Top 150+ Best Genji Quotes (Overwatch)

Genji Quotes

Genji is a masterful flanker in Overwatch. He has very high mobility. He excels at close-quarter combat with the use of ultimate ability while remaining safe from projectiles with his deflecting skill. He is known to be slippery during team fights and is a great assassin.

Genji’s story revolves around his relationship with his brother, Hanzo, who is another character from the game. Being born from a notorious criminal organization led by his father, he is destined to lead it; however, he was not fond of his father’s illegal businesses. It was later on forced upon him, and when he denies his position within the organization, his brother confronted him, resulting in a fatal and tragic demise. Genji was later on revived by Overwatch and decided to serve their purpose to repay them for saving his life.

Through these quotes, we fully understand how Genji is as a character and how he works as a hero in the game.

Genji is with you.

As a ninja turned cybernetic killing machine, Genji has always been ready for any mission. Players will discover how awesome he can be with his swift and deadly moves.

Let us hope for a different outcome.

Dueling is Genji’s forte. It should come as no surprise if Genji players loved for their opponents to have a different outcome if they ever get to duel.

You are a strange one… but I sense we are more alike than we are different.

Another quote from Genji that signifies he can still relate to other people even though he has transformed his body into robotic parts. This still makes the character human and relatable.

Revenge takes only the one who seeks it.

As someone who has been wronged by his brother Genji has always vowed to take revenge. However, years of being within the Overwatch allowed him to rethink his mission; thus, his road to redemption begins.

You have saved me again, Dr. Ziegler.

After nearly succumbing to his wounds after a confrontation with his brother, Hanzo, Genji was rescued and brought back to life with the help of Dr. Angela Ziegler. In this quote, Genji once again thanks to the good doctor in saving him.

No one can stop us when we are together!

As part of the powerful Shimada clan, both Genji and Hanzo are unstoppable when they are together. Brothers who have trained hard to become ninja were powerful together, but fate had other plans for them.

Our enemies have the upper hand, for now, let us turn the tables.

Genji and his team might have the upper hand during a battle, but with his stealth and mobility, it might be the only way for the team to turn the tides of battle.

Know yourself in the face of death.

Genji is no stranger to death. He has died and resurrected with the help of Overwatch and has gained a new lease in life.

Like cutting through silk

With his dragonblade, Genji knows how to quickly dispatch his opponent. The sharp blade allows him to cut through almost anything in a swift manner, making him a very effective flank.

I learned that from my brother.

One of the things that Genji has always been proud of is his brother. Even when his brother has plotted his demise, he has forgiven him and has sought for him to join their group.

Balance and harmony resonate around you. I am pleased to fight with such an ally.

Genji is known to praise his allies, especially in dire situations, when he can be a liability.

The dragon and I are one.

The dragon mentioned here is about their sacred pact with the creature. Both brothers can manipulate the power of the dragon, but it was Hanzo that had greater hold of it while Genji remained to be carefree.

I will not be cut down again.

A promise that he has made himself after his brother betrayed him. After an intense confrontation, he was left for dead. This time, he will not be cut down again.

Mock death at your own peril.

As a bringer of death on the battlefield, Genji has always surprised a lot of enemies with his fast and calibrated attacks that even those who mock death will cower before him.

And I thought a ninja fights monsters only in myth and legend.

Through his second life at Overwatch, Genji has fought many kinds of monsters. This includes the monsters of the past that he has to face.

I am a different man now. I am whole.

Before he was revived through the use of technology, Genji always felt like he had no purpose in life, thus spending it all on being carefree. After his confrontation with his brother that sent him on the brink of death, it allowed him to change his perspective in life.

Overwatch saved my life. I was a man barely alive, but they were able to rebuild me. They… had the technology.

The technology used by Overwatch to save Genji barely gave him life. It was his will to live that brought him back from the dead. Through this, he has always been thankful for Overwatch and the technology they used to keep him alive.

It is not too late to change your course, brother.

After his resurrection, Genji has made it a mission to confront his brother again to save him from his family’s criminal empire. Genji tried his best to give Hanzo a second chance in life the same way Overwatch has done for him.

