37 Inspirational Moana Quotes On Success

Moana is an American 3D computer-animated musical film, released The Walt Disney plots and animated by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Moana film shows a stable woman of a Polynesian village chief, The sea, one of the chosen to reunite A mystical relic with The goddess named Te Fiti. Moana wonders to find Maui a legendary demigod when a blight erupts on her Island in hopes of returning The relic to Te Fiti and to save people. Moana’s film grosses $ 643 Milton worldwide. I hope these Moana’s inspirational quotes truly give you lessons to make your dreams come true.

Moana is the daughter of a Tui leader. To restore the heart of the goddess so the Fitti From Maui a demigod, Chief Tui warns him on a journey with her. You may know the voice behind her Disney character is Auli Cravalho who looks exactly like Moana, especially when you begin the story. This movie by Moana is a complete blend of the two looks and they are also the main character of Disney. Auli’i was designed and auditioned for the role.

If I go, there is just no telling how far I will go.

This saying is as if you are heading to the sea without knowing how deep it is. In life, you don’t know what the outcome is if you just go and let go of whatever you do and at least try to fight. No one can tell if you will succeed or not so you have to gamble and be prepared for the outcome. There is no certainty in the world so you never know what will happen if you do not try it. You just fight back and don’t be afraid of whatever trials you may face.

Come what may, I know the way.

Moana believes that you just have to fight for life no matter what. Even if you fail the first time, you need to get up and move on despite having the test because sure enough, you will have a lot to go on as you go through life. You just need to be aware of what can happen in your life. Always believe in yourself that you can do everything and will do your best to win your battle in life.

See that line where the sky meets the sea, it calls me and no one knows how far it goes.

Moana believes that no one can tell you where you are going in life. No one knows what you can achieve and often you will never know unless you will do all your best to succeed in life. Many things can happen, make mistakes, and people will judge you, but you never know when something good is going to happen when you don’t explore your life and find out what you are up to.

You must find happiness where you are.

You always need to find your happiness. Choose a place or thing where you will be happy. You always choose what your heart and mind want because it feels good when you follow it. No money or any material thing can equal a person’s satisfaction. With everything you do and go, always be happy especially when all the trials you can overcome are what you’ve been asking for. True Happiness is not always that you find by obeying what you want and not anyone else because true happiness is love for what you have and loves for yourself.

The past shouldn’t be feared for it guides our future.

It is not because you make a mistake in the first, you make a mistake in the second. No. Mistakes teach us how to overcome the trials that come our way. Because of these mistakes, we learn to be strong and to fight. You do not have to be afraid or discouraged every time you make a mistake because it does not ruin your personality, it helps you be more resilient in every challenge in life. Just be thankful because you already have a guide that you can use in your life battle.

Now I know why you always told me to be strong. Because you knew, you knew that one day I would need the strength to bear your loss.

In life, you need to be strong because when you are weak, you will lose your journey. With the many trials that come into our lives, you will learn to be a fighter because you must succeed. In today’s world, the fighter is needed because there are many influences and problems not only in personal problems but also in our environment which is difficult to deal with due to the new trends which sometimes even affect us.

The things you have learned will guide you Moana

Everything you have learned or experienced before will teach you every challenge of your life. A bad experience is not a failure in your life, as it can be called a shield so you can overcome it and cope with the trials that come your way. Just learn the life lessons of it, so that you can apply it to your previous problems. As if you made a mistake in the past, you can avoid doing things that are not good for you and you are better able to distance yourself from harm.

Hard work comes with satisfaction when you love what you do -Moana

When you like what you do, you’ll try to get it no matter what. Because what you want and what you love is your happiness. Just like when you have something you want to achieve in life, you will create a way and force yourself to rise even when you have fallen and lost several times. Because this is what you want to happen and you don’t want to stop until you achieve it. It can also provide you with the same satisfaction as the day you get what you want.

You did everything for them so they’d love you

Sometimes even if you give all your love to someone, it will never be enough. When you give up your time, you do whatever they want, eventually, if they are not meant for you, they will leave your life as well. It hurts when it happens to someone, sometimes they still blame themselves and what’s wrong with them, but they have to accept that because people who are not for you can’t stay with you. When you choose to love, you will always be hurt and not all you can love will be able to return the love you give.

Bonding is not measured by the time you spend together, but by the comfort, you find when you realize you have each other.

Your memories of those who care about you are not measured by how long you have been with them. The loved ones that you can feel their joys and be there for all your problems. Don’t think or make a big deal if you are not always getting along with them because your memories of them are already in your heart. True love is not measured by how much you talk and get along, because if you love someone, you will still love it even if you can’t always see it and be with it.

