Best Messages To Wish Someone Success

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The best part about success wishes is that you can use them on multiple occasions- when someone is about to attempt or achieve something, and even after they have been accomplished their feat.

A job, house, examination, business, sports, everything calls for success wishes. Be it your relatives, friends, colleagues, or anyone else, everyone loves to hear appreciation in form of success messages.

Motivate someone in your unique way with success messages, or congratulate them for their achievements with success wishes. Put these messages in cards, send as SMS, or tell them personally over the phone or as you meet them face to face!

This list of success wishes has been divided into categories so that you can conveniently choose one for the occasion that suits you.


·      Since it is a message for wishing success, the tone should be extremely cheerful and positive.

·      Keep it simple and light.

·      If wishing success before an important event, ensure it sounds comforting and encouraging.

·      Only send a message when you are completely sure about someone’s success.

·      Mentioning the name of the person in your message always adds a personal, heartwarming touch.

·      Make them feel you are happy to learn about their success.


·      Too many serious words may take the fun away from the success message

·      Do not write an essay, no one wants to read messages that are heavily worded.

·      Use appropriate language depending upon who the success wishes are intended for.

·      Do not use words that show jealousy or negativity towards their success.

Best success wishes before exams

1.   May you come out with flying colors in your exam! I pray for your success in every step of life. Good luck!

2.   You have always worked hard and focused on your goals. I am sure you will excel in your exams. Wish you success!

3.   I wish you success in your exams. With your kind of dedication and hard work, I’m sure you’ll nail it! Wish you good luck!

4.   Success comes to those who work for it and you surely have! My best wishes are with you for your exams.

5.   May God bless you with success in your examinations! Give it your best and have faith. Wishing you good luck!

6.   You have always been a fighter and never a quitter and that’s the road to success. Keep that spirit while you are writing your exams. Best of luck with your exams.

7.   Always focusing on winning might make you lose sight of what’s important. Give it your best shot with confidence. I’m sure you will come out with flying colors. Good luck!

8.   Success is never away from those who believe in it and focus on what they are best at. You have studied hard, so relax and write your test with confidence. Wish you good luck and success.

9.   Face your exams with confidence because that’s the best way to feel good during an exam. I know you will rock it! Wish you all the best!

10.Success doesn’t come without some pain! You have made a lot of effort and now it’s time to write your exams and be successful! Best of luck!

11.Preparation is the first step to success and you have already done it! All the best for your exams!

12.Keep calm….You can do this, and do this well! Best wishes and good luck with your exams.

13.You have nothing to worry about because you have put in a lot of hard work. I wish you all the best and am sure your exams will go great!

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Wishing someone success before something important

1.   Tomorrow is a big day and you have our support and good wishes. May you be successful in accomplishing your goals tomorrow!

2.   Dreamers are the most successful people because they have a goal to reach. I’m sure you will be successful in yours. Best wishes!

3.   I have always believed in you and your capabilities because you are amazing in everything you do. I know in my heart that you will be successful in this. Give it your best!

4.   I know how much this means to you and I wish you success! You are in my prayers always. Sending you best wishes. Go and win it!

5.   May life smile at you always and success be with you in every step of life. Best Wishes!

6.   I wish you success today and every day in all your life’s events. Play well and come home a winner! I know you can do it. All the best!

7.   You have unwavering determination and complete focus on your goal. May success be yours! My best wishes for your big day!

8.   I know you can do it and my heartfelt wishes are with you. Give it your best shot and I’m sure you will be successful! Best of luck!

9.   Your efforts will make you successful but I hope my best wishes keep you motivated to do your best. All the best and wish you success!

10.Your job is not easy but you have always excelled in it. Tomorrow is a big day to prove yourself and I know you will do it! Wish you good luck and success!

11.Trust yourself and head for your goal, success is bound to be yours. I wish you the very best and I know you will make it! Best of luck!

12.Keep your thoughts positive! Focus on what could go right. Our best wishes are always with you. Go for it girl/boy!

13.Sending you positive vibes and best of luck for the upcoming event. Give it your best and I know you will be successful. Remember, you are close to victory! Go for it!

14.You have done amazing things n the past and are capable of doing them again. It’s a chance to prove yourself, so give your best and walk the path of success. All the best!

15.When you wished for it, you always worked for it! That’s the address of success by boy/girl. I’m confident that you will be successful in your endeavor. Best of luck!

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Success wishes on someone’s accomplishments

1.   Congratulations, you did it! The house of your dreams is actually yours now. Wish you all the best!

2.   You truly deserved this success. This achievement has come to you with your hard work and dedication. Enjoy it!

3.   Congratulating you on the successful completion of your degree. All the best for a bright future!

4.   May all your future endeavors be a success like this one! You did it and I am very proud of you son. Congratulations!

5.   Wishing you good luck and huge success with your business. With your positive ways of working and experience, you will sill surely take it to great heights. All the best!

6.   You are about to embark on a new journey in life and I wish you nothing but great success! You have worked hard for it and now it’s time to enjoy your achievements. All the best!

7.   It’s a well-deserved success and I am proud of you! My heartfelt congratulations! Wish you more such accomplishments in the future.

8.   It’s a pleasure to see you accomplish such success in life! Your dedication and tireless efforts have made it possible. Wish you the very best in life!

9.   All success stories need great efforts and you have put in a lot to achieve this! You have made us all proud. Congratulations!

10.Your promotion is just the beginning of your success story. I hope you climb up the ladder further and make it to the top! Congratulations!

11.It’s an outstanding accomplishment! I congratulate you on your success and wish you many more such achievements. Best wishes!

12.Bravo! You made it happen! It’s truly commendable and we applaud your success. Congratulations from all of us!

13.You are an excellent example of how great efforts bring huge success. Warmest congratulations on your achievement!

14.You have always amazed me with your outstanding success in all spheres of life but this one is special! Congratulations and well done!

15.Your success inspires us to do our best. We salute you for your extraordinary success. Keep shining and achieving great victories! Congratulations!

16.You have successfully achieved a milestone and we are extremely happy for you. May you have many such accomplishments in life! Congratulations!

17.My heart is full of joy and happiness at the news of your success. Best of luck dear friend and many more to come!

18.‘Me’ to ‘We’ is the beginning of your success story. May God wish you with his choicest blessings and happiness! Congratulations!

19.Life is not easy, but you worked hard to make it successful. I hope you many more such successful occasions. Best of luck!

20.May success touch your life, time and again like this! I am proud of you and wishing you all the best!

21.Another success, another celebration! May you keep moving forward and accomplish great things in life always. My warmest wishes and blessings! Congratulations!

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