20 Best Quotes from the Worst Film Ever “The Room”

Released in 2003, The Room is sought to be a romantic drama film played by various American actresses and actors. This film has been directed and even produced by the same person Tommy Wiseau. Tommy has also played a role in the said film with other popular artists Greg Sestero and Juliette Danielle.

What it focuses on is the spectacular love affair of three personalities which are Johnny who played a role as a banker, Lisa; Johnny’s fiance, and Mark who is Johnny’s best friend. Johnny, which is being played by Tommy Wiseau has performed a significant part in the film.

Yet, most of the piece outlined in the film is somehow a bit confusing to the viewers as a significant number of scenes consist of irrelevant stories that include one character but the play has a lot of inconsistencies and unresolved fusses due to paucity of narrative arrangement.

The Room was described by Wiseau as partly true about his life and the rest contains fictional elements. The title has been signified by a certain room or piece of his life events whereas he has experienced both good and bad scenarios. The main place where the film has happened is entirely within a single room.

For those who didn’t appreciate its construction, The Room has been called the worst film ever. Yet, becoming something interesting, Sesetero has thought of publishing the plot as a book with the help of Tom Bissell and it appears to be successful back in 2013.

It has even become a film again but starred by different actors and actresses made it even more victorious as it has received a lot of compliments and significant nomination awards.

The below list is the best quote you can find interesting in the said film.

You are part of my life, you are everything. I couldn’t go on without you, Lisa.

This is what Johnny has told Lisa as a part of demonstrating and explaining how much he loves him.

Sometimes, people do not understand how much we love them without explaining the very detailed simplicity of our love to them.

When things go rough in a relationship, though actions make your loved one feel how much you valued them, it is still best for you to tell them their significance in your life.

How much they mean to you and how you can’t go on without them. It does not mean that you would die when they left, all it just entails is the way you see your future relates to them.

Get out, get out, get out of my life!

This is what Johnny stated as he wanted to be alone at that certain time.

There are things in life that when negativity and unlikeable experiences happen to us, all we want is to be alone. Alone from everything for us to think and pretty much understand what is going on.

This quote also pertains to how Johnny has trusted a lot but was only betrayed. The quote just explains that all he wishes is to have someone true to him. Someone who will not betray him and someone who will not fail him as he has experienced every failure in life.

Since when did you give me orders?

This quote mentioned by Johnny seeming agitated at being asked for something that he doesn’t feel like doing.

Johnny feels being ruled and leveled down. Being true to himself and understanding how his superiority works, Johnny doesn’t want to be questioned and taught what he is supposed to do.

In life, when pride and superiority lead us, we see ourselves above others. And, taking orders from someone is our final resort and not even an option at all. We do not see someone asking us what we do in our lives.

We do not see someone telling us what to do about everything about ourselves. What we see is us taking hold of everything about our self.

And besides, I’m wasted. I love you, darling.

Johnny mentioned these words when he was drunk but still tells Lisa how much he loves her.

The quote only pertains to even how much you are ruined and how much you are delusional at something, your heart still speaks up. Your heart doesn’t lie. It still tells how deeply he is in love.

Sometimes, even if the one we love has failed us, and even if the one we loved has betrayed us, we cannot teach our hearts on who to love and what to do.

We cannot teach our hearts to not love someone because that will not happen.

Why is this happening to me, why?

Johnny asks himself about what is going on. He is asking for an answer as to why he is experiencing all unlikeable things in his life.

Although we think that sometimes we lead our lives and our lives are packed and are planned according to our will, there are still some things that we do not expect to happen.

This quote only talks about not having any answer at all even if we badly wanted to know what it is all about. It signifies that not everything is planned according to our will.

It pertains to how much we planned something to work perfectly right, there are still unexpected things that will happen to test us.

If a lot of people love each other, the world will be a better place to live.

Johnny talks about love. He talks about how love can change the world. He also pertains ironically to how hatred can ruin the world.

This quote only pertains to how we think love can change everything. It changes us. It changes someone’s life, and most importantly, it can change the whole world.

And if all negativity in life and hatred is set aside and everyone only knows how to love, things will get easier and things will get better.

I will do anything for my girl.

This talks about how Johnny cherishes his fiancee, Lisa.

Once we are in love, our heart tells us that the person we love is everything for us. And if something arises that we need to do something, we will do everything for the sake of love.

Love can change how we think. Love can change how we decide. It can even blind us of hardship. Even if things get rough and get wrecked, we still do everything in our power for them. We will do everything.

I treat you like a princess, you stabbed me at my back.