A steady blade balances the soul.

Genji’s dragon blade has always been his trusted weapon. A steady blade means a calm and peaceful demeanor that lets you control your emotions hence control the blade itself.

Measure twice, cut once.

As an assassin, Genji never misses a target and always finishes a mission. This is because he studies his opponents well and ends it all in one quick move.

Think upon your actions.

This quote reminds him of the things that he has done in the past. As part of a criminal family, he has made his own mistakes, and with experience, he has learned to think through all of his actions.

I passed many an hour of my misspent youth here.

Genji spent his early years not caring about the world nor his family’s secret criminal organization. Instead, he has spent most of the time with women and unnecessary things. He has shown regret and remorse for the things that he has done during his youth.

This was once my home.

Genji spent most of his years in Nepal, where he considered it his home. After spending some time away, he has always felt a connection with his home; however, things have already changed.

I will never look at tsukimi the same way again…

A quote mentioned by Genji while using the telescope at the Horizon Lunar Colony. He might regret using the telescope.

We will battle again.

Known for his relentless pursuit for perfection, Genji has always sought to end his mission and pursue his opponents to battle.

Ah. Just setting foot here sets my soul at ease.

Upon his return to Nepal, Genji feels as if he is back home. He has always been fond of Nepal and feels like his soul is at peace in this land.

Only here do I not feel outcast.

It is only when he returns home in Nepal that Genji feels like he is not an outcast. During his time with the clan, he always felt like an outsider due to his lavish and carefree lifestyle.

It is beautiful here… I could never appreciate it before.

Genji has always appreciated the beauty of the landscape. This time, he has never seen such a beautiful place, much like Gibraltar.

This is my home now.

As an outcast of their clan, Genji has sought many homes and found that Nepal is where he is always at peace. There is nothing more special than feeling right at home.

I am at peace with who I was. Your threat does not concern me.

One of the greatest character arcs in Overwatch is Genji’s redemption arc, where he has accepted who he was before and who he is now. As part of a criminal organization in the past, Genji has never backed down from a fight.

Empty your mind. Focus on the task at hand.

Genji learned the techniques of controlling his mind and mentally focusing on the task at hand. This was a great tool for him to becoming a great ninja.

I return to the fight.

After being resurrected by his teammates, Genji returns to fight another day. Let the battle commence.

I will not falter!

Dedicated and relentless are two of the things that best describes this ninja. Genji’s ability to focus on a target makes him one of the deadliest members of Overwatch.

We must press our advantage and seize victory.

Words to go by when the team is at an advantage. Never lose your footing and press your advantage to win the game.

I am taking the objective. Join me.

In Overwatch, objective control is key to winning the game. With Genji’s swift moves and ability to eliminate opponents quickly, objectives are quick to be captured.

It seems we fight together again.

Part of being a team is knowing when to fight together. Players always know how good Genji is at team fights.

Let us test our strength against our foes.

Knowing your strength as Genji is just half the battle. It is when you take on your foes that will let you know why Genji is one of the best.

That armor looks… strangely familiar. I hope you know how to fight in it.

Whenever Genji faces an opponent with a familiar-looking armor, he always has this quote. This quote is specifically targetted at Zeratul in his Ronin skin.

What’s wrong, Hanzo? Don’t you recognize me?

After his resurrection, Genji has made it a point to confront his brother for forgiveness. It was at this moment that Hanzo realized that his brother is still alive.

Your style is… interesting. I am eager to see it in action.

Genji shows tremendous respect for Samuro’s fighting style. It could even lead to a point where both are looking forward to seeing their styles on the battlefield.

This will be a good fight.

Players know Genji likes to a fight that will test each other’s skills to the limit. A fight is not fun when it is quick and easy.

I have combat experience that cannot be faked.

Through years of training with the Shimada clan and experience in missions on Overwatch, Genji has managed to rack up a great amount of combat experience that cannot be faked.

Forgive me, master. I have struck down one of your kind.

