Best Farewell Wishes For A Teacher

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Teachers are a treasure. Good teachers leave a deep impression on the hearts and minds of children that continue to be with them even as adults.

Saying goodbye to a teacher is difficult. Even more so, when the right words for writing farewell wishes don’t come to mind when you need them the most!

The right choice of words matters when you want to bid farewell to your favorite teacher! No worries, here are some handy farewell wishes that can be used as-is or combined with your personal thoughts for a more personalized effect.


·      Be respectful and demonstrate gratitude.

·      Keep it formal but emotional.

·      Have a cheery tone and tell him/her you care.

·      Express your heartfelt thoughts.

·      Keep it simple.


·      Remember, it’s your teacher! Avoid being too personal.

·      No foul, vulgar language, or slang, please! Any note to a teacher should be polite.

·      Avoid using negative words or expressions.

·      Don’t make it too long with too many details.

·      Flowery language may look good but often fail to express the right emotions.

Thoughtful farewell wishes for a teacher

1.   You have been my inspiration and role model in school. My heart breaks to say goodbye to you, teacher. I will miss you always!

2.   Dear teacher, you were the one to encourage me even in the activities where I lacked skills. You always made me feel like ‘I can do it.’ Your support has helped me develop my personality so much. I thank ma’am/sir.

3.    No farewell wishes can compare to your kindness and big heart. You are the best teacher in the world and it’s sad to say goodbye. May God be with you always teacher!

4.   I want to keep it simple by just saying….You will be missed greatly! There’s no teacher in the whole wide world as good as you. I will miss you so much dear teacher.

5.   You are leaving us and I am sad! But, looking at the brighter side, more students like me will get such a great teacher like you. That feels a little better but I am still teary-eyed, teacher. I will miss you!

6.   Your comforting words and wonderful way of making us understand things will be missed greatly, teacher! May good luck be with you and may you touch many other hearts like mine. Farewell teacher!

7.   Dear teacher, I know you are leaving us for a better cause but please remember us as we will always remember you. May you be successful in reaching your goals! Farewell teacher!

8.   I am grateful that I got a teacher like you who is caring, forgiving, focused. I have learned invaluable life lessons from you that I will never forget. Goodbye and all the best for your new beginning teacher.

9.   Goodbye teacher! You will always be special to me because you were the first teacher to leave a mark in my life with your thoughtful ways. I wish you all the best! Goodbye teacher!

10.I have always come to you for guidance whenever I needed it and you have been patient and caring with me. I am sad that you are leaving! Wish you the best things in life teacher. Adieu!

11.Finding teachers like you is rare because you are too kind and caring. It’s difficult to say goodbye to you, sir/ma’am. My best wishes and farewell!

12.It breaks my heart to say goodbye to you teacher because your ways of teaching are so amazing. I will always remember you. Thanks for being so incredible. Farewell!

13.You are the ideal teacher anyone can wish for. It’s a big honor to be your student. My sincere that’s for everything you have taught me. Adios!

14.Your ways of teaching have always been fun and I will miss that when you are gone. That you for introducing me to the fun part of learning lessons. Goodbye teacher!

15.Dear teacher, I remember how you helped me gain confidence and come out of my shell. I will be forever thankful to you teacher. It’s difficult to say goodbye. Good luck to you always!

16.I will miss all your advice, words of wisdom, and guidance, but mostly your fun ways of teaching things. Adieu, teacher!

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Farewell wishes from a class of students

1.   Dear teacher, you are our favorite because you are nice, patient, and caring towards us. We will all miss you so much! Goodbye from all of us.

2.   As a class, none of us wants to leave you but then, we thought another class of pupils deserve to see how wonderful you are! Goodbye, dear teacher.

3.   We have naughty at times and you have always corrected us with your tolerant, patient behavior. We admire you, teacher. Farewell from all of us.

4.   It was our good fortune to get a teacher like you. We admire you and will always remember what you taught us. Goodbye teacher!

5.   Many of us faced difficulties and hard times with our lessons but you were always there to guide us. Dearest teacher, we earnestly thank you for all you have done for us. We will miss you!

6.   Dear teacher, we want to use this opportunity to tell you how much we admire you for your teaching style and patience with even the naughtiest students. We don’t want to say it, but we must say, goodbye!

7.   Bidding farewell to you is the most difficult thing we have done as a class. You are the most remarkable educator on earth. We will miss you greatly. Thank you for everything, sir/ma’am. Goodbye!

8.   You made learning exciting and we always looked forward to your class. Sadly, now that you are leaving, we don’t know how interesting our classes will be. How we wish, you would be our teacher forever! Farewell teacher!

9.   Dear teacher, we know we have been naughty at times and may have misbehaved. Please forgive us for all the wrong things that we have done and remember us for the good things we did in class. We are sad to say goodbye. Farewell!

10.How we hope you would teach us forever because you are the best! We want to tell you how much you mean to us and promise you we would try to be at our best behavior even when you are gone. Goodbye and Farewell teacher!

11.You were the one to teach us teamwork as a class and to be helpful. It’s for you that we are all good friends now. Thank you teacher for helping us learn these valuable things in life. We want to wish you all the best in your venture. Farewell!

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Farewell wishes for a teacher who is retiring

1.   You have been an asset to this school and so many students sir/ma’am. Hope you have a happy retired life. Goodbye!

2.   It’s not easy to be a teacher but you have always excelled in making your students learn what is important. Farewell teacher and happy retirement.

3.   Thank you teacher for nurturing us all through these years with wisdom and knowledge. We are grateful for everything that you have done for us. Happy retirement!

4.   Your exciting classes will be missed greatly, sir/ma’am. You were my favorite teacher and will always be. Happy retirement and goodbye!

5.   With a heavy heart I say goodbye to you today teacher as you go on retirement. You were always the best teacher on earth for me and I can never imagine anyone better than you. Goodbye!

6.   You make a remarkable impact in the lives of many students and I am sure one of them. I hope I can make you proud one day with the values I’ve learned from you. Hope you have an excellent retired life. Farewell teacher!

7.   Saying goodbye is the most difficult thing and I understand that now when I have to say goodbye to my favorite teacher ever! Happy retirement sir/ma’am. Goodbye!

8.   I have learned the importance of honesty, handwork, and punctuality from you. You were a hard taskmaster but a great one sir/ma’am. Good wishes on your retirement! Farewell teacher!

9.   Sir/ma’am, you have always been a role model and a true inspiration for me. All you ever wanted was the best for your students. Hope we can make you proud one day! Farewell and happy retirement!

10.You always tried to show us the right path when we got disoriented and advised us well. We will miss your guidance and wisdom in our lives now that you are retiring. Best wishes and farewell teacher!

11.You have always worked hard so that we could learn in the best possible ways. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and dedication to making our lives better. Happy retirement teacher!

12.It’s difficult to say goodbye to the teacher you admire the most. But, I guess you need to relax and enjoy life after helping so many students achieve success. My heartiest farewell wishes on your retirement.

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