Johnny mentioned these words knowing that the one he loves has betrayed him.

Sometimes, even if we did everything for someone, we cannot control how they will respond. Even if we give them everything they want and everything they wished for, it is not an excuse for them to treat us the way we do.

Love doesn’t give us a ticket to be loved back. It does not give us a ticket to claim the same way we did love the other person. We can’t even control how they will respond. In love, if you expect something in return, it is not called love.

This quote just pertains to how to not expect a lot. The same way given is not the same way returned. So, learn how to let everything go. Even the one you truly loved.

How could you do this to me?

This quote just pertains to Johnny questioning Lisa about her betrayal to him. Johnny does not understand what in the world he was betrayed even when everything he has done is in the name of love.

The quote just talks about how we can be wrecked even all we have done is for the good sake of the one we love. We learn to question them why they have the guts to treat us disrespectfully even all we have done is to respect them.

Sometimes, you cannot even believe why it has happened.

I gave you seven years of my life.

Johnny started to tell Lisa how much sacrifice he has done for her, but all he got is betrayal in return.

As soon as you felt betrayed, there is a thing inside you asking them how it has even possibly happened. We start to enumerate all the things we did for them. We start telling them what we have lost to gain them. To gain their love for us.

We tend to give up everything for love. But sometimes, giving up everything means giving up all for nothing.

That’s life.

These words were told by Johnny while Danny is experiencing hard times. This quote simply pertains that life does not only throw good things towards us. It also throws things to challenge us.

We will never appreciate everything good about life without even having challenges. The only way we can appreciate the good things is to learn how they are valuable in tough times.

I don’t drink, you know that.

Johnny mentioned these words to Lisa when she asked him to drink.

This quote only pertains to how much we expected someone to know us. As we get too comfortable to be with someone we love, we thought that they know everything about us. We expect that they will know every single detail about us.

What’s bothering you, Mark?

Being Mark’s best friend, Johnny knows when Mark is being bothered at something. As soon as Johnny felt uncomfortable about how Mark acted, he asked him these words to know what is going on.

Being someone’s best friend, we know when our beloved friends feel uncomfortable. We know when they are hiding something from us. We feel if they are undergoing something unlikeable, we should know.

This quote just pertains to what we love to know and we love to share with our friend’s miseries in life. We do not want them to go through it alone. We want to know what is going on.

Everybody betrayed me. I’m fed up with this world.

Johnny tells these words in the public as soon as he knew he was betrayed.

This quote signifies how we can’t trust everyone. Even the one he loved. He mentioned everybody as he treats those people who betray him as his world. He treats them as his special and loved ones.

I’m fed up with this world simply pertains to how he has gone through life. How things go wrong even all he knows is do something good.

God, forgive me.

Johnny mentioned this when he wants to commit suicide and put a bullet on his head.

He is asking forgiveness because he knows that what he is about to do is a sin. He asks God’s forgiveness because he knows that doing suicide is not going to cause him any good but he wants to do anyway to get rid of all his troubles and fears in life.

This quote only pertains that suicide is not an option. Suicide will never be an option.

You know what they say, love is blind?

After Lisa betrayed him, he still wants to forgive her. These words were mentioned by Johnny, that after all, he went through Lisa, he still loves her.

In life, even if we are betrayed, and even if we were thrown at stones and pains, we still can’t change the fact that our hearts still speak up the truth. We still love them after all.

I’m tired, I’m wasted, I love you, darling.

This is an inspiring quote of how love can change you. It can change the way you think, but it cannot change the way you feel.

Even if you feel dumped and wronged, or even if you are tired about what is going on, it still does not change the fact how much you love the person.

You are tearing me apart, Lisa.

It is just amazing how love can destroy you but you cannot still let them go. Even if you are in pain and are broken into pieces, you can’t still think of giving them up. You just can’t give them up.

People are strange these days.

These words were mentioned by Mark, Johnny’s best friends’ when Johnny told Mark that Lisa is very loyal to him. This quote just implies how someone you know can betray you. Whether you like it or not, there are things that people can do out of the ordinary. You cannot just control what will happen next.

People are people, they can’t just see their own faults.

This is what a psychologist in the film said as a piece of advice. This quote just implies how people are hard and difficult sometimes. Their pride can eat them inside. Even if it is very obvious, you cannot let them understand their faults without them acknowledging it by themselves.


Although The Room has been seen as the worst film ever, there are still a lot of words and quotes that are very good and can be applied to your daily life. One thing that can inspire you and motivate you, you still can learn from this film even if it is the worst film at all times.

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