Best Birthday Wishes For Twins

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It’s one of the greatest joys of existence to have a partner to live out your days with. And, when you are lucky enough to be born with one, the joy just gets doubled. Twins have inspired curiosity in the world, from the beginning of time. From Apollo/Artemis and Romulus/Remus in Greek mythology to the modern day trendsetters Mary Kate/Ashley Olsen and Dylan/Cole Sprouse, twins have always struck a chord in the popular imagination. While science has debunked many twin myths and popular misconceptions, it is inarguable that a twin bond is like no other.

Things to keep in mind while sending birthday wishes for twins

  • Make sure that your words are genuine and not generic.
  • Always accompany a note of birthday wishes with a thoughtful gift. Since you are sending birthday wishes for twins, it’s only appropriate to send two gifts perfectly tailored to their individual personalities.
  • One way to ensure your words ring true is by doing your research and searching your memories. Make sure your wishes are based on facts and include funny or moving details from real life. Maybe make a comment on the twins’ disparate personalities or make reference to a time when the twins stuck up for each other.
  • Every twin knows the challenge of being perceived as one person rather than two unique personalities. And a birthday is the one time when you want all eyes on you. In your note, do take care to make special mention of each twin individually and acknowledge their distinct role in your life.
  • A handwritten note always makes a bigger impact than a cookie-cutter typed note. If you can, do consider writing a note by hand. A beautifully penned note of birthday wishes also acts as a great keepsake.

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Things to avoid while sending birthday wishes for twins

  • Avoid any mention of strife or conflict in your note of birthday wishes. The tone of a note of birthday wishes should be upbeat and light. Save the more serious feelings for a letter.
  • Avoid writing a very long note of birthday wishes. It is likely that an extremely long note will remain unread. If you have a longer story or more heartfelt feelings to share, a letter is the more appropriate medium.
  • Avoid repeating yourself when penning your note of birthday wishes. Birthday wishes don’t need to be long or contain flowery language to make an impact.
  • Avoid platitudes, clichés or overly saccharine language in your note of birthday wishes. Lines like “you are lucky to have a soulmate for life” or “you are two peas in a pod” make you sound insincere. If you must use such lines, couple them with real examples.
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes, over use of emojis and illegible handwriting in your note of birthday wishes. All these show a lack of care and make the note appear rushed.

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We have made it easy for you by putting together a list of the best birthday wishes for twins. Whether you are a parent, family member or childhood friend, we have a wish that will inspire ideas for your very own note of birthday wishes. Enjoy browsing.

