Top 65 Jhin Quotes

The online gaming industry is ever-changing and is the hype and trend among gamers. From simple online games, technology has allowed gaming publishers to create online games that can be played by a single person or a team using a computer or a smart device. It has become more competitive and engaging no wonder many are so into online gaming.

One of the popular online games is the League of Legends that is played by millions of players. It is a multiplayer game developed by Riot Games. This game is played by two teams with powerful champions facing off to destroy each other’s base. The aim is to protect the base, and you have to select a powerful champion to help you defend the base and help you face the battle.

Among the 140 champions, one that is popular is a champion named Jhin. He is a strong and well abled criminal psychopath who deals with killing as a form of art. Jhin is one of the strongest characters in League of Legends. He was a former Ionian prisoner who escaped prison with the help of shadowy elements from the council. Jhin is gruesome and heartless to his opponents.

As a formidable character in League of Legends, Jhin is also known for his serious remarks. In this article, we have listed 65 Best Quotes of Jhin.

Everyone wears a mask. I just chose to create my own.

As a champion Jhin understands that hiding the real identity will protect him from the enemies and he chose to create a persona that will keep him alive.

This art is a compulsion. I cannot resist it.

For him, killing and violence drive him to stay alive.

Perfection isn’t good enough.

He strives for power. Perfection is not enough. He thirsts for more. He will always want to have more.

Behind every mask… is another mask.

Who has shown his real identity? For Jhin, no one and no one will ever will. It is an essence of survival and creating a persona will keep you going. Creating another person behind a person is part of the mystery and the façade.

There is nothing for me but this.

For Jhin, he meant to do what he does best and that is committing the most violent crime. Dying is not for him, murder for him is an art he ha always been passionate about.

I never hurt anyone. It is the performance that kills.

Jhin’s character is gruesome. He has no mercy and will kill his opponent most painfully and violently. Beauty is when he sees his opponent die in the most gruesome way he created.

Until they stop me, I will keep going.

There is no stopping Jhin. He is driven by his mission. He is driven by his purpose. He is driven by violence.

I am a singer without a voice. The dancer without legs.

Jhin is such a powerful champion and scary as well. He can be the worst opponent you will ever face. His can be anyone and he has no mercy. His art is violence.

Only to the audience do I show my true face.

Jhin only reveals himself to the people who have hired him. He is a big mystery and only those whom he chooses to show his identity are allowed to see him. Only the chosen few.

Each bullet is a piece of my soul. Each shot is a piece of me.

When Jhin means that murder is his art, he puts a piece of himself to his deed. Every weapon is a part of him that destroys his opponent. This is his way of feeling his opponent’s agony. Their suffering sparks his strength.

I swear each performance is the last, but I lie every time.

Jhin innovates and brings the best out of him whenever he is on the battlefield. Yesterday is always a part of the past and whatever he did in the past he can never go back to it instead he outdoes the past.

I am a slave to this passion.

His passion is violence and murder. That is his driving force to live. He breathes blood. For Jhin killing is divine. It what keeps him alive.

My work asks questions; it never has answers.

Jhin is a hired assassin. Questions are being entertained but answers are not given, He just needs to finish his job.

Which is the lie? The mask, or my face?

Pretense and façade is a natural thing on the battlefield. In his world, Jhin is used to dealing with different types of people. This is when he asked what they think is his true personality, his character of the mask he wears.

An icon doesn’t have to explain himself.

Jhin is a powerful champion and he does not bow to anyone nor explain himself to whoever.

I wonder what they think when they see me.

Jhin’s character is dangerous and scary. Opponents are scared of him. He smells of evil and violence. He wonders how others perceive him because the truth of the matter is, their fear makes him stronger.

I like violent composition.

Jhin is driven by violence. He loves a violent act and he is merciless to his opponent.

This would be easier if blood came in more colors.

For Jhin, nothing satisfies him more than than the color of violence. Everything related to violence makes him stronger, makes him better. This remark he makes like a bored winning opponent hoping to experience something new.

Let’s start the show.

Confident and strong, Jhin is never afraid of anyone. He shows no fear and no mercy and excited for each battle he is facing.

The ecstasy of opening night.

The feeling of an upcoming excites Jhin’s system. He is always ready for a fight and the only thing he has on his mind is winning and killing. That is what he is said to do. To kill without mercy.

Smiles and screams, I bring both.

Jhin is hired to do a job or to kill someone. He satisfies his clients and brings pain to his victims. He can do both. This is what he is made to do.

If I keep getting interrupted, how can I be expected to work?

Jhin is focused on the task set to him. Any mission and battle, Jhin doesn’t want any distractions. He is aimed to work and finish whatever task he is set to do.

I was paid to put on a killer show.

Jhin is one of the top champions and is paid to kill. He is feared by many because he shows no mercy to anyone. His client expects him to deliver his tasks without showing mercy.

My clients expect the best.

Feared by many, Jhin’s is one of the strongest champions. His reputation precedes him and his client expects results from him and does not expect him to fail them.

They will dance, they will sing, they will die!

Jhin’s stage is the battlefield. He and his opponents are the artists. They will fight him but in the end, they will fail. He will kill them and at the end of the battle he will survive and he will win.

A costume, some makeup, a spray of blood.

Violence is Jhin’s driving force. It keeps him alive. He is driven to kill.

It’s very simple – when I shoot, they dance.

Jhin’s stage is the battlefield and murder is his passion. He is the master of his craft and his opponents are his players.

