37 Sweet Thank You Notes for Your Hospitality

Hospitality is a word that is better expressed than defined. It can be shown in a multitude of ways, but all of the time, it is about how one goes an extra length when it comes to kindness and serving you genuinely with what you most need. It is a generous offer of assistance that requires nothing in return.

When shown with acts of hospitality, the best gift to give back is to offer your gratitude. It is a simple act that can go a long way and makes you a decent person. Often times, it is quite difficult to compose the exact words that can match how much service other people have given to you. Rest assured, the effort to even think of a heartfelt message is already a big gesture.

Often times, hospitality is shown when other people welcome you warmly into their humble abodes. Situations can vary from time to time, be it you giving them a short notice that you need someplace to stay and them gladly offering their place for an answer. It could be them hosting some kind of party, and you were invited as a guest. It could be your neighbors or your friends or acquaintances, providing you a great time and great food. Here are some messages that can express your gratitude better after being served a full plate of hospitality:

Your kindness and generosity have touched my heart during my stay at your house. It was such a delight to be accompanied by your loving family. Thank You!

When your acquaintances make you feel welcomed in their own homes, you should express your gratitude in a way that highlights their kindness and generosity.

Let me thank you first for your kind support and generous part. You took the common courtesy to an uncommon level. I’m so grateful for your hospitality.

Hospitality is indeed going into great lengths, offering more than the courtesy needed in serving or helping you. Mentioning it in your message of gratitude is a good idea.

When you encounter genuine hospitality in your life, it causes a warmth and kindness to emanate outward from your heart. You immediately feel this warmth and happiness that is completely impossible to describe. Thank you for being such a hospitable and kind host!

You can also define and express how much other people’s hospitality made you feel. This can support your words of gratitude.

Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful visit at your house! We always have such a great time whenever we are with you. The only thing we could possibly wish for is to see you more often! We are so thankful for the time we did get to spend with you and your kind hospitality!

It is also a good idea to express your gratitude in a way that constantly reminds them of their greatness.

You never gave me a reason to complain. What more could I ask for? It was really a fabulous time being surrounded by some awesome people like you. Thank you!

When someone treats you right, even more than what you expect, there is no room for complaints.

Your hospitality is more like an art, I know you did have time to prepare yourself, but everything went on smooth. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Even when notifications go by in short notice, people who continue to serve hospitality needs to be thanked for.

Words are powerless to express my gratitude. But, here is a little try. Thanks for taking the time to think of me. Thanks for everything! I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It’s true. When it comes to hospitality, words are hardly enough to repay the kindness shown to you. But you should say it anyway, because words are powerful, still.

I’m not sure when we’ll visit again, but I hope it won’t be too long — it’s always nice seeing you, and we had such a fun time while we were there. I appreciate the hospitality of your family!

When staying over at someone else’s house, the entire family who welcomed you warmly should be thanked.

Thanks so much for all your help when I know you’re already so busy. People like you are rare, and I’m very lucky that you’re in my life.

People who give time to tend to other people’s needs despite being busy are truly rare, that is why they need to be thanked sincerely.

My heart was deeply touched beyond words by the extent of your warm welcome and hospitality. I never had any boring moments throughout my stay at your house. It even got to a point that I was asking myself whether I was actually a guest or a member of your family. Thanks again for making my visit pleasant and memorable.

You can choose to be wordier and extend your gratitude with a heartfelt self-reflection.

It is hard for me to find the right phrases to express how appreciative I am for the way you hosted my family during the preparation time for our wedding. You stood by us, and we were never left alone for a second throughout the wedding activities. The hospitality bestowed on us was exceptional. The generous act made the whole wedding arrangement flawless and full of beautiful memories. Your hospitality is much appreciated.

When people help you in times of need, generosity and kindness should always be given back with a heart full of gratitude and words full of sincerity. It’s the least you can do.

The size of the bed you offered me was big but incomparable to the size of your heart. You are a rare gem to humanity, and I wished I had spent more days in your house. Thank you for taking good care of me.

You can also choose to be more creative and include metaphors. You can show how deeply thankful you are with your words. Don’t be scarce, after you’ve been given so much.

Without mincing words, I had the best time ever during my overnight visit to your home. It was such a great, natural place to relax and have fun. The waiters were very calm and attentive. The atmosphere was peaceful and wonderful. It was the most exciting experience I ever had. Thank you for that special treat. You’re incredible!

Agreed! When it comes to thanking someone for their hospitality, words shouldn’t be minded. Whatever your heart has been thankful for, translate it into words.

Dear, I had such a wonderful time visiting you—thank you so much for your hospitality and generosity. If you were a business, I would give you a 5 star rating! You are truly amazing.

See how creativity makes a message more wonderful? People feel very appreciative when they are read words about how great they have been, no matter how corny it may sound.

Bless the abode where want and need repair, and every stranger can find a ready chair. Though a thank you seems hardly enough to repay you, it is all I can do to show my appreciation for your kindness and hospitality.

Even when you think words are not enough to express your gratitude, don’t hesitate to use it, still. It can go a long way.

Even though it was such a short notice, thank you for accommodating us! Thank you for your gracious hospitality.

It’s not always everyone you meet that can give you a warm and pleasant welcome despite your very short notice. Always let them know they are appreciated.

To make things a little bit higher, you can add a few more words of appreciation to highlight the importance of hospitality. Setting the value as an example to learn from is a good method to convey this message at the same time delivering a sense of gratitude:

I’m using you as an example to my kids of someone unselfish, giving and ready with a can-do spirit. I hope they turn out just like you.

It’s important to express your gratitude as it may also teach children who are watching to realize that both hospitality and being grateful are two values they should carry.

