77 Of The Most Iconic Vine Quotes

A lot of people love Vine and cannot get enough of watching them. There are hilarious Vines and memorable Vines that have reached iconic status wherever you go. And that is why Vines were so popular during its run from 2013 to 2017.

Even though we may have said goodbye to Vines in 2017, there are still quotes that are quite memorable and are still very much iconic even until this day. Here are some of the Vine quotes we believe belong at the top.

When will you learn that your actions have consequences?

Even though Vine usually contains comedy videos and has lines that are funny, this quote is a wakeup call in the sense that it hits us right in the heart. It really is true that we all have to recognize the fact that each and every single one of our actions has corresponding consequences we have to take into considerations before deciding on doing such actions.

Anything for you, Beyonce.

When a Vine has a reference to the Queen herself, you would know that this would end up becoming an iconic quote. Anything for you, Beyonce, anything for you. We all feel that way, and we are all willing to do anything for the Queen.

I didn’t get no sleep cause of y’all, y’all not gone get no sleep cause of me!

Fight fire with fire. If people around you are not giving you enough peace to let you sleep, do the same to them and make sure that they are not going to get enough sleep because of you. An eye for an eye, I guess.

I am shooketh.

We are still using this line even now. It is a play on the classic word shocked but incorporates a more modern way of saying things. Well, shooketh still basically means the same thing but was coined so that it could fit the way celebrities and internet personalities say words today.

Happy Crimus….

It’s crismun…

Merry crisis.

Merry Chrysler.

How difficult is it to say Merry Christmas? Well, perhaps not all of us were made to know and say things exactly as they are. But it is funny because of how the word Chrysler is more difficult to say that the word Christmas.

Hey, my name is Trey. I have a basketball game tomorrow.

This is a viral line involving a child who plays point guard for his school’s basketball game. For some reason, it actually gained popularity. The line itself does not have anything memorable in it, but it was the way the boy said the words that made it really funny.

How do you know what’s good for me? That’s my opinion!

Nobody can tell you what is good for you. You should not let anyone tell you what is good for you unless you actually wanted their opinion. Instead, rely on your own thoughts and opinions when it comes to things related to what is good for you.

…Hi, Welcome to Chili’s.

This is a Vine that is related to the restaurant chain Chili’s famous 2007 jingle phrase, Welcome to Chili’s. The Vine was made famous when a certain Viner named Adam Perkins uttered the same phrase in front of a bathroom while wearing only boxers.

Can I PLEASE get a waffle?

This Vine is a popular one not only because everyone in the world basically loves waffles and enjoys these breakfast treats more than any other early-day food but also because of how it was taken in a restaurant while the people behind the counter were fighting for one reason or another.

There is only one thing worse than a rapist.
A child.

There really is nothing worse than a rapist. However, this vine made things funny when what was supposed to be revealed as child rapist was made into a gag by saying that a child is worse than a rapist. Seriously though, there really is nothing worse than a rapist, whether he be a child rapist or not.

Welcome to Bible Study. We’re all children of Jesus… Kumbaya, my lord.

Bible Study is a very religious and spiritual practice that a lot of people do. However, what made this Vine so funny and popular was the fact that it was filmed in the middle of a usual teenage party where people were drinking booze and possibly doing things that were exactly the opposite of what children of Jesus would do.

Two shots of vodka.

Two shots of vodka. That is what we all need in any kind of occasion. Well, maybe we probably need more than two shots when we are in the middle of tough times. But two shots should be the minimum.

Shawty, I don’t mind.

This vine is quite simple but is actually very funny. It involves a man holding a Kermit the Frog puppet while singing to the tune of Usher’s Shawty I don’t mind using the frog’s iconic voice.

Hurricane Katrina? More like Hurricane Tortilla.

We all know how big of a tragedy Hurricane Katrina was, but what made this Vine funny was that the kid made a joke about the incident when his tortilla chips fell off a shelf as if the house was hit by a massive hurricane.

It’s a Chris Pine.

Chris Pine is a fantastic actor who probably is not someone you would actually place in a funny video. But this Vine became popular because the user made a joke out of the family’s Christmas tree by placing Chris Pine’s photo on it to make it a Chris Pine tree. Get a joke? Well, you probably will later on.

I’ve never been to oovoo javer.

As one of the funniest Vines ever, this short video shows a young man getting asked the question, who is the hottest Uber driver you have ever had? but misunderstands the question and answers, I’ve never been to oovoo javer. Classic Vine.