  1. Happy birthday to the cutest two people I know. Hope you guys know how special it is to have a partner in life. Here’s wishing you both a lifetime of fun twin adventures. Lots of love.
  2. Happy birthday my favorite partners in crime. I love how you can make each other laugh the hardest, hug the tightest and support the strongest. Wishing you both individually and together all the success, joy and fulfillment in life. Keep looking out for each other always and forever.
  3. Happy birthday you sweet girls. I am so lucky to have witnessed you guys be each other’s strongest cheerleaders and gentlest critics since childhood. It’s a bond in a million that you have. Always nurture it. Wishing you infinite love and all the success.
  4. Happy birthday you beautiful girls. Here’s wishing your twin bond remains forever strong.
  5. Happy birthday my twin babies. So glad that you have each other to lean on for life. Daddy and I are so lucky that we have two of the most unique, kind and loving girls to call our own.
  6. Happy birthday you little bundles of sunshine. You two bring twice the fun, twice the crazy and twice the love to every gathering. Wishing my uniquely special girls a lifetime of joy. Hope you always remain this close and this supportive of each other.
  7. Happy birthday my favorite twin souls. No two people this different can be this close- but you guys make it look so easy. Here’s wishing your bond becomes even more unbreakable in the years to come.
  8. Happy birthday my favorite twin boys. It’s been such a privilege watching you be each other’s rock over the years. Wishing you a lifetime of crazy adventures.
  9. Happy birthday boys. From cradle to grave they say. Could have said this about my favorite twin brothers. Through thick and thin, through strife and success, you have looked out for each other. Here’s wishing you both a lifetime of closeness and happy memories.
  10. Happy birthday you lovely girls. I have never seen two people fight as hard and love as strong as you two. You have a bond in a million. Wishing you many more years of picking each other up, dusting each other off and supporting each other through everything.
  11. Happy birthday to the luckiest girls in the world. What absolute serendipity to be born with a built-in friend for life. Wishing my favorite soul sisters and twin cuties a lifetime of fun, frolic and abundant success.
  12. Happy birthday to you, my two beautiful boys. From the time you were in my belly to now, you have only doubled the joy in our life. Can’t believe my little babies are now tall, strapping, capable men. Always look out for each other and treasure your bond. Here’s wishing you a lifetime of closeness and adventures.
  13. Happy birthday to you, my two kind and loving daughters. You have always made us so proud. From fighting over clothes to helping each other with homework. From dressing the same to become the unique fashionistas you are, it’s been a pleasure watching you both grow into unique, capable, smart and successful women. Here’s wishing my twin babies a lifetime of closeness. Hope your bond only becomes stronger with the years.
  14. Happy birthday to the coolest twins I know. You guys make sisterhood look so easy and enviable. Here’s wishing you a lifetime of driving each other crazy and then loving each other endlessly.
  15. Happy birthday beautiful girls. You are so lucky to be born with built-in soulmates. Its been such fun watching you speak in your own unique twin language, share secrets and keep each other thoroughly entertained. Here’s hoping your bond always remains this rock solid and crack proof forever.
  16. Happy birthday to the two people who make every day feel like a party. My favorite twins always make me want to have a sister in arms too. Here’s wishing you both a lifetime of successes, endless abundance and a bond that survives through it all.
  17. Happy birthday boys. From twinning in matching bow ties to wrestling each other over dinner, from competing at sports to helping each other with school, you both make brotherhood look so appealing. Here’s hoping you always have each other’s back and remain this close.
  18. Happy birthday to my messy, funny, entertaining little girls. You drove Daddy and I crazy since the day you were born. But you also made us equally proud from day one. It’s been so fun watching you develop into the unique, talented and intelligent young women you are. Here’s wishing my little twin babies always keep each other strong and supported.
  19. Happy birthday ladies. It’s been so fun being your friend and watching the pair of you grow into these wonderfully elegant, intelligent creatures. It makes me want to have a twin too. Here’s hoping you always have a friend and cheerleader in each other.
  20. Happy birthday boys. You guys always bring out the best in each other. Here’s hoping you continue to inspire each other, love each other and support each other for years to come.
  21. Happy birthday boys. There’s nothing greater than knowing there is someone watching over you forever. It’s been such a pleasure watching my twin grandkids grow into strong, loving and intelligent young men. You both have something unique to offer to the world. As you get out into the world on your own independent paths, never forget to nurture your bond and support each other through everything.
  22. Happy birthday to the happiest little girls I know. Hope your twin sense keep each the other safe and protected forever. Love knowing that you both have a best friend for life. Always preserve your bond and be kind to each other.
  23. Happy birthday beautiful darlings. Wherever you go, you both capture the light. From watching you both share clothes as little tots to now watching you share troubles and advice, it’s been such a pleasure. Wishing you the best that the world has to offer and a lifetime of shared memories.
  24. Happy birthday to the kindest, loveliest sisters I know. I can’t believe you are eighteen now and ready to embark on a brave new world. I sleep easy knowing my twin babies have each other to lean on for life. Lots of love from the luckiest mother in the world.
  25. Happy birthday to my favorite boys. You both have always been the perfect example of what rock solid brotherhood looks like. On your 21st birthday, wishing you both, all the best for adult life. Here’s wishing all your individual dreams come true and through it all, you have each other’s support forever.

Happy birthday to the prettiest baby girls I know. Can’t believe you are 10. On this special milestone, praying my favorite twin nieces grow into strong, supportive young girls. Always have each other’s back and never let the other fall or fail. Lots of love from your super proud Auntie.

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