It is impossible to ignore your heart of kindness. You have made a case of exemption for yourself by caring for the needs of others that you aren’t by any means, obliged to. Thank you for humbling me in an encouraging way.

When other people show you hospitality, it can make you think more about your place and humble you for the better. It also inspires you to provide the same kind of hospitality to others who need it.

There say there are no good people out there, but this is a confirmation that they still exist. Thank you so much for hosting and helping us. We really appreciate your generosity and hospitality!

People with kind hearts may be hard to find, but they are always there. When you find one, always thank them for being the way they are.

They say that there is no hospitality like understanding. You have shown the truth in that statement. Thank you so much for understanding and helping us out—we really appreciate it.

Hospitality is also understanding. Without understanding your situation, they can never provide you with the same warmth they have shown.

You gave me your time, the most thoughtful gift of all. Thanks a lot for your generosity, hospitality, and mostly for your valuable time!

Hospitality is also sharing time. In this world that goes too fast, someone sharing their time to accommodate us is a gift.

There are also some specifics you can add to make them think you message more personal and real rather than generic. The following messages can serve its purpose in whatever detail that can be added in between:

We are blessed to have you as our family friend who opened their doors & made us comfortable when our hotel booking got canceled. We would have not felt bad if you would have denied us because of such a short time notice. Yet you let us stay at your place and treated no less than family. Thank you for your hospitality.

As mentioned before, do not mince words. Thank them for everything they have done.

Thank you for allowing us to stay in your home while the kids attended camp nearby. This allowed us to get to know your family more while we were just a heartbeat away from the kids to check on them. Your hospitality is much appreciated.

Being conscious of whatever inconvenience you could have caused, even though those who showed you hospitality didn’t think that way, is a sign of humbling yourself. You can include that in your message of gratitude.

I would like to let you know how much I appreciate you having me at your apartment while I was waiting for my final interview. This saved me a lot of time and gave me time to prepare. I got the job, thanks for your hospitality.

When hospitality saves you time, be thankful for it.

It was such a wonderful get-together that you had with all of your neighbors. It is wonderful to know that you are safe and surrounded by such great people. I only wish that we could live next door to you as well!

Hospitality also gives you a good time, be thankful for it.

There are times when we stay on hotels and other housing services. These people who give us good service are usually strangers, but that definitely doesn’t mean we should skip the thank you’s because we don’t know them. Here are some messages you can say when you’ve had more than what you can ask for from them:

Thank you for the warm reception we received upon our arrival. The meal was delicious, and the limousine service to our hotel was such a generous gesture. You really know how to please your guests.

Even though we know it’s their job, hotel services should still be acknowledged, especially when it’s more than we hoped for.

We are extremely happy with the kind of services provided by you, whether it’s the staff services or other hospitality services all were up to the mark. Thank you for your hospitality.

It’s good to recognize the effort done well by those who service us, be it staff in the hotel.

My unexpected delayed stay at your hotel was an amazing experience. Your completely managed staff and services turned my stay to the best. I can’t say thank you enough for your hospitality.

When there are unexpected turns in the duration of our stay, hotel services that accommodate us still with the same warmth and service should be thanked.

Thank you so much for providing us such great facilities and hospitality services. We are glad that we got a chance to experience your service.

Even the facilities at management could be thanked for. This helps us feel welcomes and at home more.

It was completely a magical experience in staying in such a big hotel, which was so perfectly managed and had such a great and helpful staff to resolve all our problems. Thank you for your hospitality services and for making our experience so much better.

Staff who tend to your every bit of concern should also be included.

A big Thank you to your hotel staff who was supportive and helpful in every situation from the services to the guides all were perfect. Thank you for your hospitality.

Of course, hospitality isn’t just shown in family dinners or homestays. It can also be seen in extending a little help and assistance when it comes to being in a foreign place, say, like having a tour guide gives you the best trip. Here are some words you can say to your guide on your next journey:

No doubt, without your existence and guidance, we could not have such a magical experience. Everything you managed was so perfect. You are surely my top recommendation for the best tour guide. Thank you for your hospitality.

Like hotel staff, even though we pay our tour guides for doing their work, they should always be thanked for.

Thank you for your hospitality during our tour. Your guides are the best. We were always at ease, and we had lots of fun. The food and accommodations are worthy of recommendation as well.

They help keep your trip a little more fun, taking you to places and spots you are guaranteed to have the best experience.

I lack words about how much my family members are grateful to you in helping us to explore your country. You truly made our experience in your country even more memorable.

They help us discover more. Imagine, if you don’t have guides, you may end up being lost and not enjoying your tour altogether.

Exploring a new place can be difficult and confusing, but when people have friends like you, this situation cannot arise. You made our trip so memorable by making us visit the places we never knew about. Thank you so much for your hospitality.

It’s not necessarily touring guides who work in that profession, either. Sometimes, it can be friends who happen to reside on your next vacation spot.

Thank you dear for keeping us on the top of your priority list and letting us explore your city with your expert guidance. I really can’t thank you enough. Do give us a chance if we can do the same for you or come to your help whenever you want.

Extending the same offer is also a perfect way of showing gratitude.

I returned safely to my hometown. Thank you so much for the hospitality you extended to me while I was in your city. I will never forget your kindness.

And hospitality isn’t just shown during the trip until you return safely to your homes, their guidance has been a big part. Do not forget to let them know about it once you get home.


Hospitality may seem like a basic human quality, but there are definitely some who fall short from it and some who do it naturally. Like gratitude, it seems like the kindest thing to express, but some people may still fail to do it. It is these small gestures that need to be recognized and appreciated. Service requires something in return, no matter how small it may be. And gratitude doesn’t cost a cent. When did something good, the least we can do is to say our thanks.

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