The Best Honeymoon Wishes For The Happy Couple

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A honeymoon is an incredibly special time in a couple’s life. After the flurry of activity that accompanies weddings, it’s the time when a couple can wind down and truly revel in each other’s love. As a friend, family, or well-wisher, writing a note of meaningful well-wishes is a great way to send them off to their new life.

A note doesn’t need to contain flowery language, be overly long, or even particularly sentimental to be considered valuable. What it needs to be is sincere and straight from the heart. Here we have the do’s and don’ts you need to consider while penning your honeymoon wishes.

Things to keep in mind while sending honeymoon wishes

  • Make sure that your words are genuine and not generic.
  • Always accompany a note of honeymoon wishes with a small gift as a token of your appreciation.
  • One way to ensure your words ring true is by doing your research. Make sure your compliments are based on real facts. For example, your note of honeymoon wishes can make reference to the couple’s love story or a story from their courtship. The idea is to make the wishes seem real and not contrived or copy-pasted.
  • Everyone knows how hard it is to sustain a relationship in our busy modern times. It is truly a testament to love when a couple makes it to the other side and enters matrimony. In your note of honeymoon wishes, you can consider acknowledging the strength of their union and the significance of the moment.
  • A handwritten note always makes a bigger impact than a cookie-cutter typed note. If you can, do consider writing a note by hand. A beautifully penned note of “honeymoon wishes” also acts as a great keepsake.

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Things to avoid while sending honeymoon wishes

  • Avoid focusing too much on negatives in your note of honeymoon wishes. It spoils the mood and is not in keeping with the occasion. Avoid making too many references to struggles or difficult times.
  • Avoid writing an overly long note of honeymoon wishes. It is likely that an extremely long note will remain unread. If you have a longer story or more heartfelt feelings to share, a letter is a more appropriate medium.
  • Avoid repeating yourself when penning your note of honeymoon wishes. A note doesn’t have to be long to make an impact.
  • Avoid platitudes and clichés in your note of honeymoon wishes. Lines like “love conquers all” and “your love can move mountains” read as over the top and make you appear insincere. If you must use lines like “your love is an inspiration”, accompany them with specific examples of how the couple’s love inspired you.

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The best honeymoon wishes

We have made writing wishes for a honeymooning couple easy for you by putting together a list. There are a variety of wishes from fun, flirty and funny to serious and moving to choose from. You will definitely find one that suits the tone you are aiming for. Enjoy browsing and hope you get some great ideas for crafting your very own note of honeymoon wishes.

  1. Wishing you a lifetime of wedded bliss. This is the time to truly revel in your love, away from the stress of wedding festivities. Rest, relax, recharge and make a tonne of memories. Hoping your honeymoon is filled with joy that lasts forever.
  2. I hope your honeymoon is filled with laughter and levity. I don’t know a couple who deserves a vacation more. Get wet, get tan, take endless selfies, and most importantly, discover each other thoroughly. Wishing you a month of fun, frolic and memories.
  3. You guys make every moment so special and fun. And I know you’ll enjoy your honeymoon in your own unique style too. Don’t forget to take photos to capture it all. Hoping this is just the beginning of a lifetime of travel and exploration for you guys.
  4. You guys make us sworn bachelors believe in love. Hope your honeymoon is everything you have dreamt of and more. Make a tonne of memories and above all relax. You deserve it after the insanity of the wedding.
  5. Happy honeymooning lovebirds. I know you are going to paint the town red. But pace yourself okay. Take time to slow down and be in the moment. Make happy memories, laugh and don’t forget to take pictures.
  6. Wishing you the most fun time on your honeymoon. You guys know how to make every occasion a party. I have no doubt your honeymoon will be a party filled, all day celebration too. Have fun.
  7. So happy that you guys are going to tick off all your bucket list items in one epic trip. Wishing you a fabulous honeymoon. Take a tonne of pictures. Can’t wait for the updates. Make sure you have some life changing stories to tell.
  8. You guys make everyday look so romantic, I am sure your honeymoon will be just a dream. Can’t wait to see all your happy, tanned photos. Have fun, be safe and above all, relax. You deserve it.
  9. You guys make relationships look so easy. Hope your honeymoon is just as easy, stress-free and relaxed. Wishing you endless days of sunshine and bliss. This is just the beginning of a lifetime of exciting memories.
  10. You guys are such a true partnership, and I am so lucky to have witnessed your support for each other all these years. Make sure you don’t let each other drink too much on the honeymoon. A little goes a long way. And if you do get drunk, make sure to take photos. Can’t wait to hear the crazy stories. Have a great one, lovebirds.
  11. You guys are the best partnership since “Bonnie and Clyde,” “Kermit and Piggy,” and “Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.” Wishing my favorite mischief-makers the happiest and most fun filled honeymoon. Do something new every day and don’t forget to document it all. Can’t wait to see the photos.
  12. You guys are the best example of true respect and companionship in a relationship. I know your honeymoon will be just as love and light filled as your relationship. Wishing you a crazy good time. Hope you make memories that last a lifetime.
  13. I know this is not the first vacation you guys have taken together. But I know, it will be the most meaningful. Make every moment count. Can’t believe my best friends are married! I know your honeymoon will be just as epic as your relationship has been already. Wishing you the best of times and a tonne of exciting experiences.
  14. My favorite foodies are off to their honeymoon! Wishing you a yummy time, filed with the best of flavors and none of the weight. Just kidding. Have fun, my favorite lovebirds. Can’t wait to hear about it all.
  15. You guys are the perfect embodiment of “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Hope the fun, laughter and enjoyment are doubled on your honeymoon too. Don’t forget to slow down and treasure the small moments. Wishing you the best of times.
  16. A king-size vacation for the couple that always lives life to the fullest. So excited for you guys as you leave for your honeymoon. I know you will make it a truly unforgettable experience. Have fun and take a tonne of pictures. After all, if you didn’t click it, did it even happen.
  17. Wishing you sunny skies, gentle breezes and love at every corner. Your honeymoon is just the start of a lifetime of bliss. Make the most of it. It only happens once.
  18. I know this is your official honeymoon. But my wish for you is that this honeymoon period lasts forever. May you always feel this deeply in love, this gentle in care, this exciting in hope.
  19. Wishing you a laughter filled, playful time on your honeymoon. Now that the stresses of the wedding are over, the fun truly begins. Hope this is just the beginning of a lifetime of merriment for my favorite couple.
  20. You guys make real life seem like a fantasy. Hoping your honeymoon is everything you’ve ever dreamt of. Wishing you a fun filled, happy vacation. You deserve only the best.
  21. Hey you guys, have fun on your honeymoon. But don’t get so drunk, you forget who you married. Just kidding. But seriously, wishing you a crazy, good time. It only happens once.
  22. The best honeymoon is the one with the best photos. But seriously don’t fight over bad photos. Make the best memories. That’s all that matters. That and making the world jealous over your love. Couple goals, am I right?
  23. Congrats, you guys made it. Now, you only need to get through the honeymoon. Kidding. But seriously, don’t kill yourself before you are back. Wishing you the happiest of days.
  24. Congrats on being a perfect example of “when love looks right.” I know your honeymoon will be just as picture perfect as your relationship. And, if not, there’s always photoshop. Just kidding. Have fun lovebirds.

Your wedding was the party to top all parties. Your honeymoon has a lot to live up to. But knowing you guys, I know it will be just as amazing. Take a tonne of photos and create a tonne of memories. Wishing you the best of days.

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