As a part robot, Genji has learned to apologize if he has eliminated or is confronted with another robot hero in Overwatch. This is because one of his masters was also a robot.

You are the strangest looking oni I’ve ever seen.

Quite a hilarious quote from Genji when being confronted with an Orc hero. This goes to show that even with his experience, Genji has not lost his humor.

You’ll need more practice to evade me.

As a swift assassin, no one can beat Genji’s quick and agile ability. Anyone who wants to challenge him will find it hard to avoid his attacks. The practice is needed if you want to defeat him.

I was hoping for a challenge.

Using his quick attacks, a fight can end even before it begins. There is not much of a challenge if you are an expert Genji player.

I have the upper hand this time, Master.

An assassin knows when to create opportunities to strike. This time, Genji has finally found a way to get the upper hand on his master.

My ultimate is ready.

A quote used when Genji’s ultimate – Dragonblade delivers killing blows to enemy targets that are within the area. Those who face a good Genji player would know that this is one of his best abilities.

The battle draws to its conclusion, we must attack.

When the time has elapsed, and the mission needs to end, it is time to ramp up the pace and get things going. Genji is the best hero to choose if you want to quickly dispose of your enemies.

You still do not trust me, do you?

Even in his reformed state, there are still others that doubt Genji’s allegiance. Some may not have seen his redemption, but others have proven his loyalty.

That was your dream. Not mine.

During the confrontation with his brother, Genji and Hanzo could have built an empire together. It was in this confrontation that Genji knew the criminal life, and building an empire from it was not for him.

What would our father think of what we’ve become, brother?

Two brothers fighting is not a good idea of a reunion. One wants to continue with their father’s legacy while the other wants to reform.

Any chocolates today, brother?

Genji is known to be very fond of chocolates. This is why Hanzo likes to taunt him with chocolates.

So this is what’s become of you, a pity.

Genji looks down on his brother. It is at this point that he has risen above his brother.

Why don’t we find out?

While McCree might be best when paired with a gun, Genji can still outrun his bullets. Genji is known for his quick speed.

Thank you Angela. Perhaps you could share them with me?

Upon knowing Genji’s knack for chocolates, Angela has bought him a surprise. This time it was extra special as they were Swiss chocolates.

Angela, I have some chocolates for you….not Swiss.

With Genji wanting to return the favor for Angela’s gift of chocolates, sadly, it was not Swiss.

I am at peace with who I was. Your threat does not concern me.

Genji has finally attained peace with his destiny. Any other form of threat does not matter to him anymore as he has overcome death itself.

Our paths cross for now. As to the future… we shall see.

While others may have crossed paths with Genji and live to tell the tale, the future may not hold for those who survive his blade. It is always best to keep away from him.

I always liked working with you, Winston. No awkward small talk.

One of the things that Genji likes about working with the Overwatch team is Winston’s straight talk. This is why Genji loves working with Winston.

The heart of a man still beats inside of me.

He may be rebuilt as a robot to sustain his life. At the heart of it all, Genji is still human.

I am victorious, brother.

Upon besting his brother in a fight, Genji declares victory over his brother. It is then that both brothers have accepted that their paths will never be the same again.

In balance find peace.

One can attain peace if the balance from within is achieved. This is why Genji has such a calm and peaceful demeanor as he has achieved perfect balance.

I will strike our enemies where they do not expect.

An assassin will never come at you from the front. They always get to you sideways or when you least expect it.

It comes to this, do not falter.

An assassin does not falter when the mission is at stake. The mission always comes first.

Life and death balance on the edge of my blade.

As a ninja, Genji lives and dies by the sword. Life and death are dictated by how he uses his dragon blade.

My spirit grows strong.

Genji’s spirit grows strong, the more he learns to fulfill his destiny and redemption. His second chance at life has proven to be fruitful for his destiny.

That was another life.

It was at this point that Genji fully realized that he is not the man he used to be. He is now a different person.

The winds of death are strong.

When you come face to face with Genji, the winds of death is strong. It is only a matter of minutes before you meet his blade.

There’s no time to dwell on the past, now we fight.

The past has haunted Genji for a long time. Now, it is time to leave it behind and fight.