Yo, how much money do you have?
69 cents.
AYE, you know what that means?
I don’t have enough money for chicken nuggets.

The joke here was supposed to be related to 69, which is a classic sexually related joke. But the Vine went a bit too far and a bit sad when the person behind it said that he could not even afford chicken nuggets with the money he had left in his wallet.

Get to Del Taco. They got a new thing called freesha… free… freeshavaca-do.

We love Del Taco and their fresh avocadoes. But the joke in this Vine is that the sign outside the Del Taco store probably made a mistake in the way they were supposed to write fresh avocado. Instead, it looked more like freeshavaca-do.

Fuck off, Janet; I’m not going to your fucking baby shower.

When you are mixing a Vine with the iconic sitcom The Office, you are going to get a really good Vine. This quote comes from a parody of The Office where the user imitates the same setting we see in the TV show but is more vulgar with his approach to his workmates than what we see in the actual show.

Wtf, is this allowed? Wtf is that allowed?!

When we see something that is so unbelievable, we often resort to saying this, or we often cannot help but think if whatever we saw is something that is even allowed. Well, to see is to believe, I suppose.

Road work ahead? Uh yeah, I sure hope it does.

What makes this Vine really funny is the play on words. It could mean that there is a road work up ahead of you. But, as the Vine implies, it could also mean that you understand that the road ahead of you is working. After all, why else would you put up a road if it does not even work in the first place?

They are my crocs!

Ahhh, the classic what is thoseeeee? when you see shoes that look really bad on you. This is especially true if you see someone wearing Crocs. All you could do is to ask, what are thoseeeee?. No reason to be wearing Crocs unless you want people to come over to you asking you questions about your footwear.

Girl, you’re thicker than a bowl of oatmeal!

The reason why a lot of people love eating oatmeal is that it gives you a hearty and thick breakfast. But if you see a girl with assets and curves that are actually out of proportion, the only conclusion is that she might actually be thicker than the bowl of oatmeal you had this morning.

I brought you Frankincense.
Thank you.
I brought you Myrrh.
Thank you.
Huh… Judas… no!

We all know the nativity story of Jesus Christ, right? Well, this is a different take on it. Instead of Myrrh, the guy is bringing murder, which is something that only someone like Judas would bring to the Baby Jesus after he was born.

Zach stop…Zach stop…You’re gonna get in trouble. Zach.

Yes, Zach, please stop. Nobody wants to see you getting into trouble. Zach, please. Don’t Zach o; please don’t.

Would you like the spider in your hand?
Say, please.
Please. puts spider in hand screams

Who in the world would even want a spider in their hand? Oh, wait, this person in the Vine. That’s the one. Judging from the screaming, that person probably did not want the spider in the first place.

Oh hi, thanks for checking in I’m still a piece of garbage.

How low can your self-esteem be when some checks upon you, and you try to downplay things by telling him that you are still garbage? Well, at least say it in a more confident way by telling the person that you are rubbish instead of garbage. At least that sounds a bit classier than garbage.

All I wanna tell you is school’s not important… Be whatever you wanna be. If you wanna be a dog… woof. You know?

Stay in school, kids. Stay in school. Unless you want to be a dog, then why would you even want to go to school. Have you seen a dog going to school? Probably not, right?

Oh, I like ya accent where you from?
I’m Liberian.
Oh, my bad. whispering I like your accent…

For those who do not know, a Liberian is different from a librarian. Liberians come from Liberia. Librarians work in a library. Thanks, Captain Obvious.

Go ahead and introduce yourselves.
My name is Michael with a B, and I’ve been afraid of insects my entire-
Stop, stop, stop. Where?
Where’s the B?
There’s a bee?

Yeah, Michael. Where exactly is the B in the name Michael? Did we spell it, right? Or is there really a bee somewhere there?

Dad, look, it’s the good kush.
This is the dollar store, how good can it be?

Everyone knows that it is impossible for you to get good stuff in a dollar store. In fact, a dollar might not even get you grass that actually does something.

I smell like beef.

I don’t think anyone in the world does not like the smell of beef. Good for you if you do because you are going to smell really delicious.

You better stop.

Yes. You better stop. Stop what you are doing right now if it is not good for you. We are serious. Just frickin stop that.

Two bros, chilling in a hot tub, five feet apart cause they’re not gay.

No homo bro. There is nothing wrong with good friends in the same hot tub as long as there is enough distance between them. That’s not gay. And if you say no homo, it takes the gay-ness meter down to zero.

