Quotes To Include In A Thank You Note To Your Mother-in-law

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Sociability is an instinct that brings mankind together and family happens to take precedence over and above all other connections. The most important thing in the world is the love of family. We might take them for granted but family is the only cushion that comforts us from the hard knocks of life. Over time when the family expands, the importance of extended relationships comes to the fore. You cannot underestimate the value of mothers-in-law in the grand scheme of evolution called life. When you get married, you have to be cordial with your mother-in-law. You do it not only for your husband or wife’s sake but also to not cease communication altogether. Small and heartfelt thank you notes can be a great medium to keep in touch. 

The sample message ideas will give you a template to personalize your own thank you note that shows you care. The sample messages should fit into any situation, be it for something your mother-in-law did or generally. 

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Some things that you can highlight in your thank you note to mother in law (Do’s)

-Her Identity

-Her Values

-Her Support

-Her Love

-Her Attitude

-Her Character

Tips for your thank you note to mother in law

Most mother in laws like to be complimented for their children’s success.

-Mention how the values she instilled make her children better. 

-Any personal event you remember that highlights her grit or character. 

-Mention personality traits that make her most loveable or respected.

Point to avoid mentioning in your thank you note to mother in law (Don’ts)

Don’t mention anything that is upsetting or should be told in person.

-Don’t be robotic. A personalized message is always appreciated.

-Don’t ask for financial support in a message. 

Don’t mention difficulties you are facing in marriage.

-Don’t mention anything bad about your spouse.

Template for a thank you note to mother in law(basic format)

Dear [Mother-in-law’s Name],

Not everyone is blessed to have a great and loving mother-in-law like you. Thank you for raising your children to be responsible human beings. He/She has learned all this from you. (Mention the character traits that you cherish in your spouse). With gratitude, I promise to do my part- to care for your child(husband/wife) and to raise my children to be good human beings like yours.

Thank You

[Your Name]

Note: fill in words in [brackets] as needed for your note.

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Quotes that you can include in your thank you note to your mother in law

-You have been more than a mother in law to me over the years. You have treated me like your own daughter. I am thankful to have you in my life. 

-You are a great mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother. I couldn’t have asked for more from God. I am blessed to have you as my family. 

-I have married into a great family. It is because of how you raised your son that I have a wonderful husband who supports me in my career. Thank you and may God bless you. 

– My life became more wonderful after marriage when I was blessed with you as my mother in law. Thank you for your unconditional love and support. 

– I have developed a strong adoration for courageous women like you. Not only have you raised your children to be good human beings but you have also considered me as your own. Thank you for being a part of my life, mother in law. 

– I am fortunate to have you as my mother in law and to have you as a mother I never had. Thank you for being so magnificently wonderful. 

-Your grandchildren adore you. They have had such a great experience with you around them and so have I. Your commitment is the family is something I admire the most. 

-In spite of living miles away, it feels like you are always near to us. We cannot wait to talk to you whenever we get the chance. It’s like time and distance cannot separate us. I am blessed to have you as my mother in law. 

-Much obliged to have your son as my husband who you raised to be a perfect gentleman. This has made me more appreciative of my relationships and given me a great sense of worth. Thank you for everything. 

-You have been my greatest support. You fill my heart when you call me your own daughter. I couldn’t have asked for more in a marriage. 

-I count myself as extremely fortunate to have you as my mother-in-law. You are the epitome of poise, and I am thankful to have your support from the very first day I got to meet you. 

-I am thankful for the heart-to-heart talks, the way you have always been a friend to me over the years. I am extremely fortunate to be married to a person who happens to come from such a loving and caring family. 

-We always had a special bond. The way you have been a mother when I was expecting, and the way you helped me with my kids when they were growing up. I hold you in the highest regard and have you by my side.

-You can tell a measure of a man by the way he treats his mother. I can see where your son gets his feminine side. This is what made me fall for him in the first place and for that I hold you in the highest regard.

-Thank you for raising a man who does not mind holding my hand, giving me the space I need, and support me in my career. You have made him what he is today and for that I thank you. 

– The boy you raised has become a strong nurturing man. As a dad, he epitomizes caring and compassion. I am sure he is what because of how you raised him. I am thankful to have two lovely people to care for me when I got married in this family. 

-Thank you for making my wedding day memorable. You have been a strong presence in my life since I married into this family. I hope to learn from you and become a better person in the years to come. 

-When I look at your daughter, I see a strong woman, a caring person with a loving heart. It takes a lot to raise an independent woman, and I am thankful to you for being an inspiration to my wife in her formative years.

-Your daughter has always looked up to you as a source of strength. You have been a great mother, and now a mother in law my children can look up to and be better versions of themselves. 

-Without a strong-willed mother like you, there wouldn’t have been a man I could respect the way I cherish your son’s companionship. You have raised a good son and that is something I cannot thank you enough. 

-You have been a very special person in the life of your daughter. Your unconditional love has empowered her to be a woman who is a role-model to others. I am blessed to be a part of your life. 

-I never cease to amaze when I hear the compliments that your son has to say about you. You have shaped his DNA to respect women and consider them as equals. I am thankful that you taught him to support a woman. 

-You are truly one of a kind mother in law who has deeply influenced your son. Thank you for raising the man of my dreams and setting him on the right path in life. 

-No one can deny the strong influx you have on your son. You have set the right example for him while growing up, and he has become a man who is a rarity in this world. Thank you for being there for him. 

-It takes exceptional strength and integrity to raise a man who is not threatened by a woman’s success. I am privileged to have you as my mother in law and thankful to you for raising an empowering man. 

-Your daughter is not only a good wife but a great parent. I can see that you have been a great influence on her while growing up. I admire her family values and my parents are also very appreciative of her. Thank you for raising such a great daughter. 

-I am very lucky to be married to a person who had you as an inspiration while growing up. You have shaped his character, given him the strength to face life, and taught him the values that are so rare in these times. Thank you for raising the kind of man who is loving, caring, and appreciative. 

-Not only did you nurture your son into becoming a good person, but you also been a great mother to me. You have never let me feel like I am not your child, and for that, I will always cherish you. 

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