The Best Birthday Wishes For Your Childhood Friend

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Childhood, the age innocence, the time of our lives when there are no judgements and no expectations. We live our lives freely, we hold no grudges and have no regrets. The friendship made in childhood are the most beautiful bonds. We live our life through our friends, we share our deepest memories, joys and sorrows, laugh and cry together.

If this special bond carries us throughout adulthood, you cannot count yourself any luckier. Through the ups and downs of life, if you and your childhood friend are still buddies, do not forget to remind them how special they are to you. Make the most of special moments like birthday’s to recognize their value and importance in your life. A heartfelt birthday wish should be sincere, memorable and striking. Here are some wishes you can take inspiration from when you are sending wishes to your dearest friend. 

The sample message ideas will give you a template to personalize your own birthday wish to your friend. The sample messages should fit into any situation, from funny to serious and everything in between. 

Some things that you can highlight in the birthday wishes for your childhood friend quotes (Do’s)

  • Their Influence On Your Life
  • Their Quirks
  • Their Positive Attitude 
  • Their Smartness
  • Their Jovial Nature
  • Their Character Traits

Point to avoid mentioning in the birthday wishes for your childhood friend quotes (Don’t)

  • Don’t mention any memories that are upsetting. 
  • Don’t mention any unresolved issues.
  • Don’t ask for any favors.
  • Don’t mention any hardships.
  • Don’t ask for financial support. 

Tips for birthday wishes for your childhood friend quotes

  • A childhood friend would love to reminisce special moments shared together.
  • Mention how they are different from your other friends.
  • Any personal event you remember that highlights his/her grit or character. 
  • Mention personality traits that makes him/her most loveable or endearing.

Template for birthday wishes for your childhood friend quotes (Basic format)

Dear [Person’s Name],

Its been [10 years] since I have known you. I cannot begin to image how lucky I am to have you as my best friend. I hit the jackpot long back and am still reaping the rewards. You have always been there for me through thick and thin. (Mention the most special moments that you shared together as buddies). I hope our bond gets stronger with each passing year and last till eternity. 

Thank You

[Your Name]

Note: fill in words in [brackets] as needed for your note.

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The Birthday Wishes For Your Childhood Friend Quotes 

-Friends come and go, but you have always been there and will be, of that I’m sure. I cannot remember you being not there at any moment in my life. You are a forever friend. For that I call myself the luckiest. Happy Birthday. 

-Your friendship is the most prized possession in my life. From the age when we could barely understand the meaning of friendship to this day, you have stuck with me like the stickiest glue in the world. Enjoy your birthday, buddy.

-We have been friends for so long, it’s hard to keep track of all the playful and jovial years together. You haven’t changed a bit and I will love you for that forever. 

-Anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend, if they knew you for as long as I have. You are the diamond in the rough and I have been blessed to have you in my life. You are the best. Happy birthday. 

– This birthday has brought back memories of the crazy stuff we did together, pranks we played, secrets we shared together. We went bonkers together and can raise hell even today. Hope those days will never be over. Happy birthday, bestie. 

– If there is one memory that will never fade away, it is the time I spent with you. I cherish every sweet and sour moment we shared together. I love you, buddy. Happy birthday. 

-We have been the best of pals for over two decades. It’s been a rough couple of months but I have always believed that nothing can come between our friendship. You are the most wonderful friends anyone could ask for. Thank you for the birthday invitation. Happy birthday, buddy. 

-For the better part of my life, I have seen you around me. Is there anything that we do not know about the other. Its truly because of a wonderful friend like you that I can back to a happy and a fun childhood. Thank You, buddy. Happy Birthday. 

-Happy birthday to you, my dearest friend. I recount the first birthday we celebrated today and it feels like eons ago. The length of our friendship is a gift that I most cherish. I am forever thankful to have you as a friend who has always lend an ear and comforted me when I needed it. Love you, my best of pals. Have a blast. 

-We do not choose our family, but we choose our friends. I am happy I have been blessed with a friend who is sensible, witty and worldly-wise. You have helped me with your wisdom and held me with your comfort. I have seen the best and the worth of times with you standing by my side. I cannot imagine being so strong without you. Happy birthday and a memorable time ahead.  

-They say you can go looking around the ends of earth and you still can’t find a friend. But I found you right down the street and look how our friendship has evolved. I think God gifted your friendship to me, so I could I have an angel to look out for me. You are the best friend I could ever ask for. Thank you for all the memories we shared together. Happy birthday, to my forever friend.

-If I could make a sketch of all the beautiful memories, I would draw you everywhere. From the time I can barely remember, to this special day, we have shared every moment together like twins. Is it a surprise that we can read each other’s mind. I cannot describe your influence on my life but am very happy that it was you. Hugs and kisses, happy birthday. You are always on my mind. 

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-Growing old wouldn’t have been fun if it weren’t for you. You have held your end of the pact to honor the memory of every special moment we shared together by reliving it. I cannot imagine that you still hold our childhood promise so sacred. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. Happy birthday and have a great time. 

-Childhood passes real quickly. I am glad we became friends back then and we are still as thick as thieves. There is no better feeling than the comfort of your presence in my life. Happy birthday my dearest friend. 

-Good friends do not grow old. They age like fine wines you’d pay anything to possess. Isn’t this the best investment I have ever made in my life. You are making me rich every day with your friendship. Happy Birthday, Girl. 

-You’ll never know what you’ll get in a box of chocolates, but you’ll always know what you’ll get in a friend if its you-lot of laughs, unconditional love and lifelong memories. There’s no one better than you. Love you lots and a very happy birthday. 

– Those priceless memories, those awesome times and those treasured experiences. You have given me a rainbow that colours my life with beautiful blessings. Your friendship is like a movie that has no end and no beginning. Thanks for being a part of my life. Happy birthday, bestie. 

-If I could go back and relive my childhood, I would because you made it so much fun and enjoyable. Your humor still tickles me, your pranks still rattle me. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have a great time growing up. On this special I’d like to say that you are the brother that I never had. Happy birthday.

-No one knows the real value of a friend better than me. You have a heart of gold, compassion that can comfort the cold. You are a friend my universe revolves around. I am nothing if you are not around. Happy birthday, my best friend. Enjoy the day and have a blast.

-If friendship has a price, yours is priceless. If friendship has a depth, yours is unfathomable.Your worth on this earth is the limitless space it fills in my heart. Your friendship is a jewel that I wouldn’t trade for anything in this world. Happy birthday to the dearest friend of mine.  -Every moment has been a magical with you, every experience has been beautiful with you. A friendship like you happens to only a few and there is no denying that it has been my greatest achievement to have a friend like you. May the bond of our friendship get better with each passing year. Happy birthday to the dearest and the loveliest friend.

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