Best Confirmation Wishes For Your Dear Ones

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In Christian and many other related denominations, a confirmation is a ceremony that completes or confirms the process set into motion during baptism. It is a symbol of full commitment to the church and its teachings. The beautiful ceremony carries great meaning to the disciples of the religion and friendly and family members are often present to witness this coming of age of the individual. If you are a friend or family member attending a confirmation ceremony, it would be appropriate to write a note of wishes for the confirmands. A note expressing your happiness for the momentous occasion would be greatly appreciated and carries even greater meaning if you are a disciple of the faith yourself.

Consider mentioning your own experience with the faith and church and your hopes for the confirmand’s relationship with God and future with the church. Also consider accompanying a note of “confirmation wishes” with a small gift symbolic of the faith. It will be a great reminder of your support of the individual’s journey and something they can hold onto forever. Here we have listed some things to keep in mind while sending or penning your note of confirmation wishes.

Things to keep in mind while sending confirmation wishes

·      Make sure that your words are genuine and not generic. Something like a piece of heartfelt advice for the individual as they grow in their faith would be extremely welcome.

·      Always accompany a note of “confirmation wishes” with a small gift as a token of your appreciation. The gift doesn’t need to be extravagant. But do try to make it meaningful by choosing something that connects to the person’s faith. Something like an ornamental wooden cross or a simple piece of jewelry with a cross engraved could be good options.

·      One way to ensure your words ring true is by doing your research. Make sure your compliments are based on facts. For example, your note of “confirmation wishes” can make reference to the devotion you have witnessed the subject putting in towards their faith. The idea is to make the wishes seem real and not contrived or copy pasted.

·      Everyone knows how hard it is to remain committed to one’s faith in these times of temptation and greed. A confirmation is a testament to an individual’s dedication to God, against all odds and distractions. In your note of “confirmation wishes”, you can consider acknowledging your appreciation of their hard work and the optimism you feel for their future.

·      A handwritten note always makes a bigger impact than a cookie cutter typed note. If you can, do consider writing a note by hand. A beautifully penned note of “confirmation wishes” also acts as a great keepsake.

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Things to avoid while sending confirmation wishes

·      Avoid focusing too much on negatives in your note of “confirmation wishes”. It spoils the mood and is not in keeping with the occasion. Avoid making too many references to struggles or difficult times. Appreciate the seriousness and significance of the occasion and ensure your words are formal and focused on faith. Avoid frivolity. Light-Hearted jokes are more appropriate for birthday wishes sent to a close friend or a wedding toast, not a note of “confirmation wishes”

·      Avoid writing an overly long note of “confirmation wishes”. It is likely that an extremely long note will remain unread. If you have a longer story or more heartfelt feelings to share, a letter is the more appropriate medium.

·      Avoid repeating yourself when penning your note of “confirmation wishes”. A note doesn’t have to be long to make an impact

·      Avoid platitudes and clichés in your note of “confirmation wishes”. Lines like “God is your savior”, or “Always believe in the glory of God” read as over the top and make you appear insincere. If you must use grandiose lines like “Your faith can move mountains,” accompany them with specific examples of how exactly the individual’s faith has made a change in their lives.

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We have made the process of writing “confirmation wishes” easy for you by putting together a list. Here we have covered confirmation wishes from family, guardians and friends. Enjoy browsing and hope you get some great ideas for crafting your own note of “confirmation wishes”.

1.    There’s nothing more significant in life than an individual’s relationship with his maker. Congratulations on the first step towards a hopefully lifelong journey in the faith. Praying that you always find what are seeking within God and church.

2.    Congratulations on your confirmation. It has been an honor and privilege watching you grow into a capable, kind and devoted follower of the faith. Wishing you relationship with God and church grows even stronger and steadfast with the years.

3.    Wishing you our heartiest congratulations on this momentous occasion. Your commitment to the faith has been extraordinary. I am reminded of my own journey and hope that yours proves just as fruitful.

