The Best ‘Blazing Saddles’ Quotes

Blazing Saddles belongs to the Best Western comedies of all time; if you do not agree, why is it the best? Then who is going to watch a movie that belongs to Gene Wilder in it? Specifically, Blazing Saddles was a film that was directed by famous director Mel Brooks, also the creator of the Young Frankenstein.

What movie is Blazing Saddles a parody of?

For those fans of a cowboy movie must definitely love this category of dark Western comedy. When Blazing Saddles release, they mistakenly rated it R due to its racial jokes and even its sex gags. However, the audience enjoyed it because they did not take such jokes seriously. It is considered as a complete drive-in theatre action Western spoof that absolutely makes every audience laugh. So it is supposed to be rated as PG-13 instead due to its less use of violence and more comedy consumption.

Why Did they title the film Blazing Saddles?

Mel Brooks said that while working such film, they titled it first as Tex X that they get that remark about a black Muslim leader named Malcolm X. From the time, it changed it to Black Bart and next into The Purple Sage. Mel Brooks, with other writers, thinks that the above mentioned were great titles.

But one morning, Mel Brooks took a shower, and the word Blazing Saddles suddenly appeared in his head. After he takes his shower, he shares the title with his wife, an actress named Anne Bancroft, who mostly likes the idea. And the film ended up with the Blazing Saddles title.

Facts About the Film Blazing Saddles

  • This was the first-ever movie that absorbed perceptible flatulence.
  • One of the characters, Slim Pickens, experienced sleeping outside with a Winchester rifle to feel about his character.
  • Gene Wilder is far from Mel Brooks’ first pick to play the character The Waco Kid.
  • Madeline Kahn, who plays the role of Lili Von Shtupp, earned an Oscar nomination for its activities as the Saloon Singer.
  • Blazing Saddles was almost generated as a television series.
  • Blazing Saddles is thought of as one of the greatest comedies in America of all-time.

Blazing Saddles was led by Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder. The film did not only contain jokes, but each of such jokes stands as the mirror on our society in the process that a few comedies make. If you already watch the Blazing Saddles, then you must know that there is a take no prisoners part that makes everyone laugh by showing the best but the worst human race. Here are some quotes that are taken from Blazing Saddles.

Hello, Handsome. Is that a 10-gallon hat, or are you just enjoying the show?

There is no uncertainty that Blazing Saddles is absolutely a very funny film, but Lili Von Shtupp or Madeline Kahn in real life is the part of the movie that is at the top. Lili Von Shtupp is perky that performs in a bar who sang about the cost of sex she has and how wearying it is. Aside from that, she also takes an incredible bombshell to the audience who are cowboys.
This means that the whole song, as well as its dance number, is incredible, but such a line belongs to the classic lines of Mel Brooks that you cannot surely ignore. There is some great line that Madeline Kahn reads in the entire film; however, none of such lines hit as hard as this line. This one is the best line that definitely works accurately with these rimshots.

I’d Say You’ve Had Enough..

You cannot talk about the Blazing Saddles movie without even bringing up the scene in the campfire. With these parts of the movie, the bad boy cowboy named Taggart came out of range with another cowboy who was having a nice dinner with beans as food. That whole scene mostly shows a guy farting and responding in such farts. But there is an extra gassy cowboy character that asks for more beans, and Taggart exclaimed, I’d say you’ve had enough, making it one of the most famous movie lines.

Mel Brooks said that he thinks of these parts of the scene after watching a few western movies and observing that they consist of full gross old cowboys that sit while they eat beans. He appeared that maybe it makes any sense for them if they need to throw out a little gas.

Are We…Black?

This part of the line takes place after the audience first encounters Gene Wilder’s Jim or also known as the Waco Kid. At the beginning of the film, Jim has totally lost his nerve after he lost in a shootout against a young boy. He changes his lifestyle into drinking and usually spends the night in a sheriff’s drinking tank.

After such a scene, he ended waking up in a new world where Bart is the first-ever black sheriff on Rock Ridge. In this part of the line, Jim asks Bart, Are we… black? This completely means that Jim is not a racist just the same as the rest in Rock Ridge, and with that, he is more worried about where he is going to take his next drink other than the color of anyone’s skin complexion.

Excuse me while I whip this out.

This line exudes when Bart arrives in Rock Ridge to take over as the new sheriff. When they first meet, he feels both the great racism and his total shock. The people in that town do not want him to be there; however, they are also interested in his existence in their town. More in this film is played that contains Bart’s large ideas and talents. Brooks and the company acquired a few distances out in everyone’s passion for the Sheriff.
Bart attempts to read the command of the governor that named him as the new sheriff of Rock Ridge; he says Excuse me while I whip this out, and he extends into his trousers after that everyone feels irritated but feels relaxed after he pulls out the letter.

These are people of the land—the common clay of the New West. You know… morons

This line exclaimed after Bart found himself at the collecting end in Rock Ridge’s racism. He goes back into his office, where Jim is trying to make him feel even better regarding the horrendous garbage that he runs into.

Despite the fact that Jim’s advice is not precisely what Bart wants to hear. It is not only Gene Wilder is surprising with these parts of the scene, but also his dry cleverness is complete exhibits here. The best side in this scene regards that even white characters are already know how dumb some of these other white people are.

Yeah, but I shoot with this hand.

It is quite hard to choose a most-liked line from the character Gene Wilder in this film Blazing Saddles, but this line has to be right here. After the scene where Bart shows how smooth his left hand is, the sheriff then notes that the alcohol did not fully ruin the nervous system of Jim. Instead, Jim boasts his shooting hand that is fully ruined by the shakes.