Think of your actions

Always think of your actions first before you do it. This is the code of the ninja to stay alive in dire situations.

Time is against us. Press on.

The clock is ticking. Teammates must persevere to reach the goal before time runs out.

To know yourself, is to be at peace.

Good words to live by from Genji. If you know who you are and what you can do as a person, you feel at peace with yourself.

Watch yourself.

Players of Overwatch will need to learn how to watch themselves or else run the risk of getting hit by the opponent. Genji players need to be extra careful as well as he is fragile.

Well struck.

This happens when you get to hit your target. A well-struck attack makes or breaks the game.

You are worthy.

Worthy opponents make the game worthwhile. It is always best to praise them, including your allies.

The battle commences.

This quote is usually stated at the start of each round. The battle begins when the heroes leave the safe area.

Ramen! [sigh] It’s just not the same anymore.

Genji might not be able to fully enjoy the taste and flavors of ramen anymore due to this cybernetic augments. Too bad for him.

I will not waste this chance.

As with any assassin in the game, you only have one chance to eliminate the enemy. This could mean victory if done correctly.

Back at you, brother!

Once Hanzo unleashes his dragon, Genji can gain control of the same dragon and uses it against his brother. This is because both of them have wielded such power and come from the same bloodline.

Ha! Good aim, McCree.

Genji and McCree’s rivalry reached a peak point when both are on the battlefield. Genji players know that the best way to eliminate McCree is to dodge his bullets and strike immediately.

Bastion, catch!

Genji uses this quote when he gets to deflect Bastion’s ability named Configuration: Tank projectile.

The demon becomes me!

Genji uses this quote when players use their Oni skin. It can only be heard by him and his allies.

The dragon becomes me!

Players will hear this quote when Genji uses his Dragonblade. Dragonblade is his ultimate skill that deals a lot of damage.

The white tiger becomes me!

Players can hear this quote when they choose Genji’s Baihu skin.

The objective is mine. Be quick about it.

When players are capturing a point using Genji, they will hear this quote. Make sure to capture the point immediately before the enemies come closer.

Defend as one. Victory is near.

When victory is near, never let your guard down. Defend the capture points and make sure to avoid getting eliminated.

Our point is under attack, let us rid ourselves of these unwanted guests.

Genji’s ability to eliminate his opponents is one of his greatest assets. Make sure to secure your capture points in the game and eliminate any enemies in the process.

My full potential is unleashed!

Genji’s full potential can be unleashed if players practice his skillset and what he brings to the team. Make sure to set a certain amount of time to practice him in the game.

My warrior spirit burns!

Genji always had the heart of a warrior. It showed during his confrontation with his brother.

I am unstoppable!

When you reach Genji’s full potential, you learn that he is an unstoppable beast that can lead your team to victory.

Our enemies return.

A quote that happens upon enemy resurrection. Make sure to eliminate them again as fast as you can.

Flow like water.

A quote after finishing off an enemy using Dragonblade.

Faster than sight.

A ninja assassin who excels at eliminating enemies as quickly as possible. Genji is a force to be reckoned with at the battlefield.

A storm past the river.

Just like a storm, Genji excels during the chaos of team fights as he slips in and out of battle to eliminate key foes.

All bark, no bite.

An exclusive quote from the in-game event for the Lunar New Year in 2018. This was part of the traditional yearly event in Overwatch.

Your eyes deceive you.

An exclusive voice line for Genji during the 2018 Overwatch Archives. Overwatch Archives is a seasonal event in the game where 4 players go on missions based on the story standpoint of the game.

You seem nice, I’d hate to kill you.

An exclusive voice line from the 2017 Overwatch Anniversary. Also known as Year One, Overwatch Anniversary is a yearly event that celebrated the time when the game was released.

I’m not impressed.

Another exclusive content from the 2017 Overwatch Anniversary. This time, it uses Genji’s signature wit.

I will strike our enemies where they do not expect it.

As a mobile assassin who excels in quick elimination, Genji is commonly used when the enemy is distracted. Genji is used by players to eliminate key targets to win the game.

