Thank You Quotes For Your Dance Teacher

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Some dance to impress, but it should be done to express. Dancing is an art, a performing form of art that includes fluid movements of your body. Its definition doesn’t stop at that though. Dance has a lot of aesthetic and symbolic values- it involves loads of emotions and your heart gets the primary importance here over your brain most of the time.

Moving your body to running music is fine, but if it is done in a structured manner, the result is always satisfying. And, this is where a dance teacher comes in. She or he is that guide responsible for calming your mind, stopping your heart from beating faster and making your body relax through a dance. Don’t you think that gentle soul deserves a vociferous “Thank You”? Then, why not send your dance teacher thank you quotes?

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Do’s while writing the note

Before sending a note, type “dance teacher thank you quotes,” on Google or whatever search engine you use. Read the ones that come up. To make dance teacher thank you quotes an impressive one, jot down these points:

  • If a lot of travel is involved from his/her side, acknowledge that
  • Mention the variety of moves your dance teacher has taught you
  • Always give priority to your dance teacher and not yourself while writing the note
  • Share how dancing has improved your life and relationships
  • Tell about recommendations.

Don’ts while writing the note

When you are expressing gratitude towards him/her, make sure you don’t sound rude or rough in your dance teacher thank you quotes. That defeats the very purpose of saying a “Thank You.” Remember, a “thank you” is said when that particular person does a favor to you, so do not make it sound the other way round.

  • Never sound condescending in your “Thank You” note
  • Do not say anything about the price of the classes
  • Try not to mention moments where he or she has lost the cool and reprimanded you. And even if you do, add a disclaimer. Start with a “but…,” adding how that scolding changed you or your attitude for good.
  • Absolutely avoid writing anything about his or her physical features, like the body, face or anything. Keep the compliments totally bordering around the spiritual aspect.

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Dance teacher thank you quotes

•   I am so thankful to have met you, my teacher. You are that inspiration who has made my waking up much easier. I look forward to meeting you every week, as you are the best I could ever find.

•  Thanking you for whatever you have given me seems like an understatement, but that’s all I have. With you, dance is not me simply moving my body. It is a healing process that touches every nook and corner of my body and mind.

•  It’s said when times are worst, you meet the best. That’s exactly how I would summarize your entering into my life. You walked into my life when I was at my lowest and tolerated my idiosyncrasies. Thank you so much, teacher!

•  You didn’t give up on me but instead stayed there and nursed me back to health. My brain is functioning because of you. My mind is under my control because of you. And, my heart has emotional balance, that too because of you. You taught me how dance is like a cure, not a bitter medicine. Thank you so much, teacher!

•  They say that a mediocre teacher simply tells what to do; a good teacher explains the nuances. A superior teacher demonstrates those nuances along with the act, but a great teacher is someone who inspires. You are that great teacher in my life who has motivated me to push my limit and achieve something I thought I could never be able to touch.

•  As you know, I had an elemental fear towards dancing, for reasons even I am not aware of. But you taught me how to overcome that phobia and make moves to create magic. Yes, we created magic together, for which I will remain eternally grateful to you.

•   Numerous visits to my therapist failed to cure my trauma, and that’s when you came in. My mother says that you should dance by listening to the tunes of your heart, and not the one that gets played on a music system. I didn’t understand what she said until you made me realize the same.

• You showed me how dance can be a medium to express and how it can be used to feel my freedom. You were the one who taught me how to tell a story through movements and for that, I will have to give my all. You veered me towards the moon and told me not to fail, because if I do, I will fall among the stars.

•  You had confidence in me at a time when I thought I am a failure. Thank you so much for believing in me.

•  My mother enrolled me in a dance class to give “direction to my reckless life,” or whatever she had said. I hated her for that, but looking back I can say one thing, man! Was she right…not only dance acted as therapy for me, but I also found my lifelong guide in you.

• My teacher, you didn’t restrict yourself to being a dance tutor- you guided my life and the way to approach it. In my toughest battles, you were there by my side, as armor, and asked me to use my will-power as my weapon.

•  You as my dance guide always showed me how to command and not demand respect. Through dance, you made me realize how to talk through movements, and weave a story. Life was never the same after I graduated from your class, armed with your valuable lessons. Thank you so much, ma’am!

•  “Don’t simply move your body, Samantha…dance! Listen to the tune, get that in your body. Then be in motion without caring a fig,” these were the words that turned me around. Your words taught me how to dance like no one is watching. Thank you a lot, sir, for being by my side, even when I was not. Thank you so much.

•   You always quoted the noted author, Wayne Dyer, when you said, “When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.” I always thought highly of myself, but dance made me crumble to the ground, and rise again. Through dance, I found myself rising like a phoenix, and by introducing me to dance, you opened a lot of avenues for me. Thank you a lot, sir.

•  I was 6 when you took me under your wings. Today, I am 15, and I have my own wings- I am able to fly, all thanks to you. You are not simply my dance teacher- you are that family member I never had. You are that cool friend I lacked, that sibling I always missed. Ma’am, you made me realize that blood bond is not the only ties we have with people.

•  Ma’am, you took me to events and showed how people performed. Remember what you used to tell me then? “Look how they are dreaming,” you told me, leaving me flustered. “Dreaming?” I used to ask, “Yes dreaming! They are not dancing, they are dreaming with their feet,” you said, and I was speechless. Those events bolstered my confidence in me, and soon I found myself in front of a huge crowd. I danced my way through, without caring about any cheers or hoots, and this came due to you, my dear teacher. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude.

• When I watched Michael Jackson making those moves, as if he had no bones in his body, I got highly motivated to join a dance class. I thought to myself what’s the big deal in those steps? If I get myself in a dance class, I will be the next MJ, I am sure… Boy was I wrong! And this myth of mine got broken when I got you as my teacher. I am here because of you, thank you!

•  You came across as a strict person. But when I had the one-on-one chance with you, I got to learn so many things. You regretted how dance has become commercialized and is no longer that form of art you grew up loving. Sir, after so many years, I am teaching my pupils the same. And it works, every single time. Danke!

•  You always told me that dance taught you to be the person you’re- it made you understand what you’re capable of. It also taught you how to tackle adverse situations. After so many years, these lessons have cast an indelible mark in my mind. Thank you sir. Love and peace.

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