Sayings to Include in an Anniversary Thank You Note

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Anniversaries are always so special. It gets more special if you have friends and family to celebrate the lovely day with. Sometimes you would want to take a moment and thank them for their wishes and for being a part of your special day. There is no better way to do that than an anniversary thank you note.

The note can be given along with any other gift also. Be it a little hug or a rose, anything would work. A little thank you letter can go miles to help you show your love and gratitude to the people who have always been by your side.

But writing a thank you note can be overwhelming. The sayings given below will help you write a better and more expressive anniversary thank you note. Along with it are given a few Dos and Don’ts to be kept in mind while writing the note.


  • Try to give a little gift along with the note. It can depend on your budget. If you have a big budget, you can give a bottle of wine along with the note. If your budget is modest, you can give a bar of chocolate along with the anniversary thank you note.
  • Write the note in neat and clean handwriting. If you are unsure about that, type it on your laptop and take a printout.
  • Attach a little picture of the party along with the note. It will make the note all the more special.
  • Always write your true feelings. Emotions make a note more special.

Never do or say these things while giving an anniversary thank you note (Don’ts)

  • Do not send the note through a third person. Give the note personally. Or if that is not possible, post it yourself.
  •  Never think that a note is not enough. If you do not have the means to give a gift along with that, avoid it. It should not be a liability. Notes are a happy thing.
  •  Do not expect an instant reply. Different people have different ways of expression. Always remember, gestures are always louder than words.

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List of sayings to include in your anniversary thank you note

#1 Yesterday was an amazing day. Thank you all for being a part of our lovely day and making it lovelier. Thank you for visiting us!

#2 While I am writing this note, I am filled with positivity and happiness. Thank you for being a part of our anniversary celebrations. Your gifts remind us of your love and affection. Thank you for visiting.

#3 We cherish all your warm wishes. I absolutely loved your letter. I love you for remembering that I have a thing for handwritten letters. Thank you for your lovely wishes on our anniversary. We love you.

#4 The stories you shared with us took all of us down memory lane. Thank you for visiting us and being a part of our special day. Your wishes fill me with gratitude. Lots of love!

#5 I am sure that this is not the best way to say ‘Thank You’ but believe me, I am out of words right now. Please accept my heartiest thank you for your lovely wishes and an even lovelier visit. You made our anniversary more special.

#6 You guys puzzle me. Honestly, you have always puzzled me in a pleasant way. How can someone be so considerate and loving? Thank you for being so kind. Thank you for the lovely gift and warm wishes. We both love you. Please keep revisiting.

#7 You have always been so creative and thoughtful with your gifts. I and [Rebecca] were very surprised and even happier to see the painting you gifted us. Thank you for the loveliest gift on our anniversary!

#8 I wish everyone would have friends like you who make every special day more special. I am so touched by your warmth and love. Thank you for your wishes on our anniversary. Always remember, we both love you.

#9 I feel so blessed to have a friend like you who never forgets any special day. You came and brought us a cake. Red Velvet? Did you remember that [Jack] loves it? You are so kind and thoughtful. Thank you for everything!

#10 Thank you for being the host and arranging such a party on our anniversary. I have the best friends in the whole world. I am filled with gratitude right now. Thank you for a lovely anniversary celebration.

#11 I want to write so much to express my love for you, but I am not a great writer like you. The poems and letters you gifted us yesterday made my heart melt like chocolate on a hot day. Thank you for being the best poet ever! And of course, thank you for being a part of our lovely day.

#12 Since childhood, we have faced innumerable hurdles in our life together. You were always there for me, my best friend. You were there yesterday too, on my special day. You know we both love you, right? Thank you for being a part of our celebrations. Your gift will always be close to my heart.

#13 I am so lucky to have such friends who are no less than family to me. Thank you for being a part of our special day. Visit us again soon!

#14 You have always been such a sweetheart! We really appreciate your warm wishes. Thank you for making our anniversary dinner more special with your presence.

#15 We are so touched by your anniversary message. Thank you for sharing the lovely day with us. You made our anniversary really special.

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#16 Thank you for coming home before everybody else and helping me in organizing the party. You are more than a friend to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of our anniversary celebrations.

#17 It was one hell of a surprise for our anniversary. John and I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for making our anniversary more special with your songs.

#18 As a new couple, we are so scared thinking about what the future holds for us. Thank you for being a part of our anniversary party and making us realize that things will be fine. We genuinely, from the bottom of our hearts, would like to thank you for visiting us.

#19 A big hug and thank you for remembering our anniversary. I am so elated with all the heartfelt wishes from you. Thank you!

#20 This note is to thank my best friend who was also my best man 20 years ago today. Thank you for being there always and most of all yesterday. You made our anniversary more pleasant. Thank you and I love you!

#21 We have known each other for decades. Still sometimes you amaze me in the most unexpected ways. Thank you for being the best party planner! Thank you for the best anniversary party ever!

#22 Our anniversary party would have been incomplete and bland without you. Thank you for coming and bringing your whole family along. I loved how [Charlie] played his guitar and sang us a song. Thank you!

#23 We are aware of the fact that the cake and wine are long gone. But we have your special wishes and memories to feast upon. Thank you for the lovely party on our anniversary!

#24 Your letter was so beautiful, and it brought a big smile to our faces. I and [Rebecca] have read it five times since yesterday. Sometimes, we forget that even after 20 years, our anniversary is still special. Thank you for reminding us of that. Thank you for visiting us.

#25 We all lead very busy lives. I am grateful that you took time out of your busy schedule to visit us on our anniversary. Thank you for your wishes. It really mean a lot.

#26 Every marriage requires patience and love. It also needs people that love you, to surround you. You were there yesterday. Thank you for coming to our anniversary celebrations.

#27 Our marriage has been the sweetest ride of our lives. We are so happy to have friends like you who remember our special day. Thank you for your beautiful wishes. Thank you for making our anniversary more special.

#28 Your anniversary wishes brought a big smile to our faces on a day that already started with a smile. Thank you for being a part of our anniversary dinner.

#29 I can’t believe it has been 25 years since I exchanged vows with my husband. Your sentimental anniversary letter took us back to that unforgettable day. Thank you for everything. We love you.

#30 Friends who remember anniversaries are very rare. And you, my friend, are the rarest of the rare. Thank you for your wishes and your gift.

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