Why you always lying?

A Vine that has become a classic meme, almost everyone in the world can recognize this Vine as long as they frequently look at memes.

XOXO, gossip girl.

A parody of the classic teen drama Gossip Girl, this Vine has become so funny because of how the tagline XOXO, gossip girl was delivered in the most hilarious of ways while fitting the context of the situation.

I wanna be a cowboy, baby.

Probably most of us have dreamed once in our early days of being a cowboy in the wild wild west. The old man in this Vine still wanted to be a cowboy, but the way he lived his cowboy dreams is not exactly what a cowboy should be. But who are we to judge? We’re not cowboys ourselves.

I’m washing me and my clothes.

If you want to save time, watch this Vine. Try washing you and your clothes at the same time. And no, we are not talking about washing the clothes in the dryer and then taking a bath. We are talking about taking a bath with your clothes on. That will save you time and water since you are literally washing you and your clothes at the exact same time.

Honey, you’ve got a big storm coming.

There is nothing to be afraid of a sweet old grandma. But when she tells you that you got a big storm coming, you have to be really afraid because she means business. Run for your life, man.

Shoutout to all the pear.

You probably have heard of the rapper Rick Ross, right? Well, this is a Vine quote that goes out to his love of pears. He even went as far as sending out a shoutout for that fruit. Who does that? Well, Rick Ross does. And we can’t even complain.

A potato flew around my room before you came.

Let us introduce you to the world’s most famous potato, which has garnered millions of views on YouTube and was just as popular in Vine. But wait. It’s not a simple potato. It’s a flying potato circling a room. That makes sense, right?

Chipotle is my life.

If you love Mexican food, you’d love Chipotle. And if you love Chipotle, you might need to make it a big part of your life or even your life. Mexican food is life.

Look at all those chickens!

This is not exactly the funniest Vine, but it sure is cute. It’s about a young girl pointing at what seems to be a huge flock of geese but calling them chickens in the cutest of ways. Yes, little girl. We’ll forgive you for that. For you, we’ll call them chickens from now on.

I like turtles.

Who in the world does not like turtles? Even a boy with a zombie face paint seems to enjoy turtles really well because that was all that he could say when he was interviewed on live television. Well, maybe he was a bit nervous, but if you can profess your love for turtles on television, we’ll leave you at that.

It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life, watermelon, inside a watermelon.

There is nothing more beautiful than an entire watermelon that is inside another watermelon. It’s like tuturkekey, which is a turkey inside a turkey. You are essentially getting two great things in one package.

Deez nuts, ha got em?

The Deez nuts guy is one of the most widely used memes during its time. And if you have seen the Vine, you would understand why Deez nuts are really popular.

I’m in my mum’s car, broom broom.

This is weirdly funny. When you are British, and you are in your mum’s car, all you need to do is to brag about it and say broom broom while your mum in the background tells you to get out of me car.

I have osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is not a laughing matter because a lot of people suffer from it. But if it’s a Vine, about someone falling down from a wheelchair after saying he has osteoporosis, then we can laugh all we want.

I love you bitch, I ain’t never gonna stop loving you, bitch.

Dedicating a song to your girlfriend or wife is probably the sweetest thing you can do for her. Well, the sweetness might go down a notch if you call her bitch once or twice. But hey. At least you said you ain’t never gonna stop loving her even though you did call her a bitch twice.


Another iconic Vine turned into a meme, the pastor asking why it seems to be something that only the internet can make fun of by using it in any other context.

Twinkle twinkle.

We really do not get the context of this Vine, but it seems to us that this guy is trying to reply to birds chirping by saying, twinkle twinkle. But he must have forgotten that birds do not twinkle. The stars do.

Happy birthday, raven!
I can’t swim.

The only way for you to ruin a birthday for a little girl is by taking her to the beach even when you know for sure that she doesn’t know how to swim. And let’s not forget that Raven herself reminded you that she couldn’t swim.

Say, Colorado.

You probably know what a photobomb is, right? A video bomb is exactly the same but is done in a video. And if it’s a man shouting that he’s a giraffe, then it probably is the next level of video bombing.

Jeeeeez, Jesus Christ.

How many times do you have to say Jesus’s name in our face? First, you said his nickname. After that, you had to tell us his full name. We get it, kid. You were shocked. But you did not have to say his name twice.

Oh my god, he on x-games mode.

You don’t have to mock a guy enjoying his skateboard at a beginner level by saying that he is on x-games mode. Well, maybe you do have to if you want to make a funny Vine out of it. And we love that you did.

