Best Wishes to Share with A Couple

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Love is a special bond shared by two people. However, this love is celebrated by many people including the friends and family of the couple. Witnessing the love of a couple on special occasions like weddings is an intimate and warm affair. The most important thing to do on such occasions is to give your best wishes to the couple. Wishes and messages for a happy couple should come from the heart. It is important to express your gratitude and best wishes using the right words.

If you are wondering how to do that, then you do not need to worry anymore. We have got a list of some of the best couple wishes that you can share with your favorite couples on any occasion. We have also mentioned some of the steps that can come in handy while writing or choosing the perfect couple wishes.


Some of the tips to follow while writing perfect couple wishes are given below:

·        Through the couple wishes, you should be able to express your love and gratitude.

·        You must express your happiness on the togetherness of the couple.

·        The couple wishes should be written in the language of love.

·        Make sure you express your message clearly and in a concise manner.


Some of the things to avoid doing while writing couple wishes or messages are listed below:

·        Avoid writing any negative comments in the couple wishes.

·        Do not write anything about the disadvantages of love and marriage.

List of Notes and Wishes

Given below are some of the best and heartfelt couple wishes. If you are looking for some warm couple wishes, then you have come to the right place. You need not look any further. Just choose any of the couple wishes from the list and send them to your favorite couple along with a cute gift or a greeting card.

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1.     Wishing you two a long life together. May you always be as happy with each other as you were on your wedding day. Congratulations and lots of love!

2.     Sending love to the best couple in this world. I hope you have a fun-filled future together. May your life be filled with love and happiness, always.

3.     Wishing you a life filled with unending happiness and love. I hope you always find your way to each other. Congratulations on being together!

4.     May your love never perish and you continue to have the most amazing time of your life in each other’s arms.

5.     Sending my blessings and love to the most beautiful couple. May your love grow stronger and you grow fonder of each other as time passes. I hope you two pass the test of time and stay together forever.

6.     I wish your bond last forever and God bless you with a lifetime full of happiness and love. Congratulations on your wedding!

7.     May your love nourish and grow stronger with time. Sending my love and blessings on the big day. Congratulations!

8.     I hope you spend every day of your life together and keep annoying each other forever. May your love become stronger and I wish your life is filled with joy. Best wishes!

9.     Looking at you two makes me realize that true love is there in this world. May you always stay as happy as you are today. Sending my best wishes to the best couple ever.

10. God has made you two for each other and anyone can say this after looking at you. Just the way you look at each other is enough to tell how much you are in love with each other. I hope this love continues forever. Best wishes.

11. I hope your life is filled with surprises and joy. You two make the best couple and I am glad to be a part of your celebrations. God bless you!

12. As a witness to your wedding, I wish your union stays strong and you always stay happy. Heartiest Congratulations!

13. May you find your happiness in each other and may you continue adding value to each other’s life. Congratulations!

14. I hope your life is filled with colors of happiness and joy. May you add more love into each other’s lives and become a source of each other’s happiness. Congratulations on your union!

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15. Many congratulations on tying the knot! I am so glad to be a part of your special day. I hope this day is the beginning of a very beautiful life you get to live together. I am honored to witness this union of two souls.

16. Sending warm wishes to the best couple. May your marriage last till eternity and I hope this journey is full of special adventures and lots of love.

17. Wishing you luck for the days to come. May God bless you with a life full of adventures and keep you together forever. Congratulations!

18. I hope you continue to love and care for each other on all the days to come. May your life be filled with great adventures and you cherish all the special memories you create together.

19. May the memories of love and joy that you share stay fresh forever. Sending my best wishes to both of you and wishing you luck for your new journey.

20. May your married life be blessed by all the powers in the world. I have seen you work hard for being where you are today and I just hope you keep growing from here.

21. You two are a perfect balance of compassion, love, and wit. You complete each other as no one else does. I hope this bond stays like this forever. Congratulations on your special day!

22. Congratulations on getting married to the love of your lives! I hope you create a life full of happiness for yourself and share that. Sending love and blessings!

23. We wish your life is bestowed with blessings from God. Congratulations on your marriage!

24. I have seen you two surpass all the negativity and stand together through all the tests life threw at you. I hope this stays forever. Best wishes to the best couple!

25. May you devote yourself to each other and build a strong family together. I hope your bond lasts forever. Congratulations!

26. I wish your life is filled with generosity, respect, and love for one another. May you continue to complete each other like you always did. Congratulations!

27. Looking at you two reminds me of the love that is there in this world. I am honored to be a part of your special day and witness your love take the form of a lifelong bond. May you have a happy married life!

28. Keep loving each other like you do today and this life will pass without any worries and troubles. Congratulations! Have a happy life ahead!

29. I hope the flame of love between you two ignites every day. May you be blessed with each other’s company for a lifetime.

30. May your life sparkle with the flame of love. Wishing you a beautiful and happy future together!

31. You two deserve all the love in this world and I hope God blesses you with it. May he fill your life with nothing but happiness and joy.

32. You make a cute couple and look so adorable together. I hope this stays forever and you two find your way to each other. Congratulations on your togetherness!

33. May your marriage be filled with a touch of romance and a heap of happiness. Congratulations on taking the best decision of your life!

34. May you succeed at everything in life, your marriage being the first one! I hope God blesses you with unending love and you keep caring for each other as you did forever.

35. Congratulations! May this day be the beginning of a lifetime filled with love and romance. Remember: More the romance, more the happiness, so keep romancing and filling each other’s life with love.

36. I am so honored to be a part of this day. I couldn’t have been happier with your decision to spend your life with each other. Best wishes!

37. Best wishes to my best friends who are madly in love! May your life be enriched with love and happiness.

38. I am so glad that you two found each other and decided to spend your lives together. Your wedding makes me so happy. I have not been this happier since the day I got to know that you are dating. I have been waiting for the announcement of your wedding since then. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

39. You are making memories for a lifetime and I hope you cherish these memories forever. Have a great day and life ahead.

40. I am glad your story had a happily ever after. Sending my best wishes and hoping you get blessed with a lifetime of love and romance.

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