This body is not a weapon. It’s a high-tech prosthesis. That’s the best description I can think of.

After his tragic demise, Genji was resurrected by Overwatch with the help of high-tech cybernetics that allowed his body to sustain life. This enhanced all of his skills and made him what he is today.

The enemy teleporter is no longer our concern.

Enemy teleporters are always the key objective. Once it is destroyed, it is no longer a concern.

Our enemies have deployed a shield generator.

Another one of Symmetra’s tricks is a shield generator. These grants shield her allies within range. This is one key objective that the team must destroy first.

I am moving the payload.

The payload is another objective that needs to be escorted or destroyed throughout the entire game. The team that either escorts or stops the payload from reaching the finish point wins the game.

Keep the payload in motion.

Keeping the payload in motion and protected will help you win the game. Genji excels at guarding the payload while eliminating opponents who dare to stop it.

The payload moves, we must keep it safe.

Keeping your payload safe is key to victory. Once the payload starts to move, protect it at all costs.

Push the payload.

In pushing the payload, make sure to guard it. The opposing team will try their best to stop it.

Push forward.

Always push forward in escorting the payload while Genji seeks out the enemy team who might be there to disable it.

Stop the payload.

Disabling the payload from moving is another key objective if you are from the opposing team. Eliminating enemies as Genji will let you stop the payload from moving.

The payload is moving, stop it.

Once the payload starts moving, your job is to either defend it or take it away from the enemy team. Players should find a way to stop the payload by eliminating the team that drives it forward.

We need to stop the payload, converge upon it.

A strategy must be formulated before attacking the payload. Make sure you are in coordination with your team.

The payload is halted.

If the payload is stopped, it will slowly return to the nearest checkpoint. Make sure that it is halted by the team so its arrival can be delayed as much as possible.

The payload is stopped. And here I thought we had a plan.

Genji is an extremely important part of the team that either escorts or attacks the payload. Make sure to keep the enemy team off the payload.

The payload is stopped, get it moving!

If you are in the team that escorts the payload, make sure to keep it moving. Use Genji as a way to eliminate attackers so the team can get it moving.

My task is not complete.

As a flank that assassinates enemies, Genji’s task will never be complete until victory is achieved. Seek and eliminate all opposing members of the team.

Enemy shield generator destroyed.

Shield generators protect your enemies. It is always best to destroy them first.

Their shield generator is no more.

When shield generators are down, make sure to eliminate all targets immediately. Genji has the best tools to do this.

My ultimate is charged. Attack with me!

An ultimate skill is your most powerful tool in combat. Genji uses his dragon blade to eliminate enemies in close-quarter combat. Once it is ready, always make it a point to use it.

My ultimate is almost ready.

You will notice that Genji will notify you if your ultimate ability is about to be ready. Be prepared and take your position.

My ultimate is charging.

Genji’s ultimate ability slowly charges over time. You should be roaming the map and take kills as much as possible to fuel your ultimate skill.

My ultimate is ready.

Now that the ultimate ability is to ready position yourself in a way that you can get near to the enemies and eliminate them as fast as possible.

Enemy turret destroyed.

Enemy turrets can be a nuisance for Genji. Destroy them as soon as possible.

Enemy turret ahead.

Genji thrives in close-quarter combat, but with a turret nearby, he will have a hard time. Make sure to take note of this quote and challenge enemies outside of a turret.

I found the teleporter.

The teleporter will help you cross to different areas of the map. As an assassin, this will let you navigate through the map and search key players to eliminate. Use it to your advantage.

I am moving the payload.

Heroes like Genji are great for moving the payload. They can defend the payload properly.

I need healing.

This happens when Genji is low on health. Always call for support when you need healing.

I am repaired.

When you are fully healed, you get back to full health. Take this time to exact revenge and finish the job.

The objective is mine. Be quick about it.

In Overwatch, objectives are key features of the game that you need to dominate to win. Heroes like Genji are great ways to secure objectives by eliminating any challenging threat to the objectives.


Genji uses a skill that reflects enemy projectiles. Use this to your advantage.