Ah, fuck. I can’t believe you’ve done this.

A punch on the face? Yep. We can’t believe he did that to you either.

What the fuck is up, Kyle?

Yes, Kyle! What the fuck is up? We really do not know, but we like the way the Vine sounds. What the fuck is up, Kyle? Like, what the fuck?

So you just gonna bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift?

How many times can you say birthday? As many times as you need to get your point across. In this case, to get your glass across someone else’s face.

Come get y’all juice.

What’s funnier than someone breaking something? Well, someone breaking something by running into the kitchen just to get some juice. Was the juice really that worth it that you had to break something?

You know what? I’m about to say it.

Of course, you can say anything you want. You can say what’s on your mind, even if it involves not caring about someone who just broke his elbow.

That is not correct.

How obnoxious could you get when you are correcting someone? Well, you have to check this Vine out if you really want to know the most obnoxious way of telling someone that he or she is wrong.

And they were roommates.
Mah God, they were roommates.

They were roommates?! Wow, we are just as shocked as everyone here, even though we do not really know who those roommates are. But it is still very shocking.

Sleep? I don’t know about sleep. It’s summertime.

When is it the summertime, who needs sleep? We don’t need to sleep. We are here to enjoy the summer!

Next, Please.
Sir, this is a mug shot.

Who says criminals are not polite? A simple hello will make any criminal seem like a nicer person even though he is already in the middle of taking his mug shot. But a little hello does not hurt, right?

A mug shot? I don’t even drink coffee.

Continuing from where we left off, even the politest of criminals do not necessarily drink coffee. And coffee is not even a requirement for you to take a mug shot.

Hey, did you happen to go to class last week?
I have never missed a class.

There is always that one weird and nerdy kid who always has perfect attendance in all of his classes. And if you somehow imply that he missed a class, it would be the most offensive thing for him on the entire planet.

It’s an avocado… thanks

This is the cutest thing on the planet. Teach your kids to be grateful for anything they get, and they will say thank you with a happy smile even if they get an avocado as a gift. But, tip for parents, avocado is not exactly the best gift for kids. Give that boy a toy.

Mother trucker, dude, that hurt like a butt cheek on a stick.

If you do not want to say anything profane, but you still want to sound cool, this is the way to do it even if it does not even make any sense at all. Mother trucker? But cheek on a stick? Who in the world says those?

Not to be racist or anything, but Asian people su…

Watch this Vine if you want to get what it really means. If you start getting racist on Asian people, you might find yourself on the receiving end of an atom bomb.

Hey, I’m lesbian.
I thought you were American.

For those who do not really speak a lot of English and for those who do not know what a lesbian is, you have to know that it isn’t a nationality. Yes, you can be an American lesbian.

What’s better than this? Guys being dudes.

Guys being dudes or being themselves is like the best thing any man can feel. Boys will be boys. Guys will be guys. Dudes will be dudes. There is nothing wrong with any of those.

Ooooh, he needs some milk.

Everyone needs some milk. Even those who are in the middle of a confusing fit need milk. And we are not saying that milk can fix that. It might help with the mood, though.

It is Wednesday, my dudes.

This Vine does not really make any sense other than the fact that it says what day it is. But nothing in Vine really makes any sense. And that senselessness is what made us love it. Of course, this quote is now a popular meme that is being used all over the internet.

Fuck ya, chicken strips!

When someone asks you how your chicken strips are, please answer them nicely. Chicken strips are the best, and there is no room for any profanity when it comes to eating chicken strips. We love chicken strips here.

Gimme your fucking money.

Is a little girl trying to rob a doll of its money and saying fuck funny? Well, if the internet says it is, then we have to agree. But please, don’t teach your kids how to rob or how to say fuck.

Staaaahp! I coulda dropped my croissant!

Yeah, dude. Stop. Don’t come in scaring people, or else they would end up dropping their croissant. We don’t want to waste a perfectly good piece of flaky pastry. Croissants are the best, and no one wants to drop them.

Lebron, James.

The kid who said LeBron James’ name in the funniest and most unique way is now an internet megastar. Yes, doing something as simple as that can get you to places.


It’s such a shame that Vine had to shut down when it did. It had a lot of great quotes and funny videos that still live in the hearts and memories of a lot of people today. And if you are a citizen of the internet, a lot of those Vines live in memes that are still widely used until today. Yes, that is how powerful Vine was during its peak.

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