Such a moment was silly, but Gene Wilder still shows it with a straight face and a genius look. The part of these scenes put an act on what Wilder does his best and shoots off comical lines with his briefing express. Gene Wilder can easily go star in different films, but this was the Wilder that shows off is best.

In another 25 years, you’ll be able to shake their hands in broad daylight.

After the time that Rock Ridge’s old woman passes up Barton her way on the street and says up yours that is followed by a race-related mumble, but she stops in Bart’s office in the middle of the night to say sorry and then she brings a pie for him. The old woman also asked him not to tell everyone that she spoke with him.

Then once the sheriff says that he quickly became a huge success in Rock Ridge, Jim also says that in 25 years, he will be able to shake both hands under extensive daylight. The line may show somehow funny, but the real meaning of it is a devastating explication on how small race connections had changed since the days of the Wild West. Mel Brooks, together with his team of tense comics, rapidly became the masters of holding up a mirror in the whole community.

Boy, is he strict…

These lines became the next great of slight comparison. Within this part of the scene where Headley Lamarr is bringing together his gang, and they rebuke a cowboy just because of chewing a piece of gum. Then he shoots that cowboy when he said that he did not bring enough for everyone in the line. Then Taggart exclaimed, boy is he strict after the deadly gunshot, and it was absolutely an intuitive buster of line. It was not only the scene that made a joke after joke, but it is the reality that a violent bandit is anxious regarding his boss, which is so strict and even foolish on some basis.

Where are the white women at?

This line is one of the famous as well as it is often quoted from the film Blazing Saddles. In this great film, Jim or Gene Wilder think that he captured Bart in front of two residents of Klansmen. That was when Bart issued this infinite line. Clearly, this line does not fit well with those Klansmen, but apparently, they easily fall for that trick. It is too evident that Richard Pryor, who is one of the writers of Blazing Saddles, was the main voice in most lines like this one. Richard Pryor was very passionate about writing lines for Mongo, but this line is very clear in Pryor’s voice that he is the typewriter at this time.

My name is Jim. But most people call me… Jim.

This line is after Bart and Jim meet for the first time around in the drunk tank of the sheriff, these two gentlemen have time to know more about each other. Jim first introduces himself in a justly comical fashion. It considers as a play in most western movie emblem; it is almost comical when Jim says that most people allude to him by his true name aside from his nickname, which is The Waco Kid. There is actually no one other than Gene Wilder who can bring this type of inexpressive line off, and it is one of the few times in this film Blazing Saddles that hits the audience with these sheepish ways of expression and a comical line.

Men, You are about to embark on a great crusade to stamp out runaway decency in the west. Now, you will only be risking your lives, whilst I will be risking an almost certain academy award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

In a film that is full of the great inexpressive line read by Harvey Korman that plays the role of Headley Lamarr, he is assigned to deliver some of the craziest quotations in this film while maintaining a straight face. In this part of the line, talking in a reuniting word to a group of exiles before they take over the Rock Ridge was one of the many numbers of fourth wall breaking experience that happens in Blazing Saddles, but this line goes by quickly that you might not even observe. The whole movie is completely a crash course in meta-comedy for viewers who have not even seen this type of thing before, and sadly, Korman was not even nominated for his role that plays as Lamarr.

Stampeding Cattle… Through the Vatican

This line is when Headley Lamarr is taking applications for his group. He demands every exile as well as a rogue in the west for the modification. Then Bart and Jim pretend as members of the KKK and say that they are desired for racing the cattle through the Vatican. It is such an entertaining twist on the joke that viewers never even expect it was coming. To make the whole thing become more comical, Lamarr says, kinky and almost allows the two good guys who are Bert and Jim to pretend into this group. The whole thing is definitely comical, and if you want to, you can even add through the Vatican to anything, and you may say that makes it at least 10 percent funnier.

Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges.

Maybe if you still don’t haven’t watched the film Blazing Saddles yet, then you have likely said that there is some form with this line at that point in time. On the other hand, maybe you already heard someone say it. Well, It is one of the lines that spread through the culture so much, just like it belongs to every person rather than this film.
In this part of the scene where the character Headley Lamarr is talking to some outlaws, he also interviews a gang of bandits and tells them that he likes to cut off their balk at them. He surrenders a set of badges to stand in for them and give them a chance to talk about this famous line. It is an incredible moment where everyone in this world can quote this alone. Where this famous line is most commonly known with this film Blazing Saddles, this line also adapted from another well-known movie which is The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

My mind is a raging torrent flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into Waterfalls of Creative Alternatives…

In Blazing Saddles’ film, the character Headley Lamarr is no doubt high on his own supply. He even loves the sound of his own voice, and he even considers himself as the smartest guy that lives in the west, but it is not definitely the case – Headley Lamarr just commonly reads the thesaurus once or twice in his entire life. However, it is a funny thing to hear that Lamarr spoke out such a comical number of words. To summarize it all, the guy who is talking to Taggart with the highest order. The exile has no idea what Lamarr is talking about.

How many times have I told you to wash up after a weekly cross burning?

This is another moment taken from the scene where Headley Lamarr is talking about the exiles. There is a joke that is incredibly comical. I must say that how might there be so many quotable significance with just one scene? Well, may it just be a good day while writing in the writing room? This happens when the guys are disguised as the members of the KKK just to stealth into Headley Lamarr’s group. The sheriff then extends his hand and finally shows off his dark complexion. Quickly though, Jim pretends as Bart’s skin complexion is absolutely as and disguised to rub them clean.


Blazing Saddles is a great and intelligent movie that touches most features of the time, especially when it was produced. It is just making fun regarding racism against not just African Americans but also some Chinese rail workers. I must say that Mel Brooks, as well as Richard Pryor’s, has great writing skills that produced a funny and applicable film today. This film that consists of so many comedic geniuses, will continue to be loved even for the next generations.

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