I will lead with pride; I will make us strong.

Being strong is important. In this world, you have to be strong. Because if you’re not going to be strong, your battles don’t make sense. Being strong in life is wonderful especially due to unforeseen circumstances and with that, you can say you can withstand all the trials that come into your life. It’s not just strong physically because what’s more important is being strong inside. Be strong emotionally so you can fight back and no matter what the problem may be, you can handle it.

I will carry you here in my heart. You will remind me that come what may I know the way.

No matter where you go, some people will never lose your heart. Even though you haven’t seen each other for a long time, you still remember them often. That’s real love, even though you can’t see it, you feel it in your heart. Love doesn’t mean that you have to be with it always because if you meant it, you’ll eventually meet again even though you are far from each other.

There is nowhere that you could go that I will not be with you.

Some things are beyond your reach. So whatever you do, if it is not for you, it will not come and you can’t do something. Sometimes we need to stay away from our loved ones to find the true happiness that will complete our being. This does not mean leaving and forgetting them just because you have things you need to explore yourself to get to know yourself better and find out what you want.

You may hear a voice inside. And if that voice starts to whisper to follow the farthest star, then it is inside you.

What your heart says is what you want. So you always do what you want and make you happy. Happiness is a choice so you always have to choose to be happy despite your trials and to those people who are not in your best interest. Happiness is not just about getting what you want, it’s about loving what you have and being thankful for them.

Sometimes the world seems against you.

There are things we want and achieve in life but it doesn’t seem like destiny. It’s as if the world has denied us. If you’ve forced something even though you know it’s hard and you haven’t got it yet, maybe it’s not for you. Wait for the right time because it might not be the right time and always remember those good things will come to you at the right time without even looking.

I have crossed the horizon to find you, I know your name, they may have the stolen heart from inside you, but does not define you.

Some people feel they have done no good for other people so they are forced to stay away. But the truth is, people, do not just reflect on what you do for them and how good you feel about them. They do not know who you are because you only know yourself, you only know what kind of creature you are in this world so let the people who say you’re bad and judge you. You know yourself and you don’t have to compare it with others.

Be who you are on the inside.

You only know yourself. Other people do not know what you are inside. So you can help yourself to fight for life because you know for yourself how strong you are. Moana says this because you don’t have to pretend to be what you are. Show your flaws, show your true character but do not harm others. Don’t let others hurt you even if you have a bad attitude.

The ocean chose me.

Moana believes that the ocean is her life partner. The ocean where she was willing to tell everyone what was happening to her and could listen to her problems without leaving her. For her, the ocean was her constant companion for the rest of her life. We need someone or something we can be with if we are in a situation and when we know they will not leave us.

Once you know what you like, well there you are.

When you get what you want, of course, you will be happy. So don’t stop until you get the things you know will make your life fun and complete. Do what you want and do not let it affect what others say as long as no one hurts you and you don’t hurt anyone else by what you do. Try to know what you want in life, for sure you will try to get it and you will try to get it as best you can and you’re more inspired to do it because you know you eventually experience the fulfillment.

I want adventure in the great wide somewhere

Living here on earth, not just where you are, you are there until the end of your life. You need to explore the world. You need to find where you are most fit and where you can be happier in life. Doing the things you think you can’t do is an achievement you can have in your life. Always try to learn something new and experience the unforgettable memory you bring to adulthood.

There’s more beyond the reef.

Moana believes that there’s more than the reef and just like us does not end our lives with problems and many of us do not know about ourselves. Not only will this be explored but someday we will know that too. So if you think you’re up to it and you can do little, you think wrong, you can do more and you can do it all if you just trust in yourself.

The ocean is a friend of mine.

You need to find a friend who’s always there for you. To help you with problems and who will comfort you in whatever happens to you. And most of all the kind of friends that will never leave you in times of need. Moana is believed to be a friend of the ocean because she finds pleasure in it and fulfillment.

Sometimes our strength lies beneath the surface, far beneath in some cases.

In our lives, sometimes coming to the point that no matter how strong you are, you can give up because you know you are tired and have no reason to fight. You force yourself to fight but you want to give up, sometimes you look for the stronger you are but it won’t come to you until you think you can go on with life again.

I can lead with pride; I can make us strong. I’ll be satisfied if I play along. But the voice inside sings a different song. What is wrong with me?

Sometimes no matter how strong you are, you can’t do everything because you have a limit. Not everything is meant for you so no matter what you do and try to get it, you can do nothing but blame yourself. The lesson here is that if it wasn’t for you, you wouldn’t be able to fight no matter what.

I am self-taught.