You are only human.

As a former human, Genji now has an understanding of what it is to be human and how it is different from being a robot. Sad truth, but it humanizes the character even though he is a robot.

My halloween costume?….Cyborg ninja.

An exclusive voice line from the 2016 Halloween Terror event. This makes Genji a perfect blend of ninja and a cyborg.

Count your blessings.

An exclusive line from 2017’s Winter Wonderland event. Winter Wonderland is a yearly event from Overwatch with the winter and Christmas theme.

Try me!

This voice line happens when he can deflect the enemy projectiles. It takes a lot of skill and mastery to enable this skill and use it as an advantage for Genji players.

I am ready.

Another one of his voice lines upon activating his deflect skill. This makes him even sound cooler.

You are a strange one… but I sense we are more alike than we are different.

Genji has always been a unique character, given his background. It feels like he does not belong in both worlds, yet when he meets someone who has the same experience as him, he finds the similarity.

Balance and harmony resonate around you. I am pleased to fight with such an ally.

Genji is about balance and harmony. The more you are in tune with his skills and what he can do on the battlefield, the more he becomes effective.

You remind me of my master. Though… you have a much better beard.

Genji has been taught the way of the ninja and had countless training sessions with his master. This is the reason why he is well-equipped on the battlefield though he is not fond of his former master’s beard.

I can never eat sushi again.

When played together with Murky, Genji expresses his disinterest with sushi. This is a playful banter with another hero.

You are not the only one who has faced death.

As someone who has faced death before, Genji now has great insight on what is to be living.

You still do not trust me, do you?

Born from a notorious criminal empire, Genji previously had a reputation for being difficult to trust. However, after his resurrection, he has joined Overwatch for a cause, but not everyone has fully trusted him yet.

Do not let anger blind you. In my heart, I am as human as you are.

Anger leads to fear, and it can very well be the deciding factor between life and death. Genji has been a human and will remain human in spirit, so he knows not to let anger blind someone, especially his brother.

Of course. You are the only one I have trouble keeping up with.

Tracer has a unique relationship with Genji. They both like to play around and practice. Both have unique abilities with speed as their main tool. Whoever is fastest remains to be seen.

I have… many questions about your armor when this fight is over.

With Genji’s new armor augments from being a robot, there is still an intense curiosity to anyone with a unique suit. While Genji can admire it during a fight, he seems to be very interested in looking at it after the fight.

I am prepared. I wonder if our enemies can say the same.

Part of being a ninja is to always be prepared. Striking from the shadows will keep an element of surprise that not all enemies can anticipate.

In this place of constant change, one must stay true to oneself.

Genji knows how change has affected him both physically and emotionally. From a notorious ninja to an overall hero in the story, Genji is living proof that redemption can be achieved by anyone if they stray true to themselves.

My favorite animal? Hmm. I’d say… a gray fox.

A voice line that refers to the Gray Fox from Metal Gear. It hints that Genji might have an affinity for anything that comes with animals.

Even after years of training, I have yet to unlock my real ultimate power.

Even though he has undergone years of training, there is still left for Genji to discover. He still has a long way to go to unlock his full potential.

In hindsight, I should have listened when Hanzo said he had the high ground.

An homage to the famous Star Wars line, Genji reminisces about the time when Hanzo had the upper hand while in combat with him. He should have taken the advice from his brother.

After leaving Overwatch, I wandered the world for many years because I’m a wanderer. Yes, a wanderer.

After spending many years serving Overwatch and repaying his debt to them, Genji has decided to wander the world in search of his true peace. His adventures have led him to different places and have let him discover himself again.

I am seldom mentioned in patch notes. Most of my fixes are ninja’d in.

An inside joke from the developers of Overwatch. Genji has been a hero with plenty of bugs; however, the developers have fixed them and secretly added them without any notification – just like a ninja.

With his tragic past and atonement for his sins, Genji is a very compelling character in Overwatch. Not only does he have cool moves that will make you feel powerful, but he also has a very inspiring and electric storyline for the game that is manifested through the quotes above.

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