4.    Congratulations on becoming a full member of the church. Your devotion and faith has not gone unnoticed. Here’s hoping you always find guidance and solace in God and church.

5.    As somebody who has seen your faith be challenged by multiple hardships, it is with such joy that I am witnessing your confirmation ceremony today. Here’s praying that God’s grace carries you through any obstacles that life throws your way and his light be a constant beacon.

6.    You have always made us so thankful for our blessings. Daddy and I are so proud to see our baby girl confirm her devotion to God and church today. Hoping your relationship with God always remains this strong and unwavering.

7.    As you enter this new phase in your relationship with God and church, praying that your faith remains forever unbreakable. You have never let anything shake your beliefs and trust in God and his plan. Hoping he showers his devoted disciple with all the blessings and abundance today and forever.

8.    You have grown into such a kind, loving and strong young woman. It has been a pleasure watching you also grow stronger in your faith. Congratulations on formally entering the church. Your devotion has been extraordinary.

9.    May this day be just the beginning of a lifetime bond with the Almighty. You have proven your devotion over the years. Congratulations on becoming a formal member of the brotherhood, this confirmation day. Wishing you a lifetime of joy, abundance and happiness within and outside the church.

10. He looks out for his strongest and most dedicated soldiers. You have shown your devotion towards your faith year in and year out. Today is a day to celebrate that unwavering bond. Congratulations on your confirmation into the faith.

11. Congratulations of your confirmation. This is a day to mediate over your relationship with God and church. Hope you always find what you are seeking within the faith.

12. Congratulations on crossing this important milestone. You have amazed us all with your devotion God and church over the years. Can’t believe I get to witness my 14-year-old nephew entering the faith. Praying your bond always remains this strong.

13. Congratulations on your confirmation. You have made your family and the community so proud today. It has been such pleasure watching you grow into a strong, devoted and kind young lady. May God always keep you safe and your faith brings you happiness aplenty.

14.  Congratulations on your confirmation, young man. It makes me so proud to watch you be an example for your brother and sister. Your devotion has not gone unnoticed by your mother and I. Praying that you always find recourse for your troubles in God and church.

15. Wishing you our heartiest congratulations on this special occasion. Hope your devotion towards the faith is always rewarded with abundance and grace. Praying you find peace and comfort in God’s arms forever.

16. May you always remain steadfast in your commitment in God and church. And may God forever reward his faithful follower with abundance.

17. Congratulations on your confirmation. Your faith in God is extraordinary. Hope you continue to trust in His plan and be rewarded for your devotion.

18. May you never lose faith that God is watching over you and guiding you. Hope this confirmation day is the beginning of a lifelong commitment to God and church. I know it will be fruitful/

19. This day brings back memories from my own confirmation. Cannot quite believe that my grandson is standing where I was all these years back. Your faith and devotion has touched us so much. Praying that you never faith in His benevolence. He is truly kind and has always blessed our family. Hoping His grace touches you too.

20. You are a great example of staying on the right path against all odds. I know it has not been easy and your faith has been shaken by tragedy many times. But I also know that your parents would be extremely proud of your commitment to God and church. May the confirmation be the beginning of a lifetime of devotion to the Almighty.

21. Congratulations on your confirmation. It is such a pleasure watching you surrender to His will and hand yourself over to His plan. Your devotion has not gone unnoticed. Welcome to the tribe-may your faith in God and church remain forever strong.

22. Congratulations on formally confirming to the faith. This is a special day. Hope you remain committed to the path and remember that God never gives up on his strongest soldiers. You will feel his strength and guidance always.

23. Congratulations on your confirmation. I remember the promises I made to Christ and church on this very day 30 years back. Hope you also remember your vows and remain steadfast in your commitment for years to come.

24. Wishing you all the best as you formally begin your journey with God and church. May God’s will and grace forever shine bright in you and your family. Remember He is within you and around you always.

25. May you hold the love for Christ and church in your heart forever. On this confirmation day, wishing that your faith remains unshaken. And you always feel His presence where ever you go and whatever you do.

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