The best thing you can learn in life is to learn the lessons in your life. We are all self-taught. You know how to do the things you want to do because you taught yourself. You learn to fight on your own because not always someone is there to guide you, often all we have is our own especially when you have no partner in life or come to the point where you are alone, there is nothing to help you but yourself.

A real way-finder never sleeps.

The person who wants to fulfill life does not stop. It’s always looking for ways to get success and no matter what, they don’t stop fighting. If you are a fighter and want something in life, do not stop fighting and continue life despite trials and even to the point where you think you are hopeless, you will still find a way even when you know you have little chance of winning.

Scars can heal and reveal just where you are.

Even if you make a mistake, it can still change and you can fix it, and having many mistakes in life does not diminish one’s personality. This will help you to get up and fight back. Making a mistake in life does not become a barrier if you become stronger in life. And finally, here you can see what you’ve got. You can see in these scars what you have gone through and the trials and often fail before you achieve what you want.

Fear holds you back.

You won’t lose your fear unless you fight. It is normal to fear life but always remember that you have to remove fear and face life no matter what problems and trials come your way. People say Face your fears Just be afraid at first but don’t let it consume you because, in the end, fear will be your defeat

You will do great things, but first you must learn who you are meant to be.

You need to know what things are for you. Because when you know what matters to you, you will be able to do better and enjoy life more because it is what you want and it will make you happy. Don’t be afraid of what other people will say to you, the judgments they will say and most of all their expectations just do what you want.

The voice inside is who you are.

You need to obey what your heart and mind are screaming because that’s your personality. Don’t be affected by what others say especially when they tell you you can’t and they put you down. Don’t do something just for the sake of other people, do something because you like it and here for sure you will be happy.

Know your purpose.

Everything that lives on earth has a purpose. Sometimes people feel useless because they do not yet know what their mission is in the world. When you do not know your purpose in the world, you will not be able to live well and you will not feel like you are here. So it is important to know your purpose so that you are more likely to continue your life because you know you have something to do and to move on with your life.

You can be a hero.

Being a hero to others is the person who saves the lives of others but the true hero is the brave one. When you are brave and you can do everything you can to help people in need. You don’t have to have superpowers to be a hero. There are many ways you can be called a hero because even with simple methods, you can help others. Helping others is being a hero. So if you are a kind person who helps people then you are also a hero.

One day I’ll know how far I’ll go.

Ignore people who do not believe in your ability and reach you in life. Just surprise them with what you’ve achieved in life and prove them wrong. Because someday, they will also know that you can go on with life. Just dream because all your dreams are being told by your heart. You have to dream big and just let the people who don’t trust you.

When I die, I’m going to come back as one of these. Or I chose the wrong tattoo.

When you are happy and enjoying your life like you have nothing to ask for, it is as if you wish it never ended. And when given the chance to live again, what you choose to live for is what you have in the present even though it is not perfect. This often happens to people who are in love and many people are always with them. It will come to the point that you do not want to leave them and do not want the time to lose your happiness.

There comes a day when you are going to look around and realize happiness is where you are.

There are times when your happiness is there but you never know it. Sometimes you need to constantly explore where you are or who you are with, your true happiness. You just always appreciate what is there for you. Because the truth is that you don’t just have it in your eyes, because the happiness that others often desire is in the heart, your heart feels it.

Sometimes, who we wish we were, what we wish we could do, it’s just not meant to be.” -Moana

We have things we want to do and want to experience in our lives but we just don’t think it is for us because we can’t. The things you want should be the thing you meant. Because when it is for you, no matter what happens, it goes to you. So if there are things you don’t get, just think that this is not for you. Don’t lose hope because someday, you’ll get what you want. Just wait for the right time for you.

Okay, first, I am not a princess, Okay, first, I’m not a princess, I’m the daughter of the chief.

Being a princess is not just about having a kingdom and a father and mother queen. Some care for them and serve those in a lower position. Being a princess is a brave but kind woman. There are a good heart and concern for other people. It also doesn’t measure up to physical beauty because the real princess is beautiful on the outside and inside. They care about other people and do not use their position to hurt or intimidate others.


I hope you liked Moana’s inspirational quotes. I hope it gives you a good perspective on life and teaches you a variety of lessons. Hoping you learn more about what life is and what your purpose is. In these quotes, you will learn to continue living despite the many failures you experience because life is so problematic, you just have to pass every test.

These Moana’s inspirational quotes will help you see the amazing potential that life has to offer for you. Many can give you inspiration, one of which is to see the people you love who have succeeded in life, the people who can overcome all the problems and most of all by reading inspirational quotes that may be helpful to you and remind you of the things you need to do and how lucky you are to be living in this world.

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