My critics are… usually short-lived.

Those who go against him suffer a merciless death. Nobody goes against Jhin.

If I get this outfit dirty, I’m going to be so annoyed.

A witty remark from Jhin meaning he will never allow his opponent to come near him or touch him at any point. At the start of the battle, he is set to crumple his opponent without letting himself getting hurt because he will never allow it.

I serve a discerning clientele.

He chooses his clientele because it is like choosing which battle to face.

Death is certain, but killing doesn’t have to be ugly.

For him, the manner of death doesn’t have to be gruesome. In every battle, Jhin is never aimed to give a good fight but he is aimed to win the fight at any cost.

I provide catharsis for my clients and my victims.

Jhin serves his client and does what they ask for. For him, he can provide both his clients and victims strong emotions and relive them with heavy emotions.

I… orchestrate death.

Murder is Jhin’s passion. This is his art and he directs how his victim dies. No fear. No mercy.

I get nervous before every performance, but I need that feeling.

Though he is a strong champion, he still feels nervous in each battle or game but he makes it his driving force. He feels nervous but he is not afraid.

It is only when the gun fires that I am alive.

It is only when he attacks that keeps him alive because Jhin will never let the opponent get a chance to hurt him. His game is to finish the opponent and winning is his goal.

The trigger on a loaded weapon… it whispers for us to act.

Jhin said once that his weapons are a part of he is. The loaded weapon is a symbol that the fight is about to start and the battle will begin shortly.

I can’t live without the euphoria of performance.

Jhin is not just set out to kill. He doesn’t just kill. He makes sure that he kills in a manner that he will be remembered and feared.

Happiness… is a warm gun.

As a criminal psychopath, Jhin’s world revolved around anything that deals with his murder. His happiness is his masterpiece and a warm gun signifies that it has just been used. Warm from a murder. Someone has been slain.

I want to feel everything. The gun makes it so I do.

Jhin believes that his weapon possesses a par of who he is. He wants to feel the overwhelming feeling of the crime he has done and his weapons allow him to feel it.

I envy silence… because I must be loud.

Jhin is feared by many. He strong and always fighting. The silence was never a part of his life.

In the carnage, I bloom, like a flower in the dawn.

A criminal psychopath like Jhin lives to kill and grows stronger with his murder. He loves seeing his victims and their death is life.

I have risen from the filth and muck. I am the lotus blossom. I am beauty.

He came from the darkness. Nothing good came to him and violence became his peace.

That delightful moment before the curtain goes up.

That moment when the battle is about to start and Jhin is geared to fight, to win, and to kill.

You lack imagination.

Jhin doesn’t just orchestrate a kill. He makes sure that he gives his opponent a kind of death that people will never forget as they live in fear.

Killing you will be one of my finest works.

A driven Jhin will do everything to kill his opponent. He will never stop and will never give the opponent an easy death.

Each bullet is a song.

The sounds of the bullet appease his soul. Murder is his art. Every murder weapon comprises his orchestra.

Each bullet will be a dance.

His weapon accompanies the start of his show. Each bullet represents himself as he pursues to finish his opponent.

Smiles, everyone, smiles!

Even in the chaotic battlefield he still manages to smile. Either a company or a foe, smile. Everybody does.

The composition needs something.

Jhin is not just after perfection. He is aimed for the and his craft should only have amazing results.

Symmetry is so boring.

He doesn’t go with the flow. When he orchestrates his murders he makes sure that it is not a plain one. He adds violence in the most brutal way.

I’ve outdone myself this time.

He aims to be better than his best. He is no competition for anyone but himself.

When they find you, they will cry.

His words to his opponents. He makes sure to let them die worthy of everyone’s tear and that is by going his opponent a merciless day.

They’re gonna live until they die.

Death will always be the end. And for Jhin people live because they are allowed to live but the moment he is tasked to end their lives, he makes sure to do it without mercy.

This is my calling.

Murder is his art. Killing is his masterpiece. This is what he was meant to do and he lives by it.

There is no drama in a peaceful death!

Plain death bores him. He wants violence and pain in death.

They’re puppets. I pull their strings, and then they dance.

He masters his art and once he takes over his victims, they are at his mercy and they beg for his mercy.

My genius will be understood – eventually.

He is a genius in what he does and that is orchestrating murder and killings.

Art must exist beyond reason.

For Jhin, murder is his art and he is the master of murder. He directs and creates merciless ways to kill his opponents.

They call me mad. All artists are mad.

He has always referred to himself as an artist who has mater his art. The art of murder.

I will not suffer this ugliness.

He will not suffer the dark part of his life. He lived his life with people in fear of his name. He never let the ugliness took over instead he embraced it and used it against his opponents and for all to fear who has become of him.

I misunderstood. Beauty can’t be evil.

At some point, Jhin sees the beauty of life. That beauty is not orchestrated by violence and blood.

I am at my best only during the performance.

He gives his everything during each battle. He is not set to lose. His goal is to win and to kill.

My theater is the mind.

His stage is his mind. He has his players. His victims are his players.

No poet’s words could match my craft.

Jhin is the master of who he is. No words can describe his deeds. No words can describe his crime.

Death should never be quick. It should be an opera.

For a criminal psychopath, an easy death does not bring justice. It should be slow and painful. It should something that is savored with violence and pain.

Jhin is a dark and strong champion in the League of Legends. These quotes will give you a glimpse of who he is and what he does. A string but dark champion, you might be able to encounter Jhin when you play League of Legends.

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