for your daughters in their birthday wishes.

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List of notes and wishes

Given below are some of the best birthday notes or birthday wishes to say to your little angel on her special day. You can write these birthday wishes on greeting cards or send them as messages to your lovely daughters.

1.      Dear Daughter, wishing you a happy, long and adventurous life. May you achieve all the aims that you set for yourself and fulfill all your dreams. Happy Birthday, Angel!

2.      Watching you grow up day by day, year by year is our greatest fortune. On your birthday, I wish you so much love and happiness. Love you always.

3.      My little angel will one day grow up to be a fine lady. Happy birthday to my girl and thanks for making us proud of you each day.

4.      One day I held a little baby in my arms, today that baby girl is 7 years old. I wish you a very happy birthday my little daughter.

5.      Happy birthday, daughter! You are the most beautiful gift of our lives. Thank you for filling up our lives with love and laughter. There has never been a dull day since you were born. We love you!

6.      Dear daughter, watching you grow up to become bigger and wiser every day is the greatest joy of my life. Keep growing to become more beautiful and lovely. Happy Birthday!

7.      Happy birthday to the most beautiful gift of my life. One more year has passed and you have become more beautiful and wiser. Keep growing and glowing. Love you.

8.      Happy birthday to my little doll. Words will never be enough for me to express my love for you. Just know that whatever happens, I will always be your go-to person in life. Love you so much cutie pie.

9.      Having you in my life makes me infinite times richer. Happy birthday my little angel. I love you so much.

10.  Dear Daughter, I wish you a life filled with positivity and satisfaction. May you always find a purpose in your life. Happy birthday, darling!

11.  My dearest daughter, you are my lifelong friend. I wish you so much happiness in life. Happy birthday dear daughter.

12.  Dear angel, you give us a thousand reasons to smile every day. We are so proud to be your parents. Happy birthday, darling.

13.  Happy birthday, daughter! May you find a thousand reasons to smile and always stay happy. You are my star and may you shine brighter each day.

14.  Dear daughter, you are the pride of your mum and dad. We love you today and forever. On your most special day, I wish you all the happiness in this life. Happy birthday, angel!

15.  Happy birthday to my darling daughter! You have touched our lives in so many ways and made us so much happier than we were. I love you so much, my baby girl.

16.  You brighten our lives and we wish your life is full of more brightness and happiness, today and forever. Happy birthday to my little angel.

17.  On your birthday, I pray to God for your life to be filled with greatness and joy. I am overwhelmed with the love you have given me. Always stay happy and keep shining, my star. Happy Birthday!

18.  If you ever feel lonely, remember that your parents love you the most. Happy birthday, angel.

19.  Happy birthday, girl! We wish you a birthday that is as bright as your smile. 

20.  May your day be as incredible, beautiful, and unique as you are. Happy birthday to the angel who has taught me how to love selflessly.

21.  Happy birthday to the loveliest daughter in this world. Sending you loads of hugs and kisses.

22.  Dear daughter, no matter how old you grow up, you will always be my little girl. I will never forget the day I held you in my arms for the first time. Always remember that your father is proud of you. Happy birthday to my grown-up little girl.

23.  Happy birthday to the best daughter in this world. You have made us proud parents by being a wonderful and successful woman. We wish you so much happiness and achievement in life.

24.  Dear angel, if we had an option, we would give all happiness of our lives to you because you are the most important person for us. May God always keep your life filled with happiness and love.

25.  Happy birthday to the most amazing, flawless, and brilliant daughter. You are the most beautiful girl in this world and we wish your day to be as beautiful as you are.

26.  Dear daughter, you are the person we love the most in this life. Every day, you amaze us with your brilliance and on your special day, we wish you all the happiness in the world. Happy birthday, my little girl!

27.  My lifelong wish for you is to become what you want, achieve what you dream, shine bright and be on the top of the world. We love you, birthday girl.

28.  Your positivity amazes us every day. When we think you cannot do anything better, you always prove us wrong. Happy birthday little girl. Keep amazing everyone with your greatness. Love you loads.

29.  My dear daughter, you are like a little flower- beautiful and full of potential to grow bigger and better. I hope you blossom to be a phenomenal person. Happy birthday to the most beautiful tiny flower of my life.

30.  Watching you grow up is such a bitter-sweet experience. We want to hold you and keep watching the little you but growing up is the law of nature. And we are equally excited to see the amazing woman you grow up to be. Always be kind, loving, and compassionate. Happy birthday, girl. We love you loads!

31.  Raising you has taught your mum to give more than I ever have and care more than I ever did. I love you more than I ever thought I could. Happy birthday, angel!

32.  Your smile makes my heart happy. Every single day, I want to do everything to see that smile on your face. Today, on your special day, I would do even more and continue to keep doing it. Happy Birthday, Cutie!

33.  Dear daughter, on the occasion of your birthday, I have filled the kitchen with cakes and muffins. But what is more important is that I want to fill your life with love and happiness. I wish you a very happy birthday, lovely girl!

34.  Happy Birthday Daddy’s Girl, your daddy is proud of you today and forever. Thank you for filling my life with love since the day you came into my life.

35.  You are growing up too fast and I wish I could hold onto your childhood for a little longer. But I am also amazed by the lovely lady you are becoming and I want you to continue being an amazing woman. Happy birthday to my favorite girl. 36.  Happy Birthday, Dearest Daughter! On this day, we want to tell you that being loved by you is the greatest feeling of our lives. You are exceptional, our little girl. We hope your birthday brings all the happiness and you keep your parents making proud of you.

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